This Southern city on the coast of Georgia serves up Low Country cuisine, seafood, barbecue, and more, to locals and tourists alike. Find out the best places to sup, or share your own Savannah tips.

St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah, Georgia Is Kind of a Big Deal

If you’re looking for a place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, look no further than Savannah, Georgia. It’s one of the largest St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the nation, and features a huge parade...

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Savannah suggestion near Marriott Riverfront

by Dave1220 4 years ago

Hi there... I’m going to be in Savannah for one night and need a good spot for casual dinner for my wife and two 5 yr olds. Looking for casual but would like something that is specific to the a...

Charleston and Savannah for a few days in October

by anothernotch 6 years ago

My parents will be spending two nights each in Charleston and Savannah. I figured that I would help them plan their meals by searching this board and requesting recommendations. In particular they...

Honeymoon road trip: Savannah, Charleston, Asheville, Nashville, and Louisville

by SlickMcFavorite 4 years ago

The fiancee and will be doing a roadtrip through the southeast for our honeymoon in July, leaving from our home north of Tampa and staying for about two days a piece in each of the cities in the su...

Savannah three day getaway recs needed for first weekend in June

by itryalot 4 years ago

We are foodies; in saying that, we like fresh, flavorful and like street food Mexican to high end dining. We're looking for recs for three days. Lunch, we'd like to do take out if we can or food...

Road trip to Atlanta, Savannah, Charleston and Asheville

by goblue2010 4 years ago

Suggestions for dinner and lunch---two days in each city. Interested in both established and new in each city.

Two days in Savannah

by gateway girl 4 years ago

My daughter and I are going to Savannah for two days and I would like some recommendations for two dinners and one brunch. We are planning on going to Mrs. Wilkes one day for lunch. We would pref...

Charleston to Savannah

by 9lives 4 years ago

I have a res for lunch at Husk in Charleston on a Monday, then spend the afternoon walking the city. Flying out of Savannah the next morning. I'd like to drive an hour +- towards Savannah an...

Charleston & Savannah Restaurant recommendations

by Janelle Johnson 12 years ago

I will be traveling to Charleston & Savannah and am eager to sample true, authentic southern cooking. I would greatly appreciate some restaurant suggestions. Thanks!!

Macon to Savannah: Good Chow?

by toby1355 10 years ago

Will be driving U.S. 16 from Macon to Savannah. Would appreciate any suggestions especially for BBQ, and regional/local specialties. Thanks P.S. ditto for Athens to Macon

Best food in Charleston and Savannah

by lenorel57 4 years ago

We'll be in both places for just 2 nights. We were there 3 years ago when Fig and Tristan's were the places to go in Charleston and Elizabeth on 37th one of the best in Savannah. We have always l...

Tonight - Savannah Restaurant

by IOPfoodie 4 years ago

Charleston foodie spending one night in Savannah (tonight!) - REALLY wanted to try The Florence but sadly, it is not open on Mondays! Where should we eat? It doesn't need to be southern or lowcoun...

Savannah: Foodie recs in Savannah

by sarahinthecity 6 years ago

Hi fellow Chowhounds! I'm headed to Savannah after Thanksgiving and am looking for the 'foodiest' dining spots. No 'fancy' white table cloth / steak and potatoes / truffle oil places, but modern sp...

4 dinners in Savannah?

by josephnl 5 years ago

We'll be in Savannah for 4 nights and would like 4 restaurants for dinner that serve excellent regional cuisine. Where would you go?

Mid November in Hilton Head, Charleston, and Savannah

by shastashark 5 years ago

Hello! We're staying in Hilton Head from November 19th to 25th and we'll do day trips to Charleston and Savannah. My question is... which restaurants are recommended for lunch or dinner in any of...

Savannah 911

by jenniferCordes 5 years ago

OMG. Anyone...please help. In Savannah after being in Charleston (FIG, McCrady's, The Ordinary, The Grocery) and have had horrible meals here so far. No need to list them though I'll say The Olde ...

Savannah - 45 Bistro or Elizabeth's or Cha Bella?

by cook262 5 years ago

Am relatively new resident to Savannah and looking for wonderful meal. Family member recently passed away and someone is paying for a special meal for my SO and myself to spend an evening remember...

Mrs Wilkes, Savannah?

by Querencia 5 years ago

Opinions about Mrs Wilkes? I have heard so much about it for so many years, and a current book says it is the best down-home food in Savannah. But they don't take reservations and serve lunch only ...

Savannah, GA in October--Recommendations?

by sstinso01 13 years ago

We're planning a trip to Savannah in October. What recommendations do you have for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Anything that is a can't miss? I've heard The Lady & Sons has gone down hill. Wha...

Asheville, Greenville, SC and Savannah

by eenie1 5 years ago

Hello! I’m going to be in Asheville for two days, Greenville, SC for one night and Savannah for two days. I’m looking for places to eat. I’m an athlete so I generally keep a healthy diet. I LOV...