Sweet and Savory Quesadilla Recipes That Will Never Fail You

To be honest, we find ourselves eating more quesadillas than grilled cheese sandwiches these days. There’s something about the casual nature of a quesadilla—just cheese, a vegetable, and/or protein...

Ideas for fig miso?

by LilOozyCheese 5 months ago

I recently ordered a jar of fig miso from Namikura Miso Company. It has an incredible savory Fig Newton flavor, but now that it's here I realize I have no idea what to do with it. Besides savory "F...

Need Help - Savory Meat Soup

by acavier 7 months ago

I am a writer on the side, and occasionally, I will come up with some cooking idea in my stories that I will want to try in real life. I am at that crossroad now. In my story, the two main charac...

Savoury black currant sauce

by MissTrees 2 years ago

I'm curious about making savoury black currant sauce with this recipe, but I'm looking for other proteins to pair it with. Pork was never my favourite protein and I much prefer poultry or fish. How...

Where to get dried winter savory?

by hoodsmom 2 years ago

I'm down to the last of the dried **winter** savory I purchased in Greece and I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a source, preferably in the San Francisco Bay Area (East Bay even better). I looked...

ISO: Newfoundland Savoury

by chowyp 7 years ago

Growing up with a Newfie parent, chickens and turkeys were always seasoned with savoury, an herb from Newfoundland that sort of looks like rosemary but has a completely different flavor. I've never...

Winter savory

by dtrainor 3 years ago

Can anyone help? I just got a huge bunch of fresh winter savory in my CSA box. The only idea I've heard so far is to roast chicken with it. What else can I use it for? Also, if I don't use all of i...

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