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I Tried the Popular Pan That Claims It Can Replace 8 Kitchen Tools

The Always Pan has gained a cult following, promising to take the place of eight other kitchen tools. The popular pan is finally back in stock after a long stint on backorder so we put it through its...

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All Clad 4qt Saute Pan w/ Domed Lid. Any reason why I don't want a domed lid? Will this affect the cooking quality

by marria77 10 years ago

Hi guys, Building my wedding registry. I have been wanting an All Clad saute pan for quite some time and saw this at crate and barrel: http://www.crateandbarrel.com/kitchen-and-food/individua...

Saute Pan Question

by el bandito 10 years ago

I'm confused. I want to buy a saute pan that allows me to make pan sauce. My understanding is that if I buy a non-stick pan, I won't get a fond. And yet, every single saute pan that I come acro...

Saute Pan - Le Creuset Stainless or Cusinart French Classic

by raplum 10 years ago

I have accumulated a nice collection of All Clad Cookware. I am shopping for a large Saute Pan - I have a 3 qt but need a larger one for holiday time. I cannot afford the All Clad 6Qt - but was...

Replacement for non-stick saute pan

by JuniorBalloon 10 years ago

I have one last piece of non-stick, a Calphalon 12x3 satue pan. It is no longer truly non-stick and I rarely use it. Only at low temps and to mix sauce and pasta. I want to get rid of it and am loo...

Opinions on the Mauviel 1830 copper saute pan?

by E_M 11 years ago

Found one at Marshalls for $130. It's about 9.5 inches, bronze handle. I didn't have a tape measure to measure the copper thickness. What's your opinion of this pan? How does the price compare to ...

Best pan for deep frying?

by GAfoodfan 10 years ago

I use a 5 qt stainless steel saute pan (1980's Macys brand with a heavy aluminum bottom) for deep frying chicken, fish, et al. I've used this pan a couple of times a week for over 20 yrs-we fry a l...

Aluminum saute pans and pots

by simonj 10 years ago

Does anyone know where I can buy aluminum saute pans and pots in Toronto ? I have always wanted to give the "commerical restaurant" type of pots and pans a try.

Best 12" chef/saute pan?

by Westy 10 years ago

Hello - Looking to buy a reat 12" pan. I liked the Le Creuset, but...wife said it is too heavy. I saw a very nice looking pan someone called a "black steel" pan, but have never seen one for sal...

I inaugurated my copper Mauviel saute pan...

by E_M 10 years ago

by cooking up some filet mignons in a wine reduction sauce. First, I heated up some OO in the pan. It came to temperature very quickly, which is something, because all we have is a crappy electr...

Saute Pans: Straight vs Curved Sides

by Philly Ray 11 years ago

Why do I want one over the other? I'm guessing the straight sided one works better with a lid, but when would I prefer a curved sided one?

Where to buy tramontina 12 inch saute pan?

by elise h 11 years ago

Walmart no longer sells the highly rated Tramontina 12 inch saute pan. Does anyone know where I can buy this online in the US? Thanks in advance.

Is a 12-inch saute pan too big?

by michaelnrdx 11 years ago

I've been looking for a cheap, but good 10-inch saute pan for a while, with no luck. Yesterday at IKEA, I settled for a heavy bottomed 9-inch saute pan, a bit too small I felt. ($20) They had a 10-...

Rondeau or regular saute pan?

by damiano 11 years ago

I now have two 9.5 inch saute pans which I absolutely adore. One is a 9.5 inch Spring Gourmet Inox (Swiss made) stainless steel, and the other is a 9.5 inch Mauviel M'heritage 2.5 mm copper with st...

What size saute pan should I buy? Your opinions?

by ecg2109 11 years ago

I am currently in the market for a new saute pan, and would like to get everyone's opinion on saute pan sizes. I am a little desirous of a 6qt saute pan, because it seems like it would be so useful...

Mauviel M' Cook - Stainless Steel - 0.9-Quart Saute Pan (Actually a small saucier)

by hobbybaker 12 years ago

Hi, guys I have been looking for a stainless steel saucier/sauciers long time, and the M'cook line of Mauviel has drawn my attention. I would like to buy something induction ready. Does anyone hav...

Le Creuset or All Clad 4qt saute pan?

by SusanJH 11 years ago

I think I've searched on every le creuset, all clad, and saute pan related thread and haven't seen anyone discuss either of these pans specifically, so I thought I'd finally post and ask for some a...

Brown spots on bottom of atlantis saute pan

by tzakiel 12 years ago

After browning some meat in my demeyere atlantis saute pan (layered disk bottom), I noticed the bottom of the pan (outside bottom where gas flame touches) has a few small dark brown spots. Is this...

Saute Pan Warping on electric stovetop

by Tom8021 12 years ago

I have bought several pans that sit perfectly flat when new on my glass top stove top. Anyone know a good pan for this. I prefer a non stick. Costco is selling a 18 gauge stainless steel that looks...

All Clad 13" French skillet vs. saute pan

by mels 12 years ago

The French skillet is substantially cheaper than the 6 qt. saute pan I was eying and about the same size. Am I really beating the system by getting the French skillet? Am I missing something? Besid...

Homichef saute pan?

by Autospirit 13 years ago

Anyone have experience with this brand? http://etundra.com/Homichef_5.4_Qt_Stainless_Steel_Saute_Pan-P11121.html?token=6258|||0|10|7|1|0 18/10, 5.4qt, stainless clad pan for $30?

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