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Teflon, Ceramic, Anodized Aluminum: A Guide to Nonstick Cookware

Teflon, ceramic, anodized aluminum...if you are on the hunt for new nonstick cookware, you may be overwhelmed by the options. With nearly a dozen different varieties of pots and pans to choose from...

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Sauce Pans (Lodge) and frying food questions (newbie)

by cmm3 9 years ago

So I decided to go with Lodge for cast iron cookware and bakeware to start my collection. But I see they are missing something that seems obvious (to me at least): sauce pans. Am I missing somethin...

Discolored AC LTD saucepan safe to cook in? Pls advice....

by katetinucci 9 years ago

Hi all- This is my very first question here on this forum, though I have been a lurker here for quite some time. I recently won an AC original LTD 3qt saucepan w/lid for peanuts ($30) on ebay. T...

Looking for someone to clean/fix a burnt saucepan in Vancouver

by jamesratcliffe 9 years ago

I left a stainless steel saucepan on the stove and the bottom is ruined. Does anyone know of any place in the Vancouver area that can fix this? I have tried cleaning it with baking soda and will tr...

help me: BEST frying & sauce pans???

by UltimateWingman 12 years ago

I am a newbie to the chowhound and just bought my first cast iron pan this week (a vintage Wagner #8 on Craigslist, $20) and cooked my first steak - Wow! I am definitely going to buy more cast iro...

Housemates, %!$^*es, saucepans, and toffee

by MangosSurpriseMe 9 years ago

Yes, well, if the housemates weren't such careless <self-censored>, they'd have not burned my good saucepans, and I wouldn't have been forced to use the cheap saucepan to make the toffee I'd planne...

what saucepans would you buy?

by justlearning 9 years ago

I'm finally ready to ditch the garbage cheapo saucepans that keep burning my hands. What would you all recommend? There are so many sizes and kinds I'm not sure what I'm looking at. Thanks! E...

Brushed Stainless D5 Saucepan at WS -- now with rolled rims and updated features?

by DCcook 9 years ago

Perhaps some of you received a d5 brushed stainless steel saucepan (from Williams Sonoma) from Santa this Christmas. I was wondering if the brushed *saucepans* have been recently updated with the r...

LC multipan saucepan/skillet?

by lulou23 9 years ago

So, I have been eyeing the LC multipan saucepan with skillet top. Received a LC dutch oven two christmas' ago, and added a new piece last year, got to keep the new tradition going ;). Does anyo...

Sitram vs Vollrath saucepans

by bfguilford 9 years ago

New to this site, and looking for some advice for new saucepans. While I'm very careful with my pots and pans, my other half is not, so I'm looking at the more indestructible brands at restaurant s...

Does this really work with All-Clad traditional SS saucepans?

by hobbybaker 10 years ago

I bought a coupld of all-clad saucepans years ago before d5 was introduced. I sometimes wish my 2qt saucepan had a curved/rolled rim like d5 which makes slow pouring easier. I found this produc...

Do you use a lid with your small saucepans? re: Falk "try me"

by E_M 10 years ago

I'm really intrigued by the Falk "try me" piece, and trying to determine if I need the lid or not. Usually when I need a small saucepan like this it is because I am stirring a sauce, and if perchan...

Unintentional flambe incidents-- how does one avoid or safely handle flames INSIDE the saucepan?

by colfaxBee 10 years ago

This has happened to me twice unexpectedly recently--once when pouring cognac on some sauteeing mushrooms: the alcohol caught fire. I turned off the heat and let the alcohol burn off. Then again ...

Pitted stainless steel saucepan--any danger?

by katydid13 10 years ago

My new 3-quart stainless-steel saucepan has developed some pitting after a single use, apparently -- according to the instructions I read too late -- because I added salt to the water before it cam...

When is a straight-side saucepan preferable to a conical one?

by E_M 10 years ago

My apologies if this has been asked before. I couldn't find the answer. I understand that for sauce reduction, a conical saucepan is preferable because the entire surface cooks the liquid. So wh...

2.75 qt LC FO vs. high-quality saucepan

by E_M 10 years ago

So I bought a 2.75 qt LC round french oven this morning, on sale for $55. I am trying to figure out what I can cook in it. Does it have any advantages over a similar sized saucepan (like a Demeyere...

Sauciers Instead Of Saucepans?

by blondelle 10 years ago

Is there anything you can do in a saucepan that you couldn't in a saucier? Yes, the saucier has a wider surface area which would speed evaporation more but is that much of an issue as you're not us...

Conical or Straight Saucepan? Clad, disk?

by tzakiel 10 years ago

I already have a Demeyere Atlantis conical sauce/saute pan like this: http://www.cookware.com/Demeyere-55920-41520-DMR1080.html in a small 2.1 qt size. I would like to add a larger matching Atlan...

Saucepan with a spout for warming milk or making hot chocolate

by javaandjazz 10 years ago

This never occured to me until I made hot chcolate for the first time this season. Whenever I pour the hot milk mixture into the mug I have to do it over the sink because I usually make a mess pour...

Scanpan copper pans - 6-Piece Fusion CS5 Saucepan Gift Set

by Paulustrious 10 years ago

I saw these pans on TuesdayMorning.com http://shop.tuesdaymorning.com/dsp_productDetail.asp?ssid=1&pid=3433 Are these real copper pots as opposed to just a decorative layer? In particular, ho...

All-Around Saucepan, NOT Stainless ....

by ApartmentDweller 10 years ago

Hi y'all, <Sigh> Okay, long story short: My SS skillet and saucepan have bitten the dust so it's time to replace 'em. Just learned that my nickel allergy MAY be a problem with using stainles...

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