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Anyone been to Cork in Sausalito?

by Mick Ruthven 15 years ago

Bunrab has a glowing short review about Cork, but I've never been there. Also didn't find anything by searching chowhound. Go to "Monday, November 21, 2005" on the bunrab page from the link below...

Really bad brunch experience at Sausalito

by Kitty 15 years ago

My husband and I live in the neighborhood and visited this restaurant when it was Cucina Bella, Zucco, and also when it changed to Sausalito. Under each of these names, overall it was a good exper...

Private functions at Ondine, Sausalito??

by MSK 15 years ago

Has anyone been to a private function at the very beautiful but now defunct Ondine Restaurant in Sausalito?? Once upon a time it was a 4*+ restaurant with the dacor to match. That Chef and staff ...

Sausalito - Northpoint Coffee – six flavor down, 344 to go

by rworange 15 years ago

Chose the route home last night to take me past this new cafe so that on the warm evening I could sit out on their lovely patio on Richardson Bay and watch the sun set on Mount Tamalpais. I boug...

Sausalito - Northpoint Coffee – Shhh, don’t tell ... Palazzolo’s Gelato

by rworange 15 years ago

If there were such a thing as Chowhound brownie points, I would earn them for reporting about this place that I really wanted to keep my little secret. You folks won’t tell though, will you? Thi...

Fish in Sausalito - Closed for Repairs

by SusanR 15 years ago

Just wanted to let everyone know that Fish has a sign on the door that they are closed until further notice. The message on their answering machine says they will open again when the repairs are m...

Lunch at Stars BBQ in Sausalito/Marin City

by Mick Ruthven 15 years ago

There was an earlier thread on Star's BBQ which opened earlier this year in the shopping center just west of 101 at the northern Sausalito exit. I went then and found the brisket tough and with not...

sausalito brunch

by barbara berniker 15 years ago

Want tasty and beautiful brunch spot for visiting friend who wants to visit Sausalito.

Sausalito Lunch Suggestions???

by katya 15 years ago

Does anyone have any suggestions for lunch in Sausalito tomorrow (Saturday)? Someplace under $15 an entree, and preferably lower than that. Thanks!

Sausalito this Saturday

by Roxie 15 years ago

Hi chowhounds. Need a place in Sausalito this Saturday. Both Poggio and Angelino's got good marks from the concierge at the Fairmont. How about Feng Niah? I saw an ad in the Chronicle. Looked like ...

Fish at Sausalito

by Ken R2 15 years ago

We will be in SF in 2 weeks, and were planning to eat at FISH after the across the BRIDGE bike ride. is FISH open yet??? Will you please make another suggestion if FISH is still closed. MAHALO


by MHall 15 years ago

Planning a day trip-need good late lunch/early dinner spot. Will travel to surrounding areas. Thanks!

northpoint coffee company sausalito

by edna 15 years ago

Was in Sausalito over the weekend, noticed that someone has taken the space next to Paradise Bay on Bridgeway, says Northpoint Coffee Company, anybody know anything about it?

Sausalito - CC Times on Fish. - with photo

by rworange 15 years ago

This week's review is about Fish.. Anyone interested in seeing what the place looks like, check the link below. Even though I love Fish., even though I know about the prices, even though I kn...

Sausalito with a view

by Tom 15 years ago

Prefer a restaurant on or across from the Bay, with **-*** food and $$-$$$ cost. Not too loud.

Poggio: has anyone been (Sausalito)?

by nooodles 15 years ago

Has anyone already been? This seems to be worth keeping on the radar! The photos of the food and the menu looks amazing, as do the views. The restaurant appears to have its own vegetable garden (...

ISO lunch in Sausalito

by Peter 15 years ago

A friend from Asia will be in town. We plan to take him around a bit as a tourist. We'll probably be driving over the Golden Gate Bridge and have lunch in Sausalito. So what's a good place for l...

Fish. in Sausalito - heaven and, um, purgatory

by Chris Willging 15 years ago

I had been wanting to try this place based on chowhound recs, and found myself having to go to Sausalito on a work-related errand (which of course I timed to coincide with lunch). I knew that the ...

Breakfast in Sausalito

by NoraIbsen 15 years ago

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good breakfast place in Sausalito? Going tomorrow morning. Looking for some good pancakes, eggs, etc. TIA!

anywhere decent to eat in Sausalito

by katy 15 years ago

After one lousy meal too many in downtown Sausalito, I appeal to fellow hounders, is there anywhere decent in that tourist-schlock town? This weekend, I had the misfortune to be with out-of-town g...

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