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Demeyere Atlantis Simmering Pot or Saucier?

Sid Post
by Sid Post 9 years ago

Does anyone have experience with either of these pans? Did you get the Simmering Pot or Saucier and why did you choose one over the other? Is the only difference between the 3.5 quart simmering...

Suacepans and Sauciers

by Maramixi 10 years ago

Planing out a cookware set for myself and I was wondering, is there anything that can be done in a saucepan that cannot be done in a saucier? Sorry If that's a total newb question, but I don't w...

The joys of a proper saucier

by delys77 10 years ago

I'm so happy I must share my joy. My better half got me the 2.5 qt Le Creuset Saucier for my birthday and it just arrived. I must admit I'm quite taken with the look of it but it is also an excel...

Le Creuset Saucier?

by Mojave 10 years ago

I need to get a 3-3.5 quart saucier and I know most would suggest All-Clad or similar. Which is fine but Le Creuset makes one too. I feel more confident with enabled cast iron for some reason (prob...

Looking for a tin-lined copper saucier

by E_M 11 years ago

Has anyone seen one? I like the shapes of Falk and Mauviel (like the "Try Me" pan, a curved saucepan), but both are lined in stainless steel. I cannot find a tin-lined one. Can anyone direct me? Th...

Saucier recommendations

by ajilani 11 years ago

I am planning to buy a 1 qt saucier as a gift for my sister. I had planned to buy All-Clad stainless (I have it and quite like it) but then wondered if I should get something that has a pouring lip...

Mauviel M' Cook - Stainless Steel - 0.9-Quart Saute Pan (Actually a small saucier)

by hobbybaker 12 years ago

Hi, guys I have been looking for a stainless steel saucier/sauciers long time, and the M'cook line of Mauviel has drawn my attention. I would like to buy something induction ready. Does anyone hav...

*Affordable* saucier recommendations?

by fatgaleats 12 years ago

I'm looking for anywhere from a 3 to 5 qt curved side saucier. I'm not looking to spend All-Clad's prices. Several years ago I saw a great Equipment Corner segment on America's Test Kitchen (or was...

Saucier recommendations?

by grayum 12 years ago

I'd like to purchase a 3 quart saucier but haven't found the optimal choice yet. I have been looking at the all-clad ss, but it doesn't have a pouring rim, which I'd like. There is a version that...

Sauciers Instead Of Saucepans?

by blondelle 12 years ago

Is there anything you can do in a saucepan that you couldn't in a saucier? Yes, the saucier has a wider surface area which would speed evaporation more but is that much of an issue as you're not us...

Friday-only Amazon sale: Calphalon 12" hard-anodized lidded Everyday Pan (similar to a chef's pan/saucier) $34.99

by greygarious 12 years ago

List price is $168 and shipping is free, so this is quite a deal. Highly-rated though some reviews said it is not as thick as some of Calphalon's other hard-anodized pans. I am mulling it over an...

Fry pan vs dutch oven vs saucier etc

by wilmot 13 years ago

I have been saving up for one really nice piece of cookware lately, and cant decide on whether to get an all clad saucier pan, or fry pan, or an LC dutch oven or a Staub dutch oven, or maybe a sauc...

Saucier course in Toronto

by katesalter 13 years ago

Hello, Calphalon offers a sauce class but the sauces covered are sauces I already feel comfortable preparing. They are: Bechamel/Mornay Hollandaise Classic Tomato Roasted Red Pepper Coul...

Covered Saucier?

by Lissa9768 13 years ago

I am just begining to really get into cooking, so I am still learning a lot about types of cookware, recipes, etc.. I recieved a 5.5 quart saucier pan as a wedding gift recently, and I am not sure...

Do I Need a Saucier?

by Linda513 14 years ago

Sauciers are so sensual, I'm thinking I must have one for my kitchen. But do I really need it? How do you use your saucier, and are there things that you make in it that won't work in a saucepan ...

Looking for saucier

by Jane917 14 years ago

I am in the market for a new saucier, 2 - 3 qts., to use as my go-to pan. I am considering the Le Creuset 2.25 saucier, but I know it is going to be heavy. I do not want non-stick. I also do not wa...

I think I just ruined my allclad saucier pot, help!

by MVNYC 14 years ago

So I work from home, I was heating up a little water in my saucepan and ended up getting a call and forgetting about it. So as you could guess all of the water evaporated and the pot contiued to h...

Saucier (Sauce) Class in Seattle Area

by fooey 14 years ago

Two of us have some time on our hands and we'd like to take a class in sauce making. (Most) Sauces take a long time to create, so I'd be surprised if there's a short saucier course anywhere; but...

Differences Between Sauce Pans, Sauciers and Chef's Pans

by omotosando 15 years ago

Not being an expert in the kitchen, I'm a little confused by the differences between sauce pans, sauciers and so-called "chef's pans." Do I need all three? Is there some reason I might prefer o...

sauce pan or saucier?

by ktown378 15 years ago

hey guys, i greatly appreciate all the replies to my cast iron question. got another one for you though. i'm looking for a 3 qt sauce pan or saucier. which do you prefer? or do you own both?...

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