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Usefulness of 5-ply clad stainless steel cookware and other questions

by VFish 1 month ago

Hello, I am new to Chowhound and started here by asking questions about a Staub braiser that led to other questions o...


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Kitchenaid 7-Ply Stainless - OEM Demeyere Atlantis - Feedback

by westes 9 months ago

It appears that Kitchenaid did a deal with Demeyere in 2013 and licensed a version of the Demeyere Atlantis product l...


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Test Driving the Demeyere Atlantis and 5-plus cookware

by VFish 9 days ago

I have been test-cooking some things on the stove. I have a glass electric cooktop. Here are the results: All pot...

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Questions about Silga Teknika

by gooster 3 years ago

I've been reading the old threads with some mention of Silga Teknika, and I understand they are hard to find the US a...


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A Different Kind of Chili Cookoff (cladded vs. disk bottom vs. copper)

by MrFettuccine 13 days ago

Hi everyone, I've got a lot of info here so I'll try to keep this short and sweet. The Game 1. Observe how a...


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Copper pots brands stamped or not? Thickness in first!

by TJFRANCE 1 year ago

I see that some people still raises the question of whether a tinned copper pot thickness of 3mm or more with a mark ...


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Selling Mauviel Copper and similar cookware

by mk99 15 days ago

Hi Chowhound, I had success at the recent Mauviel Warehouse sale in Delaware last weekend, and was able to pick up s...


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Help me find my last pot

by helena143 16 days ago

I think I have finally completed my dream cookware set. It consists of: 1 13-inch Vollrath nonstick fry pan (for h...

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Cuisinart Multi-Clad Unlimited - hard anodized aluminum cookware with stainless steel cooking suface.

by VFish 21 days ago

Having experience with hard anodized cookware but with a non-stick cooking surface, I am familiar with how it cooks. ...


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Tin Lined Copper Cookware. Health Effects & Benefits.

by Newlyn_Tinning 17 days ago

Here's a study on tin that may interest all you tin lined copper cookware lovers or those thinking of making the move...

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Homemade Meatballs: Bake or Fry/Brown in Saucepan. Which do you do?

by provreviews 4 years ago

I decided to scope out on Pinterest and also on how many different recipes for homemade meatballs I co...


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When you thought you'd seen it all: Hestan Nanobond Cookware

by drrayeye 8 months ago

Hestan has just introduced a new line of cookware that apparently wants to challenge All Clad and Demeyere, not to me...

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Any comments about Farberware pans?

by Fiona 7 years ago

My daughter is getting ready to register for wedding gifts .she is interested is keeping the cost of her selctions in...


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ATK Review: Best Large Saucepans

by Seitan 3 months ago

Can you guess which saucepan America's Test Kitchen rated highest without watching the video? Of course you can: h...

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All-Clad Saucepans and Sauciers/Sizes

by rp17 4 months ago

I am engaged and already have a full collection of the kitchenware you often find on wedding registries. However, I ...

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Copper pots how many people would like or have tried to tin themselves?

by TJFRANCE 5 months ago

Hello everyone, I would like to know who already had the idea of wanting to tin its copper pots itself? Who has alre...

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Saucepan 12cm or 4.7 inches

by starzzz 5 months ago

Looking for suggestions for a small saucepan stainless steel no larger than 12cm or 4.7inches made in Europe or USA i...


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by onefineleo 11 years ago

I love mine......have loved them since 1973 when I got them as a gift. They have served me well for all of these man...


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French Antique Copper Pans - Origin? Date? Quality?

by docimo 6 months ago

I'm trying to figure out the origin/manufacturer of these 7 nesting copper saucepans. They have no manufacturer marks...


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Help! Commercial Calphalon Hard Anodized finish wearing off?

by chefaroo 10 years ago

I bought a set of hard anodized in 2000. Honestly, I rarely use them. The one pan that does see a lot if use is the 2...


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