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Sauté Pans

Everything you need to know about sauté pans is right here, from care and storage tips to recipe ideas and brand suggestions from fellow cooks.

Refocused Cooking leads to Sitram

by kelvin_of_ranard 17 hours ago

My first post & question: Following a 2017 diet change focused on whole, minimally processed foods and cooking oils, ...

When to buy Demeyere Atlantis Cookware?

by simard 2 months ago

Hi, I've been researching "forever cookware" for a while now, and have decided to start slowly investing in Demeye...


fruitmonger commented 7 days ago

Old Tinned-Copper Danger?

by HungryHobbit 3 months ago

Is there any danger in cooking in old, tinned copper? The tin is in decent shape, but clearly old and has a heavy pat...


kaleokahu commented 8 days ago

Brooklyn Copper Cookware vs. Duparquet

by Politiceaux 1 month ago

All, I'm considering one of the above for a christmas gift - likely a saute. Both seem to be very fine pieces of cook...


Hiracer commented 1 month ago

Opinion on cookware sets

by Katlyn_VA 2 months ago

Today at work I heard something from my coworkers that I've never heard before. They think that cookware sets are che...


Angelus2013 commented 2 months ago

SS Clad cookware that won't warp?

by hellosir 11 months ago

I have an electric coil stovetop (exposed coils that pans rest on), with 8" and 6" coils. A year ago I bought a Cuisi...


NMak commented 2 months ago

Favorite saute pan recipes

by emeryross 2 months ago

I have a 4 qt stainless saute pan that I'm giving a test run and I'm looking for good recipes to test it out with. I'...


emeryross commented 2 months ago

New All Clad Sauté Pan bigger than my largest burner (glass electric cooktop). Should I keep it?

by jamestreanor 2 months ago

Hi everyone, I'm new here. I've searched online but haven't found clear information on this. Hopefully this is the...


Angelus2013 commented 2 months ago

Frying pans, sautes, what do the professional chefs use in restaurants?

by SamVee 7 years ago

I am looking for a new love affair. I want something for frying a whole chicken or several burger patties. I'm done...


Angelus2013 commented 2 months ago

When you thought you'd seen it all: Hestan Nanobond Cookware

by drrayeye 1 year ago

Hestan has just introduced a new line of cookware that apparently wants to challenge All Clad and Demeyere, not to me...


drrayeye commented 2 months ago

Bonazza “nonstick” “frying pans”

by Angelus2013 2 months ago

The seller is advertising them as "nonstick" despite the fact that they're plain stainless steel. They're also referr...


Angelus2013 commented 2 months ago

Opinions on Baumalu Copper Cookware?

by olympia 7 years ago

So, I stumbled upon several copper pieces at TJ Maxx and couldn't resist. They are 2mm tin lined copper sauce pans i...


nancytoran commented 3 months ago

Sautepan or Saucier

by Shapna 4 months ago

Hello, I am looking to buy a 5 -6 quart saucepan to cook curried meat. North Indian or Moghul style cooking require...


Shapna commented 3 months ago

4.2qt Demeyere Atlantis Saute or 5qt Fissler Saute

by Robenco15 7 months ago

Just looking for some quick opinions here. I have a 12.6" Demeyere Proline Fry Pan that is incredible, especially on ...


plim commented 3 months ago

"Christopher Kimball by 1919" 5-ply alu-core stainless steel cookware

by betsy_VA 3 months ago

Hi folks -- Chris Kimball's Milk Street is launching a line of 5-ply stainless steel cookware made by Regal Ware. The...


DuffyH commented 3 months ago

Hestan Nanobond 11" (28 cm.) skillet: Brian's test

by drrayeye 4 months ago

Finally received pictures from the test carried out by Brian MacDonald, in a commercial kitchen. He saute'd over a W...


medlar commented 3 months ago

11" vs 12.6" Proline Skillet

by loves2cook82 9 months ago

Hey all, per my previous posts on rp17's thread, I have decided to just get a 2qt 5plus saucepan for the time being. ...


Angelus2013 commented 4 months ago

Tramontina - Is it quality...Does it compare with...

by justinandlaura1 11 years ago

Does it compare with all-clad, sitram, etc, etc. I was at my local discount outlet store and noticed a 12" Tramontin...


Angelus2013 commented 4 months ago

As few pans as possible for 'compact living' :D

by pm33aud 4 months ago

Hello! I got sucked into reading *a lot* of posts here in the past few days and I think I'm ready to ask help in my ...


Auspicious commented 4 months ago