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Get the scoop on saucepans: which ones you need, how to care for them, what to cook in them, and more.

Demeyere Atlantis vs Silver7 saucepan

by santiagodraco 1 day ago

Anyone know if the Atlantis and SIlver7 (from SLT) are identical in dimensions? The various sources of dimensions o...


alexrander commented 4 minutes ago

Bottega del Rame - Copper Saucepan High Thickness

by Iluvcooking 1 day ago

Looking for thoughts and input on this 3mm, tinned, 2.5 qt saucepan compared to other high quality options out there:...


alexrander commented 2 hours ago

2018 Cookware Deals and Delights

by Libranflight 2 months ago

Thought I would start off a 2018, because I could not find one. Hope you all have a wonderful 2018!!


randallhank commented 1 day ago

Dehillerin Lid (Mauviel 250'c?)

by SognSpatula 3 days ago

This weekend I picked up a used pot stamped Dehillerin that looks to me a whole lot like rebranded Mauviel 250'c. ...


SognSpatula commented 3 days ago

Atlantis or Industry 5 Saucepan

by rp17 11 days ago

I'm looking to buy a new 2 to 2.5 qt saucepan and can't decide between the Atlantis and Industry5/5Plus. SLT has the...


damiano commented 6 days ago


by Thirty7Degrees 21 days ago

I realize that I'm probably overthinking this, but I honestly feel overwhelmed/stressed. I am the type to over resear...


randallhank commented 9 days ago

Your three "forever" pans

by Angelus2013 3 months ago

So you find yourself down-sizing to just three cookware pieces that you'll use for the rest of your life. What would ...


Angelus2013 commented 13 days ago

Which saucepan, windsor, or saucier?

by JohnLearnsToCook 21 days ago

A few days ago I was fairly sure that the ideal pan/pot/whatever for making delicate sauces was a fully clad, rounded...


CHSeifert commented 14 days ago

Building a collection

by cameronreddy 16 days ago

I was kindly asked damiano to start a new thread covering my budding collection so that Chowhounders can offer some o...


gooster commented 15 days ago

Some interesting price scores

by cameronreddy 19 days ago

So a few of you guys have suggested hitting TJ-Max on occasion to see what they have. Well, I just picked up a few it...


cameronreddy commented 17 days ago

A Good Ol' Fashioned Disk-Bottom Saucepan Shootout

by MrFettuccine 1 month ago

Meet the contenders: 18cm Cuisinart Chef's Classic 18cm Demeyere Atlantis 18cm Matfer Bourgeat Excellence 18cm Pa...


obillo commented 18 days ago

Living the Good Life: Copper Saucepan Showcase

by MrFettuccine 4 months ago

A (not so) quick comparison of how three different thicknesses of copper saucepan stack up to each other in terms of ...


cameronreddy commented 18 days ago

Fissler vs Atlantis & Disk vs Clad (on Gas Range)

by loves2cook82 22 days ago

As you may know, because many of you helped me make that decision, I purchased my first piece of Demeyere cookware a ...


gooster commented 20 days ago

Zwilling Sensation Set or Individual Pieces?

by Thirty7Degrees 3 months ago

I'm overall an novice cook who really wants to cook better. I have been relying on a cheap Bed Bath & Beyond cookware...


Thirty7Degrees commented 23 days ago

Fissler "Factory" Outlet Store

by kaleokahu 24 days ago

For the Disk Maniacs out there, here's another resource. For example, a 2.7 Q Original Profi saucepan, cover and FRE...


damiano commented 24 days ago

Which saucepan?

by cameronreddy 1 month ago

Here are 4 alternatives for copper 16 cm pans. Since you guys got me pretty clear on a saucier, thought I’d run this ...


JustCharlie commented 27 days ago

Small saucier: Atlantis (Silver 7) or Faulk?

by cameronreddy 1 month ago

Great prices right now on these two pieces. Sur La Table has the Atlantis for $149, and Falk currently offers the 18c...


drrayeye commented 1 month ago

Zwilling Forte? Other Thick Aluminum?

by cameronreddy 1 month ago

The exterior of the box says it’s made of pure 5mm thick aluminum. That should be pretty darn good. And, with only th...


GH1618 commented 1 month ago

Demeyere Cookware Choices: Skillet:Burner Size & Saucepan vs Essential Pan

by Thirty7Degrees 1 month ago

Hey Chowhound, You all were very helpful when I posted previously, and I have put a lot of thought into how I cook...


kaleokahu commented 1 month ago

Saucepan or Saucier...or Both

by loves2cook82 3 months ago

I'm looking to purchase a new fully clad pot or two and can't make up my mind. My existing pots are: - 1 qt saucepa...


Neo1 commented 1 month ago