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Sauté Pans

Everything you need to know about sauté pans is right here, from care and storage tips to recipe ideas and brand suggestions from fellow cooks.

2018 Cookware Deals and Delights

by Libranflight 2 months ago

Thought I would start off a 2018, because I could not find one. Hope you all have a wonderful 2018!!

drrayeye commented 7 hours ago

Buying cookware: if you had to do it all over again...?

by damiano 4 months ago

What would you have done differently? Please share here how you would build up a new cookware collection using th...


gooster commented 5 days ago

Building a collection

by cameronreddy 13 days ago

I was kindly asked damiano to start a new thread covering my budding collection so that Chowhounders can offer some o...


gooster commented 11 days ago

Sigla Cookware

by Merle1 17 days ago

I just purchased a lovely gold decoration Tekniko Silga gold pan with dome lid 13528G. Can you please tell me if ther...


Merle1 commented 15 days ago

Fissler vs Atlantis & Disk vs Clad (on Gas Range)

by loves2cook82 18 days ago

As you may know, because many of you helped me make that decision, I purchased my first piece of Demeyere cookware a ...


gooster commented 17 days ago

Zwilling Sensation Set or Individual Pieces?

by Thirty7Degrees 3 months ago

I'm overall an novice cook who really wants to cook better. I have been relying on a cheap Bed Bath & Beyond cookware...

Thirty7Degrees commented 19 days ago

24 cm Copper Rondeau or Saute?

by enjay_eats 2 months ago

Hello y'all. I cook for two on a GE Profile gas stove whose burners are not very large. And because of this I typical...


Hiracer commented 25 days ago

Brooklyn Copper Cookware large 11" rondeau - making duck ragu

by Toronto416 29 days ago

BCC have begun producing larger diameter pots, and the 11" 5QT rondeau is the perfect size for cooking for a dinner p...

tim irvine commented 28 days ago

Question about my tin lining

by manolotraveler 7 months ago

I just picked up another copper pan on ebay (sorry, wallet) and the lining looks a bit different from the other coppe...


pinkmagnolia921 commented 29 days ago

Tournus copper question

by OaklandGal 1 month ago

Hey guys, does this look to be 3mm and in usable shape? If so the price is amazing, no? The seller keeps saying it’s ...

kaleokahu commented 1 month ago

How thick is Zwilling Sensation/Demeyere Industry 5-Plus?

by hellosir 2 months ago

Specifically frying pans and saute pans. I found many sites saying 3mm, but the general Century Life thickness refere...

Angelus2013 commented 1 month ago

Demeyere Silver 7 vs. 5-Ply Plus 3 qt. Saute?

by Politiceaux 2 months ago

All, I've been lurking for a while and have learned a good bit from many of you. I'm going to buy one of the above sa...


damiano commented 1 month ago

Opinions on Baumalu Copper Cookware?

by olympia 7 years ago

So, I stumbled upon several copper pieces at TJ Maxx and couldn't resist. They are 2mm tin lined copper sauce pans i...

wekick commented 1 month ago

2017-2018 Post-Holiday deals thread

by randallhank 3 months ago

Thanksgiving, Hanukah and Christmas have come and gone, and though the deals were good (the Holiday thread is over 30...


am47 commented 2 months ago

Cookware Be the first to comment

Upgrading Cookware

by Wompol9 2 months ago

Hi Folks, I recently started lurking after I stumbled across some great threads on pots and pans while I was shopp...

SS Clad cookware that won't warp?

by hellosir 2 months ago

I have an electric coil stovetop (exposed coils that pans rest on), with 8" and 6" coils. A year ago I bought a Cuisi...

drrayeye commented 2 months ago

Brand of pan? HELP

by JosueSierra 2 months ago

The pan of a friend was damaged and I need to know what brand is this so I can buy a new one. Thank you

DuffyH commented 2 months ago

Which copper piece?

by dzh115 3 months ago

I already own a 1.9 qt Mauviel copper saucepan and a 10.2" Mauviel frying pan. I would like to add a Falk piece and w...

alarash commented 3 months ago

Kitchenaid 7-Ply Stainless - OEM Demeyere Atlantis - Feedback

by westes 1 year ago

It appears that Kitchenaid did a deal with Demeyere in 2013 and licensed a version of the Demeyere Atlantis product l...

kaleokahu commented 3 months ago

Frying pans, sautes, what do the professional chefs use in restaurants?

by SamVee 6 years ago

I am looking for a new love affair. I want something for frying a whole chicken or several burger patties. I'm done...

Neo1 commented 3 months ago