Disc--full clad dispute in SS cookware: Does it matter at home?

by drrayeye 4 years ago

You will have no trouble getting expert opinion comparing encapsulated disc pots and pans that have layers of stainless steel surrounding conducting material. "Experts" will further compare them w...

Which Demeyere Atlantis Lids Fit 9.4 and 11 Inch Frying Pans?

by westes 2 months ago

The Demeyere Atlantis Proline frying pans do not come with lids. Do any of the Atlantis lids fit the 9.4 inch and 11 inch frying pan? Zwilling USA said no, but Zwilling USA gives me wrong in...

All Clad Copper Core Chef's Pan?

by newbiecook77 5 months ago

Hi, I have a question on my new addition of All Clad copper core Chef's Pan, which is returnable (It looks like a larger saucier or a wok). It's 12 inch diameter, 4 qt, priced at around $300 on ama...

Tri-Ply Stainless Sauciers Over 4 Quart Size, Ideally 6 Quart

by westes 6 months ago

Does anyone make a thick tri-ply clad saucier that is over four quarts in size? Six quarts would be a perfect size, and five quarts is probably a minimum.

Best home pot and pan setup

by Thekhaled 6 months ago

GDay, I have spent a lot of time trying to understand which brand to replace my old mix of pots and pans with. Today I have satake and tefal nonstick pan and old cheap Iittala pots also some Le...

Hestan Copperbond core thickness?

by gooster 1 year ago

I didn't see a thread on this, so I was wondering if anyone had any experience? It looks like an induction compatible line, with a copper core of undescribed thickness. Any info on the thickness?

Made In - saucier?

by missin44 1 year ago

Does anyone have experience with the Made In stainless 3 qt. saucier? If not how about Made In stainless cookware in general? Made In is direct to consumer vendor and the price of their saucier ...

Thickness of Aluminum Layer in Sauciers

by westes 1 year ago

The Demeyere Proline skillets have a massive 3.8 mm aluminum layer. This makes them very heavy, but if you own one you know that this product performs incredibly well. Everyone who has cooked in...

Falk Copper Coeur Saucier or ... ?

Sid Post
by Sid Post 1 year ago

I'm looking for a small Saucier. I want something not overly large that has a rounded or curved transition to the side of the pan with a drip edge. I was thinking about an All-Clad or Le Creuset ...

Premium cookware prices increasing with the loss of small B&M stores or pandemic supply issues?

Sid Post
by Sid Post 1 year ago

I started shopping for a small saucier and noticed lines like Cuisinart 'clad' stainless being somewhere between 50% and 100% more expensive then what I paid about a year ago. All-Clad also seems ...

Demeyere Atlantis saucier (conical saute / sauteuse)

by VFish 2 years ago

I have decided I really needed a saucier and after much searching, finally settled on Demeyere again. I still have the big potential for warping on my glass electric cooktop, plus I like the rivet...

Small “Aurette” Copper Windsor pan with Beveled bottom edge

by alexrander 1 year ago

I have yet to understand how these chamfer/bevels were made. I’m not sure when this method of beveling the bottom of some brands of copper started, but I have seen it on examples from the 1890’s th...

Help Needed: Furnishing An Efficient, Minimalist Kitchen

by zabritt 1 year ago

Hi Chowhound! Let me begin with a special thank you to all contributors who have greatly expanded my knowledge of and contributed to my passion for all things cooking. Apologies in advance for t...

Replacing all my pots & pans

by lwn 1 year ago

I am about to replace my entire range of non-descript disk stainless steel gear because it is coming to the end of its natural life after 25 years (delaminated bases, tired of gas burn rings up th...

Vintage All Clad LTD 2 Qt saucier

by Jirachi 1 year ago

Good afternoon Chowhound, I'm on the hunt for a sauteuse évasée bombée style pan from the original All Clad LTD hard-anodized line and I was wondering if anyone has one they would sell to me. I lov...

Saucier identification

by GerardC 1 year ago

In Portugal I saw this saucier at a cooking demo. Does anyone recognize the manufacturer? Thanks!

Starting Over - What To Buy?

by susannyny 2 years ago

In the process of purchasing a second home and decided to start over in regards to cookware. Vast majority of my cooking is for two people. The ONLY pieces I have already purchased are (1) 4 Quar...

2 qt Demeyere I5 Saucier- Worth it?

by thinktwiceandthenthrice 2 years ago

We are finally rounding out our selection of pots/pans and my last query is this... Is a Demeyere Industry 5 Saucier (2 qt) worth $199? It seems like this pan is so expensive, but it’s what we real...

1-2 quart saucier recommendations

by imanewbie 6 years ago

Looking to get a 2 quart saucier. I'll mostly be using it as a saucepan (pasta/oatmeal) and saucier when I make sweet reduction sauces for when I bake. Was planning on getting the 2 quart LC on...

Saucier: stainless steel copper core vs aluminum clad on induction

by VFish 2 years ago

I am starting to second guess the choice of saucier I made and responsiveness. I don't know if someone can chime in. I am planning on induction and am currently cooking on a glass electric cookto...