Breaking Down the Difference Between Biscuits and Scones

What is the difference between biscuits and scones? It’s mostly a matter of texture—airy and flaky versus rich and crumbly—and the ratio of ingredients that it takes to achieve each. Begin with flour...

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250 scones - thanks!

by suzannapilaf 16 years ago

What I did was mix all dry ingredients, butter, and currants in the Hobart and refrigerate. The afternoon before they were needed, I mixed the eggs and buttermilk in the Hobart and added the dry i...

Baking question - 250 scones

by suzannapilaf 16 years ago

I need to make 250 scones. I have a good recipe using baking soda, cream of tartar, and buttermilk. Will they still rise at baking if I make them ahead and hold them refrigerated or will the chemis...

Need to buy SCONES for an event

by Elisa 16 years ago

I'm attending a shower and I was told to bring scones, actually make them. I'm running short on time so I hope my fellow chowhounds can help me out this time. Please let me know of a place whe...

Where to find Scones in San Gabriel Valley, Brea, or Fullerton?

by elisa 16 years ago

I'll be attending a tea that is asking me to make scones. I don't really have time since I'll be flying in from the Bay Area the night before. Please help! Where can I find delicious scones (goo...


by Steve 17 years ago

Can anyone provide a simple recipe for scones? I am an experienced cook but not much of baker so keep it simple. Just hte English kind of baking soda scones with perhaps nuts, dates or blu...


by Darcy 17 years ago

The scones at The Peninsula Hotel in BH are wonderfully buttery and moist. Is there a place that sells great scones over the counter on the Westside?

Are they Scones or Shoes? Or Doorstops? :)

by anne 17 years ago

I have to say, lately I've just been totally repulsed by chain cafe scones that are the size of shoes and look as unappetizing as a baked good possibly can. It seems like they're growing more ridic...

best scones in portland?

by erin 17 years ago

i'm co-hosting a wedding tea party for some friends of mine in portland. i'll be traveling from brooklyn for the party and i'm afraid i won't have enough time to make scones once i'm there. any ide...

mango sponge cake and mini scones

by Iron Frank 17 years ago

Talk about making a good thing even better. I'm a huge fan of the warm and squishy Chinese sponge cakes served at places like Kam Hing (why were they closed today?). So I was really excited to di...

basket of scones?

by budino 17 years ago

Anyone know of a place in Manhattan which would put together and deliver a sort of "tea basket"? A client of mine is a big fan of scones and has a birthday coming up, and rather than send the usual...

mmmmm, happy scone and coffee tummy

by foodnut 18 years ago

Was out of coffee at home this morning (the horror, the horror!) so I sped up to Peet's on Domingo. Got my beans and a latte (needed instant caffiene infusion at this point!). The siren song (...

Really good scones

by Serevane 18 years ago

I found a really good scone that is frozen, you bake them at home, at Bristol Farms. Scone on the Range - the flavors are really cool, like a chocolate scone with crystallized ginger. Unbelievably...

Scones at Bristol Farms?

by Dash 18 years ago

Has anyone tried the Scone on the Range scones at Bristol Farms? I think they're frozen and you bake at home. Sounds good!

Real Scones

by Mangomelt 18 years ago

I'm looking for the british/irish style scone that they serve across the Atlantic, not the hard-as-a-rock style served at Starbucks. It's the soft, almost bread-like consistency. I actually want ...

Good source for cream for scones (Devon cream/heavy cream/perfect cream)

by JudiAU 18 years ago

Anyone have a source for a bulk purchase (not tiny import jars)? I need a few cups for a tea party.

really good authentic scones?

by hurlb23 18 years ago

I'm looking for fresh-baked scones, preferably with clotted cream and jam and good english tea. In manhattan or brooklyn. thanks!

The bizarre nature of scones in the Bay Area

by Panpan 19 years ago

For those who have spent some time living in the countries of the British Commonwealth and have come to enjoy a decent devonshire tea, the state of scones in the Bay area is pretty dismal. Scones a...

Scones (was The bizarre nature of scones in the Bay Area)

by Adam Stephanides 19 years ago

It's not just the Bay Area. I live in the Midwest, and whenever I've tried scones they've been these hard, dry lumps. I don't know if that's what the original poster meant by "rock cakes," but th...


by Larry 19 years ago

I know someone mentioned the scones at Claremont Cafe a few months back, but I think I've found the best scone I've ever eaten. Sel de la Terre (L'Espaliers' new cheaper bistro) downtown on the wat...


by Peter 21 years ago

I don't know if the scones served at Kitchenette are "traditional" since I don't know what a traditional scone is, exactly. But they sure are tasty. Moist flaky pastry, filled with fruit (I li...

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