Sauté Pans

Everything you need to know about sauté pans is right here, from care and storage tips to recipe ideas and brand suggestions from fellow cooks.

New! FALK COPPER Induction Cookware

by alexrander 7 days ago

That’s right, and it’s their 2.5 mm copper pans with an induction bottom that extends to the edge and a centimeter up the side. “The latest iteration of the Falk Copper Pot has come as a resul...

Fissler Pro versus Demeyere Atlantis rondeau and stew pot ?

by CHSeifert 11 months ago

I consider getting one or two Fissler Pro stewpot/rondeau based on Damiano's positive remarks. But what is really the difference between Demeyere Atlantis and Fissler Pro stew pots and rondeaus ...

1st SS set - need help choosing cookware

by vanessa731 21 days ago

Hi there! This is my 1st post on this site. I am looking for help finding the right cookware pieces or set. I recently got rid of my Circulon anodized nonstick as it started burning off fumes that ...

Cookware bought from Berondi - any feedback?

by CHSeifert 2 years ago

I have noticed berondi have great prices on the next couple of pans, sauter pots and sauciers I'm planning on buying. They are like 25% cheaper than what the best prices here in Denmark are. ...

Your ultimate Rondeau? What would it be?

by CHSeifert 11 months ago

As title says, what would you consider to be the best Rondeau ? A Rondeau for me is a versatile sauté pan like pan with 2 short handles, that can work just as well in the oven as on the stovetop...

Frying pan sizes for sautéing vegetables for 2 persons?

by CHSeifert 17 days ago

What size frying pans do you own for sautéing vegetables? I usually cook for 2 persons and rarely for more than that. I think 3 frying pans for sautéing should be enough to be able to sauté p...

Experience with Lacor cookware

by JohnLearnsToCook 11 months ago

I've been recently looking for a large diameter (36 cm / 14 inch) sauté pan / rondeau / paella pan primarily for some bigger searing jobs. Sadly Fissler don't make one that size, so it's looking f...

Demeyere vs. Fissler sauté pan

by JohnLearnsToCook 1 month ago

Last year I was seriously looking into getting some Demeyere cookware, but after some suggestions from here, I've gone quite heavily down the Fissler Original Profi rabbit hole instead. I've gener...

Refocused Cooking leads to Sitram

by kelvin_of_ranard 3 months ago

My first post & question: Following a 2017 diet change focused on whole, minimally processed foods and cooking oils, the new recipes require more braising, broiling & searing than boiling and simpl...

Sauté Pan vs Windsor

by gardenvespers 1 month ago

Hi all! I’m wondering what people’s thoughts are about sauté pans vs Windsor’s? Specifically I’m wondering if there is any advantage to a Windsor pan over a sauté? I know the smaller Windsor pans a...

Mauviel saute

by luisbravoavi76 1 month ago

Hello all, I recently bought a mauviel saute pan with lid with bronze handles the seller on ebay advertised it as being 2.5 mm thick and was selling it for 249 it was super shiny when i got it lead...

Does Bottega Del Rame - Mazzetti - make a traditional Sauté Pan?

by Neo1 2 months ago

The title pretty much describes the question, but I have few others. First, if anyone is familiar with Mazzetti, do they make traditional saute? I perused the site and could not find anything d...

Blemish on New Copper Pan? Return?

by radam87 3 months ago

Hi all I have purchased a sub £100 (£70) induction incompatible copper coated tri ply pan (aluminium + stainless steel). It arrived today with the blemish on the front depicted on the first...

Opinions on Baumalu Copper Cookware?

by olympia 8 years ago

So, I stumbled upon several copper pieces at TJ Maxx and couldn't resist. They are 2mm tin lined copper sauce pans in 16, 18 and 20 cm and a 24 cm saute pan w/lid. Some look a little dinged up so...

Vogue saute pans? Low cost = False economy?

by radam87 3 months ago

I have come across these pans on a reputable cookware website and wondered if anyone had used them? And also if there is anyway of me anticipating their quality before buying. I don't mind spending...

When to buy Demeyere Atlantis Cookware?

by simard 5 months ago

Hi, I've been researching "forever cookware" for a while now, and have decided to start slowly investing in Demeyere Atlantis pieces one or two at a time. I already have the 9 in. Proline skill...

Old Tinned-Copper Danger?

by HungryHobbit 6 months ago

Is there any danger in cooking in old, tinned copper? The tin is in decent shape, but clearly old and has a heavy patina. Doesn't appear to be flaking off or anything. Just bumpy and slightly roug...

Brooklyn Copper Cookware vs. Duparquet

by Politiceaux 4 months ago

All, I'm considering one of the above for a christmas gift - likely a saute. Both seem to be very fine pieces of cookware. Do any of you know of any drawbacks to either, besides the BCC being more ...

Opinion on cookware sets

by Katlyn_VA 5 months ago

Today at work I heard something from my coworkers that I've never heard before. They think that cookware sets are cheaper in quality than buying the exact same items separately. I thought this was ...

SS Clad cookware that won't warp?

by hellosir 1 year ago

I have an electric coil stovetop (exposed coils that pans rest on), with 8" and 6" coils. A year ago I bought a Cuisinart MCP set, with a 10" saute pan and 12" fry pan included. Both are now badly ...