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Chef Edouardo Jordan's 'Old School' Oxtails Are Steeped In Flavor & Easy To Make

Growing up, Chef Edouardo Jordan looked forward to the Sundays when his mother would leave a pot of oxtails to simmer on the stove all day. Jordan’s mother would put the meat on to braise in the morning...

S/T Hooligans--A Real Pleasure

by kaleokahu 2 months ago

I've been meaning to try this Frelard place for some time, so last night was the night. I confess that I was more than a little hesitant--I think the name (and the tribal font, and the image of a ...

Seattle’s Dough Zone Dumpling House in San Mateo & Cupertino

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 16 days ago

Dough Zone Dumpling House based in Seattle is expanding to the San Francisco Bay Area. The San Mateo location soft-opened today, May 1, and the Cupertino branch is expected to launch a couple month...

Food & Wine: Love Letter to Chinese Restaurants

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 months ago

Chinatowns are deserted. Chinese restaurants suffered early on in the pandemic and disproportionately from the decline in business. Time to order take-out and to do what you can to keep your loc...

What’s your favorite?

by honeybrook_99 24 days ago

Will be coming to Seattle area in September (fully vaccinated). What would be your recommendations for Dim Sum/Chinese ? Also would love to have Dungeness Crab (my favorite)- anywhere particularly ...

Any ideas where I can sell an AGA stove?!

by gobybee 1 year ago

I'm looking for guidance/suggestions/recommendations - we bought a house that has an AGA cast iron 4-burner gas cooker and we're trying to find an appropriate avenue to sell it to someone who would...

Chopped Liver

by JayDK 1 month ago

I'm a fan. Chopped liver, pate, mousse, whatever. Tried Zilberstein's chopped liver the other day. Uh, it was interesting. Disconcerting were the pieces of chicken skin in the mix. Ick. Never ...

The Bob on The Ave

by JayDK 1 month ago

We've been trying various Korean places on the Ave and came across The Bob. The guy recommended pork backbone stew. It was delicious. I'll go back. PS. Don't expect, or judge this place on th...

Hazard Pay for Grocery Store Workers

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

" . . . These ordinances are shining one more spotlight on long-standing inequities exposed by the pandemic. While a number of companies provided their employees—who have faced unprecedented risks ...

Reckless Noodle House

by equinoise 3 months ago

A combination of SE Asian food and tiki-ish cocktails is a concept with obvious appeal to me. This is a friendly neighborhood joint with a congenial vibe. IIRC it was founded in 2018 by a Australi...

Lincoln South Food Hall

by equinoise 3 months ago

Here is a place where the concept exceeds the overall execution. A one-stop food court in Bellevue with burger, pizza, pho, bakery/sandwich and "street" tacos choices. I am still unable to abide ...

Sabich in Seattle?

by broksonic 13 years ago

I just spent a wonderful week in Israel, and came to love an Iraqi dish called Sabich (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sabich for more), which is often called falafel's little cousin. This one is ...

Feedback on 5 meal itinerary for quick weekend trip

by smiles33 2 years ago

I would love feedback on a proposed itinerary for an upcoming trip. We have 5 meals during a quick 3 day weekend in Seattle later this summer (we always eat breakfast in the vacation rental). I hav...

Loxicha Authentic Oaxacan

by JayDK 3 months ago

I was youtube food traveling to Oaxaca and discovered the Tlayuda. Which led me to this place in the Pinehurst neighborhood. I haven't tried it yet, have you?

Goat meat in Seattle

by LemonyRoux 6 years ago

My neice's new husband is from Jamaica and is itching to make Curry Goat for the family. Where in the Seattle area can one procure goat meat, and the requisite spices, for this dish?

Joyale Seafood Restaurant

by equinoise 3 months ago

A couple years ago, we tried this dim sum parlor on Jackson Street. Ultimately, nothing remarkable in terms of menu or quality; nothing bad. Other than lack of wait time (which is material), I ca...

Who Will Be Brave Enough To Try This?

by JayDK 3 months ago

In an effort to be completely transparent my first title for this post was shot down by the powers that be on Chowhound. I called Guy F a naughty name. Sorry. I wish someone would have told me...

Peruvian Roast Chicken in Seattle?

by kaleokahu 8 months ago

For Hounds who really know PRC, are there any great offerings in Seattle? I asked in another thread if San Fernando on Rainier Ave. is any good. Well? Any others?

1/30 Piroshky Piroshky Bakery Pop-up in San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 months ago

Piroshky Piroshky Bakery from Pike Place in Seattle will be popping-up to deliver pre-orders to San Francisco on January 30, 1pm to 3pm. Deadline to pre-order is January 28, 2pm. Would love to h...

Seattle Restaurants with Covid-compliant "outdoor" Seating

by kaleokahu 3 months ago

Having trouble finding places that still offer restaurant service in these challenging times? Well, courtesy of Seattle Met, here's a good list, and searchable by neighborhood: https://www.seat...