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Many Chowhound readers and community members live and breathe cooking, and have for more than two decades, so when they talk, we listen. Whether it’s working through a buzzy new cookbook or sharing...

Autumn 2019 Cookware Deals & Delights

by am47 2 months ago

Since it's now officially fall, autumn, herbst... take your pick, figured we should get around to starting another of these threads. So, with that in mind, I'll post the best deal I've found recent...

Your preferred Risotto pan/pot?

by CHSeifert 1 month ago

A recent post in another thread by Damiano made me rethink this. Damiano mentioned a popular chef, who argued that ECI cast iron would make a very nice pan for making risotto for the home amate...

Copper Pots Legion Industries Infos

by TJFRANCE 2 years ago

Hello All, can anyone tell me about LEGION INDUSTRIES from WAYNESBORO in the USA? Are LEGION UTENSILS and LEGION INDUSTRIES the same? I see on their website the date 2012 in the price catalog...

Does Bottega Del Rame - Mazzetti - make a traditional Sauté Pan?

by Neo1 11 months ago

The title pretty much describes the question, but I have few others. First, if anyone is familiar with Mazzetti, do they make traditional saute? I perused the site and could not find anything d...

Lagostina Accademia Lagofusion - hybrid designs

by damiano 3 months ago

I've recently acquired a 22 cm Lagostina Accademia Lagofusion stock pot but couldn't really find a dedicated thread about this series. So here it is. Please ask your questions here and/or post abou...

New! FALK COPPER Induction Cookware

by alexrander 9 months ago

That’s right, and it’s their 2.5 mm copper pans with an induction bottom that extends to the edge and a centimeter up the side. “The latest iteration of the Falk Copper Pot has come as a resul...

Fissler 24cm, gas range, crew of 2. Good idea?

by thinktwiceandthenthrice 3 months ago

Because we’re a crew of two cooking on a gas range at home, I’ve planned to get the 24cm Fissler pots/pans. Are these 24cm ones inferior to the 28cm due to lesser amount of aluminum in the disc bas...

Recipe ideas

by manolotraveler 5 months ago

I just got a new, enormous saute pan and so I'm looking for some recipe inspiration! Especially interested in pan-braises (like chicken cacciatore) so I can fry/saute things AND braise them in this...

Experience with Lacor cookware

by JohnLearnsToCook 1 year ago

I've been recently looking for a large diameter (36 cm / 14 inch) sauté pan / rondeau / paella pan primarily for some bigger searing jobs. Sadly Fissler don't make one that size, so it's looking f...

Do you oil your pan before/after heating?

by Hana_Asbrink 6 months ago

Hi Chowhounds, Happy Friday! I had a question I wanted to pose to all of you home and professional cooks: When do you oil your pan? Most of time, I would say I pour my oil into a cold pan (r...

New pans arrived today - what to make 1st? New to SS - cooking/learning experiment?

by vanessa731 8 months ago

Hi everyone! F/u on my 1st post (link below) looking for my 1st SS pans. Finally decided on Cuisinart MCP. It was hard to make a decision due to variety of factors, most important one being the fac...

+3.5mm copper/stainless steel saute pan ?

by adriageerz 8 months ago

Hi everyone, New to Chowhound, but assiduous reader of the forum. And thanks to people like Kaleo, TJ, Betsy and others, I became a total copper addict. I found this small saute pan at a flea...

Antique copper pot help

by victorianplace 8 months ago

Recently acquired this piece and looking for any info about it. Cast iron handles. It measures 9 3/4" across the lip and 6" deep. Weighs a whopping 11.3 lbs. It's marked made in Germany on th...

Opinions on Baumalu Copper Cookware?

by olympia 8 years ago

So, I stumbled upon several copper pieces at TJ Maxx and couldn't resist. They are 2mm tin lined copper sauce pans in 16, 18 and 20 cm and a 24 cm saute pan w/lid. Some look a little dinged up so...

1st SS set - need help choosing cookware

by vanessa731 10 months ago

Hi there! This is my 1st post on this site. I am looking for help finding the right cookware pieces or set. I recently got rid of my Circulon anodized nonstick as it started burning off fumes that ...

Kitchenaid 7-Ply Stainless - OEM Demeyere Atlantis - Feedback

by westes 3 years ago

It appears that Kitchenaid did a deal with Demeyere in 2013 and licensed a version of the Demeyere Atlantis product line - very slightly altered - as the Kitchenaid 7-ply Stainless series. Has an...

Fissler Pro versus Demeyere Atlantis rondeau and stew pot ?

by CHSeifert 1 year ago

I consider getting one or two Fissler Pro stewpot/rondeau based on Damiano's positive remarks. But what is really the difference between Demeyere Atlantis and Fissler Pro stew pots and rondeaus ...

Cookware bought from Berondi - any feedback?

by CHSeifert 2 years ago

I have noticed berondi have great prices on the next couple of pans, sauter pots and sauciers I'm planning on buying. They are like 25% cheaper than what the best prices here in Denmark are. ...

Your ultimate Rondeau? What would it be?

by CHSeifert 1 year ago

As title says, what would you consider to be the best Rondeau ? A Rondeau for me is a versatile sauté pan like pan with 2 short handles, that can work just as well in the oven as on the stovetop...

Frying pan sizes for sautéing vegetables for 2 persons?

by CHSeifert 10 months ago

What size frying pans do you own for sautéing vegetables? I usually cook for 2 persons and rarely for more than that. I think 3 frying pans for sautéing should be enough to be able to sauté p...