Sea Urchin

9 Foods That Have Been Renamed So You Actually Want to Eat Them

Chinese gooseberry, anyone? The idea of eating any type of fruit named after a mean bird that poops a lot is certainly off-putting, which is why you'd be unsurprised to learn that the Chinese Gooseberry...

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Uni Sea Urchin

by donnywarchild 14 years ago

Just called Citarella and they do not have any live sea urchins. Where else might i find live Sea Urchins in the city. Need it for Friday. Please Help. Thanks ahead of time.

Best uni (sea urchin) accented or based dishes in NYC?

by kayonyc 14 years ago

I'm having a hankering all of a sudden! Any price range, anywhere in Manhattan. Thanks!

uni (sea urchin) at any all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants in las vegas?

by olivexjina 15 years ago

looking for uni (sea urchin) at an all-you-can-eat sushi joint in las vegas. Not a fan of todai but have read good things on this board about Mokino. Does Mokino have uni? Also if it is an all-you-...

fresh sea urchin in santa barbara or oxnard?

by lakerblues 15 years ago

I hear that Santa Barbara and Oxnard are known for their sea urchin. Are there any restaurants in those areas that are worth a drive from LA that serve fresh uni?

Seeking fresh sea urchin

by UniChan 16 years ago

I'm looking for the freshest, most accessible uni (sea urchin) sushi or sashimi in Manhattan, preferably below the 50s. I'm not looking for a place that requires reservations weeks in advance (lik...

Fresh Uni/Sea Urchin in Tomales Bay/Bodega Bay?

by SteveG 15 years ago

Does anyone have a source for a fisherman or seafood shop in Tomales Bay or Bodega Bay that sells sea urchins? We'll be eating our way through Tomales Bay and it would be great to come home with u...

Sushi Bar on RObertson & Gregory Way - Live Sea Urchins

by carln 15 years ago

Does anyone know the name of this place or have a review of it? I just heard about it.

fresh sea urchin?

by castorp 15 years ago

I notice that the PRC (Peoples Republic of Chow) apparats not only put a big bad STOP (GO TO THE GENERAL DISCUSSION BOARD) on the seafood market thread below last night but that they've now removed...

sea urchin

by Uyen 16 years ago

1. where to go for good sea urchin? 2. how is it best eaten or prepared? was recently turned on to sea urchins after going fishing and hooking fresh ones straight from the bay... i had it raw wit...

Buying Sea Urchin?

by ron 16 years ago

wondering if any of you folks ever purchase- or know where to purchase (or if you can purchase) fresh sea urchin (uni), like they have in sushi bars? I'm interested in making a dish (non-sushi!) ...

Cleaning Sea Urchin (Uni)

by cheyenne 16 years ago

Hi, I found a very old thread about diving for abalone and sea urchin and references to cracking open and eating the sea urchins at the dive spot... How do you do this? Could someone post how t...

sea urchin in santa barbara

by tairaku 16 years ago

Hi, I'm going to be in Santa Barbara for a few days and I've heard the best sea urchin comes from there. Does anybody know a good restaurant to get it?

sea urchin in santa barbara

by tairaku 16 years ago

Hi, I'm going to be in Santa Barbara for a few days and I've heard the best sea urchin (uni) comes from there. Does anybody know a good restaurant to get it?

All You can Eat Sea Urchin

by Rita 17 years ago

Any ideas which of the NYC japanese restaurants would be the best bet in this category? Where would you go? Thanks!

Sea Urchin and eels

by Ox Nightmare 17 years ago

Looking for a few rarities. I assume I can buy live eels in Chinatown but what about sea urchin?

Chow alert SEA---sea urchins at Kisaku (and probably elsewhere?)

by BradS 17 years ago

Maybe I'm being overly enthusiastic, but I just tried sea urchin nigiri for the first time tonight at Kisaku (in the south Green Lake neighborhood) and I was blown away by the flavor. A sushi fana...

Where to buy Sea Urchin and Monkfish Liver in Atlanta

by afik 18 years ago

Does anyone know how or where to get sea urchin and/or monkfish liver in Atlanta?

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