Help Needed: Furnishing An Efficient, Minimalist Kitchen

by zabritt 1 month ago

Hi Chowhound! Let me begin with a special thank you to all contributors who have greatly expanded my knowledge of and contributed to my passion for all things cooking. Apologies in advance for t...

Replacing all my pots & pans

by lwn 2 months ago

I am about to replace my entire range of non-descript disk stainless steel gear because it is coming to the end of its natural life after 25 years (delaminated bases, tired of gas burn rings up th...

Vintage All Clad LTD 2 Qt saucier

by Jirachi 2 months ago

Good afternoon Chowhound, I'm on the hunt for a sauteuse évasée bombée style pan from the original All Clad LTD hard-anodized line and I was wondering if anyone has one they would sell to me. I lov...

Saucier identification

by GerardC 3 months ago

In Portugal I saw this saucier at a cooking demo. Does anyone recognize the manufacturer? Thanks!

Starting Over - What To Buy?

by susannyny 5 months ago

In the process of purchasing a second home and decided to start over in regards to cookware. Vast majority of my cooking is for two people. The ONLY pieces I have already purchased are (1) 4 Quar...

2 qt Demeyere I5 Saucier- Worth it?

by thinktwiceandthenthrice 5 months ago

We are finally rounding out our selection of pots/pans and my last query is this... Is a Demeyere Industry 5 Saucier (2 qt) worth $199? It seems like this pan is so expensive, but it’s what we real...

1-2 quart saucier recommendations

by imanewbie 4 years ago

Looking to get a 2 quart saucier. I'll mostly be using it as a saucepan (pasta/oatmeal) and saucier when I make sweet reduction sauces for when I bake. Was planning on getting the 2 quart LC on...

Saucier: stainless steel copper core vs aluminum clad on induction

by VFish 7 months ago

I am starting to second guess the choice of saucier I made and responsiveness. I don't know if someone can chime in. I am planning on induction and am currently cooking on a glass electric cookto...


by VFish 8 months ago

I have some silicone coated whisks and would like to get plain SS whisks. When I purchased the Silver7 saucier, they were also having a sale on their Sur la Table metal whisks and they looked good...

Demeyere Atlantis saucier (conical saute / sauteuse)

by VFish 8 months ago

I have decided I really needed a saucier and after much searching, finally settled on Demeyere again. I still have the big potential for warping on my glass electric cooktop, plus I like the rivet...

1st SS set - need help choosing cookware

by vanessa731 1 year ago

Hi there! This is my 1st post on this site. I am looking for help finding the right cookware pieces or set. I recently got rid of my Circulon anodized nonstick as it started burning off fumes that ...

Demeyere Industry5 Saucier vs Essential Pan

by FloridaCook12 1 year ago

I'm trying to buy my first nice saucier. I'm looking at the Demeyere line, but I can't figure out the difference (or if there is one) between their saucier and their essential pan. Does anyone ha...

All Clad: Difference between saucier and weeknight pan

by nellhaddad 1 year ago

Hi, I bought the All Clad weeknight pan, which I like very much. I'd also to get a true saucier, but to my inexperienced eyes, they look really similar. Is it worth it to get the actual saucier? Or...

Saucepan or Saucier...or Both

by loves2cook82 2 years ago

I'm looking to purchase a new fully clad pot or two and can't make up my mind. My existing pots are: - 1 qt saucepan - (2) 4 qt casseroles (saucepans with dual loop handles)...two because one wa...

Falk Sauciers - hard corner?

by marlinspike 2 years ago

In some pictures it looks like the Falk Sauciers have hard corners and in others it doesn't. Anybody have any experience with them?

Anyone have experience with "Made in" Cookware?

by nodmik 2 years ago

Seems like their stainless steel line is comparable to All Clad's d5 brushed line, for about half the price. I JUST received my shipment, and my first impressions are that they are definitely well ...

Falk Saucier or Tin-lined Windsor?

by cameronreddy 2 years ago

I asked earlier about the Falk verses the Demeyere Atlantis conical, and the Falk got all the endorsements. So this is a little different. I’ve seen this debated here and there, but I’d like to ...

Sauciers on Induction

by Robenco15 2 years ago

I love my copper Matfer Bourgeat Saucier, but when I switch to induction I'm going to have to leave it behind and go with a Demeyere Atlantis. How does the performance of a saucier compare on induc...

Atlantis vs Industry 5 saucier

by cameronreddy 2 years ago

Here’s an odd situation. I ordered the 20cm Atlantis sauce pan, but in the box was the Industry 5 24cm saucier. Naturally, It went back, but I took the opportunity to compare it to the Atlantis 24 ...

Pots/Pans, Demeyere, Spring, Sitram, Mauviel

by thinktwiceandthenthrice 2 years ago

My husband and I have saved enough to buy 6-7 excellent pots/pans and would love recommendations. I've looked at Staub ECI and SS Demeyere Atlantis/5Plus, Mauviel, Spring Brigade Premium, Sitram Ca...