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Chef Edouardo Jordan's 'Old School' Oxtails Are Steeped In Flavor & Easy To Make

Growing up, Chef Edouardo Jordan looked forward to the Sundays when his mother would leave a pot of oxtails to simmer on the stove all day. Jordan’s mother would put the meat on to braise in the morning...

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Retail seafood in Tacoma?

by Spot 12 years ago

My kid's living off-campus in Tacoma next year. Is there any great, even good, retail fish market in Tacoma or fairly close environs? He can't be running up to Mutual Fish every week, though I know...

bellevue/redmond espresso shop?

by gan911 12 years ago

I know vivace and a bunch of great espresso/coffee shops are in downtown seattle. Unfortunately, I've got to study and driving into town and trying to park for many hours will cost more than I'm wi...

Best Breakfast within a half hour of Seattle Bellevue

by The_Foodaholic 12 years ago

OK kids, lay it on me. Where can I get the best breakfast within a short drive of the Seattle Bellevue area? Dives are good, someplace where you can throw a hat on your un-combed hair and get a d...

Recommendations for a nice restaurant in Everett/Seattle/Redmond for a small celebration?

by M and G 12 years ago

I am looking for suggestions for a nice restaurant for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary dinner in late August. It will just be 14 people -- 9 adults, 5 kids. We're looking for nice but not to...

Searching for the Seattle equivalent of L.A.'s Mexican food...

by spudsocks 15 years ago

Seriously folks. Is La Carta de Oaxaca the best we can do? Does anyone know ANYWHERE (that's a sit down restaurant, not a taco truck) that has delicious, authentic Mexican food? Or do I have ...

Lunch in downtown redmond

by vega4933 13 years ago

I am taking a friend to lunch tomorrow for her birthday. Any suggestions for a decent, "on your lunch hour" place?

One Perfect Day in Seattle - Coffee, Lunch, Cocktails, Dinner...

by rlh 13 years ago

Last minute trip tonight and meeting tomorrow am leaves me with Wednesday lunch, afternoon, evening, and dinner opportunities in Seattle - I will be downtown in the the vicinity of Grand Hyatt on P...

Visiting seattle

by mikeb1212 14 years ago

My girlfriend and I are moving to Seattle in the spring, but are flying out in about a month to scout out apartments, jobs, and to eat! We are staying in Ballard only for four days, and reccomenda...

Jaccard Meat Tenderizer

by vanillagorilla 13 years ago

Does anyone know where in Seattle I could pick one up? I'm looking specifically for the 45 blade with removable cartridge, but the 48 blade would work if that's all I can find. http://www.jacca...

SEA: Foie Gras for purchase?

by landguy 14 years ago

Hey folks. Any suggestions for where to buy a small amount of foie gras for searing at home? I know where to buy a whole lobe but nothing smaller. Maybe that's my only option, if so my poor arter...

sea - gift registry at any local wine shops?

by ceester 15 years ago

Someone sent me an article about NYC wine shops and gift registries, and I was wondering if anyone knew whether any of the Seattle wine shops did this? Thanks!

A seafood question for Seattle hounds...

by Joule Thomson 17 years ago

I am wondering.... do they fish local lobsters from the waters in Seattle?....like they do in Maine? If so how are they? I would love to know if there are local caught lobsters and shrimp. Thanks

Where Can I find White Truffles in Seattle?

by RebeccaC 18 years ago

Hi, I am wondering if anyone has seen white truffles anywhere or am I in the wrong season?

Seattle Crawfish?

by starflyer 19 years ago

Does anyone know of a restaurant around the Seattle area that serves crawfish... Louisiana style... boiled and spicy? yumm... crawfish... (I alredy checked with the Crab Pot, and they said they ...

Goulash in Seattle?

by AJ 19 years ago

My fiance and I are looking for a good place to have some "real" goulash - any suggestions?


by Rockin' Ron 19 years ago

Anybody know where I can buy live crawfish in the Seattle area?

Great Thai food in Seattle

by Michael 22 years ago

Seattlelite friends of mine took me to Banh Thai. We shared nam pla (fish cakes) and vegetable spring rolls as appetizers, and I had tom yom gung soup, chicken jungle curry as a main dish, and t...

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