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Where to get kombu (seaweed) in San Francisco or Marin

by genma 8 months ago

Hi everyone! First post here! I'm trying to find kombu (seaweed) and can't find it in big grocery stores. Anyo...


genma commented 8 months ago

Unbelievably Good Nori - A Revelation

by omotosando 11 years ago

Until recently, I lacked a real appreciation that there is nori and then there is nori. But then about 7 weeks ago, ...


Madpenguin commented 1 year ago

Kombu Dashi (Brady Williams, Canlis, Seattle)

by outRIAAge 1 year ago

My search for the perfect dashi took me many places, not least to "Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art" by Shizuo and Yosh...

outRIAAge commented 1 year ago

Costco Foods you need in your Life?

by andrewtree 1 year ago

Can any Chows recommend the Seaweed and Brown rice chips, or the Kind bars? Or where in the store I may find them?


2ManyPans commented 1 year ago

Seaweed Bows Recipe?

by TomG 12 years ago

After passing them on display at my local Chinese market for months I gave into temptation and bought a pound, but wa...


jrosenb762 commented 2 years ago

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Pho + Seaweed?

by dong_wings 2 years ago

Hello! I am planning on making some Pho which is normally a beef broth + rice noodles. I've seen vegan pho made with ...

Kosher seaweed salad

by Kosher_Fiend 2 years ago

Any ideas where I can get packaged heckshered seaweed salad in the NYC area (that is, as opposed to in a restaurant)?


seikoloco commented 2 years ago

Japanese Seaweed Salad -Bright Green Colour - seeking>if possible >without chemicals

by AMETHYSTENERGY 2 years ago

I would like to purchase ready to eat, prepared Japanese Seaweed Salad. It is a bright green colour. I have eaten it ...

kpzoo commented 2 years ago

What type of Seaweed is used to make the Japanese Seaweed Salad?

by AMETHYSTENERGY 2 years ago

What type of Seaweed is used to make the Japanese Seaweed Salad which is a bright green colour and appears in little ...


Maximilien commented 2 years ago

"Bacon" from seaweed

by BobB 2 years ago

If they can commercialize this it could be major.


eatingjoy commented 2 years ago

Finding the Seaweed Used in Japanese Seaweed Salad

by JoJo5 5 years ago

Hi everyone, I've fallen in love with seaweed salad and want to make it at home. Anyone know where I can buy the se...


VMarcuri commented 2 years ago

About Kimbap

by hannaone 4 years ago

This post is response to: I think that kimbap is probably one of...

hannaone commented 4 years ago

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