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Can't Afford To Dine Out In Seattle

by JayDK 1 day ago

With $15 minimum wage why should we tip? Mandatory 20% tip plus tax! One Seattle restaurant even adds a 4% surcharg...


JayDK commented 15 hours ago

Seattle Minimum Wage - How has it affected service?

by JayDK 1 year ago

Went to Portage Bay Cafe on 65th. Their motto, "Eat Like You Give A Damn" I say, "Wait Tables Like You Give A Damn"...


JayDK commented 20 hours ago

Seattle Recs for 1st timer

by Vadapao 14 days ago

We're coming in from the greater NY metro area with a seven year old kid to Seattle (and Portland) for the July 4th w...

EatFoodGetMoney commented 10 days ago

Seattle July 4th Weekend Eats

by seal 3 months ago

Greetings all Longtime hound couple coming in to celebrate our 25th in Seattle July 1 - 4. We like hole in the wa...


sharonseattle commented 14 days ago

Toronto Chowhound in Seattle - Please critique our EATinerary!

by team_eater 1 month ago

Hello All, I'm visiting my cousin in Seattle over Labour Day weekend, and we've assembled the following EATinerary ba...


rajrajrajraj commented 21 days ago

Best Kept Secrets on the Eastside

by kgreig 8 years ago

Given that the Eastside is being populated with the PF Changs and Spazzo's of the world (not to knock them, they have...


rajrajrajraj commented 21 days ago

No more King Donuts. :-( Where are some great Cambodian donut shops in Seattle?

by kai_lani 1 month ago

Hi, As much as I love all those fancy donuts in Seattle, I still miss the down-home donuts at Cambodian donut shop...


kai_lani commented 24 days ago

Seattle trip -- thoughts wanted

by Disneyfreak 27 days ago

Hi all! I'm heading to Seattle on business at the end of this month -- Memorial Day weekend. Haven't been to Seattle ...


Jeffo405 commented 24 days ago

Source for Frozen Passion Fruit Puree?

by Jeanhea 7 years ago

Has anyone found a local Seattle source for frozen passion fruit puree? The supermarkets, Uwajimaya and Whole Foods ...


acgold7 commented 25 days ago

Fresh Yeast in Seattle

by zizialaska 4 years ago

I'm looking for some fresh yeast to make stollen for X'mas. Is there any place I can buy it in Seattle?


alex_2017 commented 27 days ago

Chinese Dragon Boat Festival Dumplings

by honnay23 1 month ago

Where in Seattle can I buy good zongzhi, the sticky rice tamales wrapped in bamboo leaves? I like both the ones with ...


pandathebaker commented 1 month ago

First time in Seattle!

by wineaux 2 months ago

Heading to Seattle from Chicago next week for 6 days to visit our daughter who just moved there. Looking for local (...


wineaux commented 1 month ago

din tai fung not so good

by howard 1st 2 months ago

went to the much anticipated new branch of the world-wide din tai fung at pacific place (having managed to miss all t...


Bookwich commented 2 months ago

Jack's BBQ

by RichInMV 2 years ago

On the way to a great dinner at the Corson Building last night, I passed by a large, new-looking building on South Ai...

EatFoodGetMoney commented 2 months ago

Remembering Hoagie's Corner

by cacheinhand 6 years ago

Anyone remeber Hoagie's Corner? What hapen to chain sub shops like HC? I loved the Cheesy British.


Ba1dczar commented 2 months ago

Recommendations North of Seattle

by snugles11 5 months ago

We just moved North to Lynnwood, from Seattle, and we are desperately missing the food scene. Looking for recommendat...


WNeuetc commented 2 months ago

Curry leaves in Seattle?

by mocha44 8 years ago

I'm fairly desperate to find fresh (or even frozen) curry leaves in the Seattle area. One produce guy told me that th...

ritabwh commented 2 months ago

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Ruchi (Bothell)

by equinoise 2 months ago

I located a surprisingly good Indian joint in the wilds of Bothell's Sripmalistan. This place has the kind of uncomp...