You’ll Never Believe These Unexpected Kitchen Stand Mixer Uses

A stand mixer is a baker's best friend, but there's a lot more it can do in the kitchen besides mix dough. If Black Friday 2019 deals have you thinking about taking the plunge but you still need some...

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How do you prepare scrambled eggs and grits?

by Chinon00 11 years ago

When I make scrambled eggs for breakfast I continuously scramble them in the pan with a plastic spatula while cooking them providing me a very soft and unlayered product. As for grits I cook them ...

Scrambled eggs and ketchup?

by ipsedixit 11 years ago

Anyone ever make scrambled eggs with the ketchup mixed first into the raw eggs, and then having that mixture cooked or scrambled together?

What "tool" do you use to make scrambled eggs?

by ipsedixit 11 years ago

I use chopsticks. I think they are the perfect tool to make scrambled eggs. Nimble enough to stir the eggs while in the pan without creating gaping holes. In fact, with chopsticks you can sw...

Chinese scrambled eggs

by wench31 12 years ago

I am hoping that somebody out there can help me. I noticed that when you get scrambled eggs at a Chinese take out vs a diner, the taste is so different! It tastes so much better at a Chinese take o...

How do I get my scrambled eggs MOIST?

by Gypsy Boy 15 years ago

A recent drive across the country to bring she-who-must-be-obeyed home with me forever (romantic, huh?) necessitated a bit of eating in places I might not ordinarily frequent. Not to mention more ...

Tofu Scramble (Split from LA)

by nick_r 12 years ago

That's exactly what it looks like. (Definitely do the optional step of adding a cup of salsa verde towards the end.) That tofu, plus her tempeh sausage crumbles, plus some good breakfast potatoes...

how to make the best scrambled eggs and omelet?

by mschow 12 years ago

OK, I'll admit it. I don't know how , I don't know why, but my eggs never turn out well. I know I'm not a bad cook, but I just can't make eggs. In my last job I used to have to stay regularly at...

Soft scrambled eggs with truffle shavings

by gordon wing 13 years ago

The key to these creamy eggs is to whip the eggs a bit to make them more airy and to cook them in butter over a low flame. stir them slowly but regularly to keep them from browning or setting up ...

fruit vinegar egg scramble

by grocerytrekker 13 years ago

This is absolutely the creamiest scrambled eggs you'll ever have. The astonishing fact is that it has no cream in it. For all we know, they have been cooking eggs with vinegar for probably thous...

Making perfect scrambled eggs [thread digression moved from General Topics board]

Karl S
by Karl S 13 years ago

Btw, the way I learned the technique was James Peterson's "Glorious French Food" -- for that one recipe I was eternally grateful. A short-hand approach would run something like: Beat some ver...

Scrambled Eggs

by dano 13 years ago

not a lost art so much as a lost artist...;) ya pay some hack min wage ya get min quality. same as with an omelette-brown, or worse, and it cracks in half while folding. Why i make em at home.

six o'clock scramble - anyone tried it?

by Montrose 14 years ago

I recently subscribed to the six o'clock scramble newsletter (www.thescramble.com) at the suggestion of a friend. For several bucks a month, you get 5 recipes a week, plus a grocery list. As much...

What to serve with scrambled eggs for dinner?

by DB 14 years ago

I'd like to try "scrambling" some eggs on very low heat (as described in the LA Times food section a few months back) tonight for dinner. I thought I'd throw in some cheese and herbs, but I have no...

Baked Polenta with Scrambled Eggs & Tomato Sauce - Recipe?

by EggHeadFred 14 years ago

Some time ago I had a wonderful breakfast at a charming little Italian restaurant in San Francisco's Little Italy district. I ordered a dish called "Eggs Bruno." A hearty concoction named after...

Scrambled eggs secret

by Wiley 14 years ago

Add about a teaspoon of creamed horseradish per egg when you mix 'em up and they turn out fluffy and delicious.

THANKS-Scrambled Eggs!!

by cathy1 15 years ago

I microwaved them for 90 seconds in a sprayed, glad reusable container, mixed them up and they were fine.. Thanks!

Eggs for a Big Group - Strata? Fritatta? Scrambled?

by Lila 15 years ago

My husband just invited a ridiculous amount of people to our house for New Year's Day brunch. What can I feed a bunch of hungover people that isn't too fussy, and will keep for a bit as people com...

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