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Chef Edouardo Jordan's 'Old School' Oxtails Are Steeped In Flavor & Easy To Make

Growing up, Chef Edouardo Jordan looked forward to the Sundays when his mother would leave a pot of oxtails to simmer on the stove all day. Jordan’s mother would put the meat on to braise in the morning...

New York Times' "The Restaurant List 2021" List

by patsully 8 days ago

A new top 50 list, unranked thankfully. "Together they reflect the rich mosaic of American dining — from the melding of Thai curry and Texas brisket in the Pacific Northwest, to heritage crab r...

New to Kitsap from San Francisco

by trueblueguy 1 month ago

Long story short, we've relocated to Kitsap and love the more laid-back lifestyle. However, the food scene is obviously night and day. I found a few threads about best places to dine in the Kitsap ...

Serendipity--A Pleasant Surprise

by kaleokahu 21 days ago

I was recently presented with an unhappy choice for a Monday lunch in my old hood of Magnolia. My companion was elderly, doesn't care for "ethnic", and I was short on time. Many other possible ch...

Lots of New Seattle Restaurants - Which One Do You Like?

by JayDK 26 days ago

The restaurant scene has changed and we all miss the old favorites that have closed. But...there's a lot of action out there. New places and old standbys. What do you like these days? Or Not Lik...

La Caviste

by JayDK 1 month ago

My thoughts about "French" bars and bistros is that, Sure, when in Quebec. Or France. But what the heck does Seattle know about French bars? (Well my favorite is Le Tastevin so I'm biased.) OK w...

Homestyle Dim Sum Restaurant 664 S Weller St, Seattle, WA

by JayDK 27 days ago

Dim Sum to go or eat in. The BBQ pork steamed buns are out of this world delicious. Ha Gow (shrim dumpling) and Shu Mai (savory pork wrapped in a bundle) made it a meal! It was all fresh...


by JayDK 1 month ago

Tiny little place now with live jazz. From their website: Calluna is a casual European American restaurant in Seattle’s Ravenna neighborhood with a scratch kitchen and a cozy vibe. We love wha...

Seattle’s Dough Zone Dumpling House in San Mateo & Cupertino

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

Dough Zone Dumpling House based in Seattle is expanding to the San Francisco Bay Area. The San Mateo location soft-opened today, May 1, and the Cupertino branch is expected to launch a couple month...

Local Tide

by JayDK 2 months ago

I've never had salmon prepared this way. Looks raw. It's not. It's delicious. Had their sandwich and she had the salad. Both were excellent.

Mamnoon Street

by JayDK 2 months ago

Yuck! How can you make shawarma with absolutely no taste? Had the lamb shawarma and the chicken shawarma salad, a beer, a drink. $60. You heard me right. I wouldn't have minded but the food was...

Trip recos for Seattle in Sept?

by marquisem 2 months ago

Hello! My fiance and I are honeymooning in Seattle next month for 5 nights/6 days. We're staying downtown, will have a car, and want to be adventurous. He eats anything, I'm a bit more picky. I ...

Thanks, Thierry!

by kaleokahu 2 months ago

Today I heard on the radio that Chef Thierry Rautereau is closing both Luc and Loulay. Anyone unfamiliar with "The Chef in the Hat" should view Thierry's Wikipedia entry to understand what a loss ...

Pleasant Beach Donuts

by not the bad Steve 2 months ago

This seems to be a Bainbridge donut shop that has expanded to Laurelhurst. Has anyone tried? Instagram and website say Wed-Sun. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRmGAJDt_rg/ https://pleasantbe...

Pick up Baked in Bosnia, available about once a week

by not the bad Steve 2 months ago

Selma cooks beautiful and very tasty food, using family recipes. Pick up is available on Sunday afternoon/evening most weeks, at their commercial kitchen in southwest Lower Queen Anne. Menu rotat...


by not the bad Steve 2 months ago

A plug for Korean BBQ at Gilson in Edmonds. The kalbi is perfect, and the unsauced fried chicken wings are transcendent.

Qian Noodles

by equinoise 4 months ago

An unassuming noodle specialist on Aurora Ave North, the business' self-description on Yelp is telling: "We have soup noodle and dry noodle. Please see our menu. We will provide more dishes in the ...

Gim Bap

by JayDK 3 months ago

Try the gimbap here. But careful, not recommending anything else as I haven't tried other dishes here. Their website is enticing but the restaurant doesn't match the clean look of their web prese...

Any ideas where I can sell an AGA stove?!

by gobybee 2 years ago

I'm looking for guidance/suggestions/recommendations - we bought a house that has an AGA cast iron 4-burner gas cooker and we're trying to find an appropriate avenue to sell it to someone who would...

S/T Hooligans--A Real Pleasure

by kaleokahu 7 months ago

I've been meaning to try this Frelard place for some time, so last night was the night. I confess that I was more than a little hesitant--I think the name (and the tribal font, and the image of a ...

Lil Woody's/Great State Burger

by equinoise 4 months ago

A joint review seemed in order for these two multi-location Seattle burger emporia. Both are similar in their embrace of a Shake Shack-oriented trend (founded in 2004) favoring a kind of nostalgic...