Sauté Pans

Everything you need to know about sauté pans is right here, from care and storage tips to recipe ideas and brand suggestions from fellow cooks.

Teflon, Ceramic, Anodized Aluminum: A Guide to Nonstick Cookware

Teflon, ceramic, anodized aluminum...if you are on the hunt for new nonstick cookware, you may be overwhelmed by the options. With nearly a dozen different varieties of pots and pans to choose from...

Buying advice SS saute pan ( 28cm / 11 inch )

by VanquishNL 8 days ago

Hi all, I live in the Netherlands (sorry for my English) and I'm looking for a new sautepan, I currently use the Sola 'hapjespan' 28cm / 11'' with high walls: Sola sautepan ( https://sola.nl/pr...

Advice needed on new cookware purchase

by noobiecook 24 days ago

Greetings chowhounders! I’m a new member to the forum and this is my first post. During the past couple of months I’ve been reacquainted to cooking, first out of necessity and lately have evolved i...

Buying cookware: if you had to do it all over again...?

by damiano 2 years ago

What would you have done differently? Please share here how you would build up a new cookware collection using the wisdom you have now. Mention whatever you'd buy again if you had to, be it...

Copper pan in oven

by bloodboy 2 months ago

I saw this thread here about Mauviel's cast iron handles: https://www.chowhound.com/post/mauviel-cast-iron-handles-1048735 No-one specifically mentioned if it was ok to actually season the hand...

Lagostina Lagofusion 28 cm saute pan / rondeau

by damiano 5 months ago

In another thread on induction cooking by VFish, there has been some discussion on the Lagostina Accademia Lagofusion line. As that thread has expanded quite a bit, and to make future searches easi...

Fissler 28 cm Rondeau vs. 32 cm Serving Pan for Searing

by athel 2 months ago

Based on what I've been reading here about some of the large disc-bottom pan options, I've decided to grab a Fissler original profi pan, but I'm having a difficult time deciding on which one. Spe...

Home Cook - adding a few pieces, need advice

by austin_rp 3 months ago

Hi - been replacing old Calphalon (!) with new pieces, started with Tramontina non-stick and All-Clad D3 frying pan. Also, just added Thermador range, so now looking to replace sauce, saute, and s...

What's the deal with Silga Teknika?

by loves2cook82 2 years ago

I was at HomeGoods yesterday and spotted this for $60. I don't know anything about Silga though, and the attached tag didn't give any information regarding the construction. I did a quick search ...

Frying pans, sautes, what do the professional chefs use in restaurants?

by SamVee 8 years ago

I am looking for a new love affair. I want something for frying a whole chicken or several burger patties. I'm done with non-stick. I've had Circulon and Calphalon and the non-stick is coming of...

Is this the best cookware for my needs?

by cheesyonion 4 months ago

Hi I’m relatively new to cooking (and completely new to this site), and I’m looking for some advice on which cookware would best suit my needs. I know that cookware doesn’t maketh the cook, but ...

Does the Demeyere Atlantis sauté pan 24 cm come in a two-handled version?

by cheesyonion 4 months ago

I'm considering getting a Demeyere Atlantis 24 cm sauté pan, but the long handle is pointless to me, since I can't lift it without the helper handle, and because lifting both at the same time is ra...

Gray residue on aluminum sheet pans, pots, saute pans and garlic press

by bucksguy14 10 years ago

I hand wash all of my aluminum pots, pans, and utensils, using Dawn dish detergent. I've never put any of them in the dishwasher. Within the last 6-7 months, I've noticed a gray residue on the spon...

Where to splurge, where to save?

by FoodMan88 5 months ago

Finishing a significant kitchen reno and we're treating ourselves to new cookware. I don't see any sets we like, so we're going a la carte. We've got some cast iron pans that have been in the famil...

Stain/marks on brand new Tramontina triply

by bfrendo 5 months ago

I just bought some new Tramontina stainless steel triply cookware (3 qt sauce and sauté pans) and noticed a stain/marking all around the inside of the sauce pan. It isn't on the bottom of the pan, ...

Frying pan sizes for sautéing vegetables for 2 persons?

by CHSeifert 1 year ago

What size frying pans do you own for sautéing vegetables? I usually cook for 2 persons and rarely for more than that. I think 3 frying pans for sautéing should be enough to be able to sauté p...

Berondi Shipping Question

by Robenco15 5 months ago

Merry Christmas! I’m in the USA. My mother-in-law bought me a Demeyere pan from Berondi. On December 19th the DHL shipping says it was delivered, but it hasn’t turned up. She did some research a...

Cookware bought from Berondi - any feedback?

by CHSeifert 3 years ago

I have noticed berondi have great prices on the next couple of pans, sauter pots and sauciers I'm planning on buying. They are like 25% cheaper than what the best prices here in Denmark are. ...

Autumn 2019 Cookware Deals & Delights

by am47 8 months ago

Since it's now officially fall, autumn, herbst... take your pick, figured we should get around to starting another of these threads. So, with that in mind, I'll post the best deal I've found recent...

Your preferred Risotto pan/pot?

by CHSeifert 7 months ago

A recent post in another thread by Damiano made me rethink this. Damiano mentioned a popular chef, who argued that ECI cast iron would make a very nice pan for making risotto for the home amate...

Copper Pots Legion Industries Infos

by TJFRANCE 3 years ago

Hello All, can anyone tell me about LEGION INDUSTRIES from WAYNESBORO in the USA? Are LEGION UTENSILS and LEGION INDUSTRIES the same? I see on their website the date 2012 in the price catalog...