What Is the Difference Between Green Onions, Chives, and Scallions?

Do you know the difference between scallions vs green onions vs chives? Does it matter if you use one over another in a recipe? There's no time like the present to find out! To many of us, spring means...

SCALLION PANCAKE -- Home Cooking Dish of the Month, January 2021

by masha 11 months ago

Welcome to the Reporting Thread for our January 2021 Dish of the Month (“DOTM”), Scallion Pancake. Thanks to all the hounds who participated during the nomination and voting phases for our Ja...

Request: Looking for Mock Duck and Scallion Pancake

by lkscheng 2 years ago

I am looking for Mock Duck and Scallion Pancake in the NYC area. Specifics: For Mock Duck, the closest one that i found and like is at Vegetarian Dim Sum House (24 Pell St). I am looking for an...

Black dots inside green onions

by learntocookchinese 5 years ago

The last couple green onions I've bought at Ranch 99, they've had black dots inside the cylinder. I don't see how dirt could get in. So they must be droppings?

Can anyone tell me of a vegetable rinse that will kill bacteria

by d/2u 17 years ago

I make a lot of salads and such, that use raw green onions. I read the other day that green onions are one of our dirtiest foods, re: bacteria. Does anyone have a method of making sure that my gr...

Chinese Green Onion Pancake Recipe

by francismeng 5 years ago

Ingredients List: Green Onion: 3 oz Flour: 2 cups Boiling water: 1 cup For Each Pancake: Salt:1/4 tsp Oil: 4 tsp And green onion as video instructed. Cut 1/4 of the dough and press it into ...

Storing Green Onions/Scallions

by calla0413 14 years ago

Um...yeah...I have a question. What is the best way to store green onions/scallions? I have been unsuccessfully storing them in the fridge. First in a plastic bag with the end open...for...

How to count green onions in recipes

by learntocookchinese 6 years ago

Say a bulb has 5 things sticking out. If a recipe calls for 3 green onions, do I use 3 out of the 5 things, or do I use 3 bulbs?

Green Onion Rant

by zerograv 6 years ago

Green onions and other fresh spices are just annoying. Recipes call for them in generally small quantities and supermarkets sell them in not small quantities. As a cook for myself and/or a small ...

Are Scallions and Green Onions The Same Thing?

by bbqboy 11 years ago

I know they are close, but are they the same to you? I couldn't find a definitive answer through the google, so I thought I'd ask all of you. Leeks and chives need not apply.

Feel foolish asking, but difference between scallions, green onions and leeks??

by CurlieGlamourGirlie 9 years ago

I feel very foolish that I don't know the answer, but are they interchangeable? I think green onions and scallions are the same, but leeks are milder?

Scallions vs Green Onions

by billieboy 13 years ago

I know they are slightly different, but all I ever get in my town are green/spring onion never scallions which are always what every recipe calls for. Is there a difference in taste? Is one strong...

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