This Southern city on the coast of Georgia serves up Low Country cuisine, seafood, barbecue, and more, to locals and tourists alike. Find out the best places to sup, or share your own Savannah tips.

St. Patrick's Day in Savannah, Georgia Is Kind of a Big Deal

If you’re looking for a place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, look no further than Savannah, Georgia. It’s one of the largest St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the nation, and features a huge parade...

Back In The Day Bakery-- Savannah GA

by bbqme 4 months ago

Did some fine eating and drinking while visiting Savannah-- The Grey, Cotton & Rye-- but what stood out was the biscuit at Back In the Day Bakery. I had the ham & gruyere, basically a biscuit versi...

Charleston and Savanah, no Pork or Shellfish

by Mauve 8 months ago

We have never been to these cities, traveling with two other couples, Looking for good fresh food and fun experiences.

One night in Savannah for Dinner!

by shariberri 10 months ago

Hi CHs... one night in Savannah and 4 adults looking to have a nice southern meal. Looking for really nice atmosphere and food... having trouble as there aren't many recent posts! So far, consideri...

Mammy's Kitchen, Savannah, GA is no more

by echollis 11 months ago

The old building that housed Mammy's Kitchen for so many years has been demolished in advance of some other enterprise. For some reason I am not sure of, the brick fireplace and chimney were left ...

Savannah dinner

Ed in Needham
by Ed in Needham 1 year ago

Spending one evening next week in Savannah. Boars Tavern or Garibaldi Cafe? Or other?

Trip to Savannah, GA

by Cosmula 2 years ago

Looking for restaurant suggestions for a weekend trip to Savannah. I'll eat anything, my husband is a "flexible" vegetarian. Looking for small restaurants, not completely southern in cooking style.

Roadside Seafood

by cajungwailo 2 years ago

I was really happy with this truck turned into a brick and mortar about ten minutes from downtown Charleston. They offer 10-12 types of fish and seafood, mostly local, which you can have grilled or...

Savannah something different?

by cajungwailo 2 years ago

Return trip. Have previously done the tourist and novelty places. Not interest in "new cuisine" or celebrity chefs. What I'm looking for is someplace on a back road - 10-15-20 miles from the city,...

Savannah: Looking for Good Family Spot for Friday Dinner

by Guilty Gourmand 2 years ago

Passing through Savannah this Friday with family. Will be staying around the historic district. Looking for good casual quality place--nothing fancy or iconic Savannah or even necessarily Southe...

Savannah, Ga Cooking Club?

by Candy 2 years ago

Are there any fellow hounds here in Savannah or close by who would like to form a cooking club?

Savannah, GA

by Candy 2 years ago

I don't know why Savannah isn't on the list of Chow cities we certainly have many destination restaurants. Husk opened here in mid-January. We had dinner there Friday night with friends. It was ver...

Local Savannah Eateries

by Gastrobuck 2 years ago

Chowhounders do not update restaurant discussions frequently but that is okay with me because I prefer to eat at family run places that have been around forever. I am looking for any good local eat...

The Grey - Sunday Supper

by jinglejangle 2 years ago

Hi. I have one night in Savannah and want to have dinner at The Grey. When making reservations I noticed that since it will be the 3rd Sunday of the month, they’ll be serving their price fixed Sund...

Cooking in Savannah

by rwbush 12 years ago

Does anyone know of a butcher in our area that carries less typical meats and cuts of meat? I would like to cook beef cheeks, and I am interested in hosting a 19th c. French type meal, with some k...

Savannah HELP! NY and SF foodies looking for advice

by nyperr 3 years ago

Three of us from New York and San Francisco going to Savannah for the first time. We will be there 2 days. We want the best taste of the South but I'm allergic to shellfish (the others aren't) a...

Tybee Island Personal Chef?

by LittleRhodyButFromOhio 3 years ago

... Planning a family trip to Tybee Island for fall 2018. We'd like to arrange for a personal chef/caterer to prepare meals for four days. Does anyone have a good local suggestion?

1st time in Savannah and need great restaurants

by eatinman 3 years ago

Hi all, We'll be in Savannah for a few days this week and would like your opinions on the best restaurants in the city. We're staying in the historical district and prefer Fish Asian and any/...

Long North Carolina / Southeast road trip

by Yuv83 3 years ago

Hey all, My wife and I (33 year old from Israel) going on a fairly long roadtrip from DC through Asheville, NC down to Savannah, SC and back to DC. Here is our road itinerary. My wife has some...

NYer in Charleston and Savannah - good choices?

by detroit1010 3 years ago

Two of us will be coming down from NYC to Charleston and Savannah in October for two nights each. Being from NY, we are looking to indulge in real Southern food for the duration of our trip. I've r...

Meat and Three

by soccermom13 3 years ago

Can anyone suggest some great "Meat and Three" restaurants in Atlanta and Savannah (and anywhere in between those two cities)? I'm actually more interested in great veggies than meat, but I'd prob...