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Chef Christopher Lee's kitchen equipt for sale (Richmond Annex)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 days ago

"Selling my restaurant equipment this Saturday from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Good prices, large stock. Txt or DM for Richmond Annex street address. No shenanigans. CASH ONLY Hotel pans & perfs, lids; ...

New! FALK COPPER Induction Cookware

by alexrander 3 months ago

That’s right, and it’s their 2.5 mm copper pans with an induction bottom that extends to the edge and a centimeter up the side. “The latest iteration of the Falk Copper Pot has come as a resul...

Favorite curved sauce pan

by SognSpatula 1 month ago

I'm looking for a curved sauce pan in the 2.5 qt range. Do you have a favorite to recommend? I realize they're called all sorts of things, but the two I have my eye on are the Demeyere Conical ...

New pans arrived today - what to make 1st? New to SS - cooking/learning experiment?

by vanessa731 2 months ago

Hi everyone! F/u on my 1st post (link below) looking for my 1st SS pans. Finally decided on Cuisinart MCP. It was hard to make a decision due to variety of factors, most important one being the fac...

Who has copper saucepans of 1.1 / 1.3mm?

by TJFRANCE 2 months ago

Before developing an idea that is important to me, I would like to know if you have saucepans of 1.1mm / 1.3mm thick? If so, what interests me most is to have an idea of the number of people who n...

Antique copper pot help

by victorianplace 2 months ago

Recently acquired this piece and looking for any info about it. Cast iron handles. It measures 9 3/4" across the lip and 6" deep. Weighs a whopping 11.3 lbs. It's marked made in Germany on th...

1st SS set - need help choosing cookware

by vanessa731 4 months ago

Hi there! This is my 1st post on this site. I am looking for help finding the right cookware pieces or set. I recently got rid of my Circulon anodized nonstick as it started burning off fumes that ...

Do I Need/Should I get a 3 qt, 4 qt, or no saucepan?

by WSP_Lee 3 months ago

I'm tempted by the current Demeyere prices at SLT. I know I really don't need a 3 qt or 4 qt saucepan, but would it make my life easier to have one? I currently have a 2 qt & 3.5 qt saucier (edi...

Il Mulino cookware

by LThurm 5 months ago

I found a tea kettle by this brand and LOVE it. I have found a few stray pots at TJ Maxx but I cannot find much on the web. Their website only sells food. Looking for someone who may know where I c...

Belgique cookware

by egbluesuede 11 years ago

Does anyone have any experiences to share with Belgique cookware from Macys? I got an 11" stainless steel skillet with the copper bottom and a small stainless sauce pan with the same copper on the...

Non-magnetic stainless steel on induction

by Angelus2013 6 months ago

So I follow a QVC chef on YouTube who does cooking videos and her Thanksgiving video caught my attention when she used a stainless steel saucepan on her induction burner. What caught my attention w...

Are Clad Offerings Thick Enough to Make a Difference? Just Noticeable, or Large & Important?

by WSP_Lee 3 months ago

edit: I was thinking more in terms of straight sided pots & pans an not conical or skillets where clad has clear advantages over disk. I've gone down the rabbit hole of researching & buying new ...

Palm Restaurant Cookware

by Chemicalkinetics 9 years ago

I am sure many of you have these the Palm kitchen goods (from towels to pepper mills) at Home Goods. I don't see them anywhere else, yet they are abundant in Home Goods. It got me thinking. Does...

Kitchenaid 7-Ply Stainless - OEM Demeyere Atlantis - Feedback

by westes 2 years ago

It appears that Kitchenaid did a deal with Demeyere in 2013 and licensed a version of the Demeyere Atlantis product line - very slightly altered - as the Kitchenaid 7-ply Stainless series. Has an...

Scanpan CTX Ceramic Titanium vs. Stratanium

by estherchung82 1 year ago

I recently bought a Scanpan CTX 3 Qt pot and a Scanpan CTX 10.25" frying pan, both from the same online retailer. Both were marketed as Scanpan CTX "Ceramic Titanium". When I received the items,...

W-S Thermo-Clad thicker?

by Angelus2013 3 months ago

I bought the Williams-Sonoma Thermo Clad 2 Quart Saucepan and the first thing I noticed about the pot was the weight before noticing how much thicker it is in comparison to my Thermo Clad 8 inch sk...

D, H, & M Co. Copper Polenta Pot

by gardenvespers 4 months ago

Hi All, I found this D, H, & M Co. copper pot at an antique shop in Vermont yesterday. It has a layer of thick scale and verdigris inside and four small holes just under the rim (I think it was...

Homemade Meatballs: Bake or Fry/Brown in Saucepan. Which do you do?

by provreviews 6 years ago

I decided to scope out on Pinterest and also on allrecipes.com how many different recipes for homemade meatballs I could find. Well let’s just say that I found so many different variations and most...

Wanted: Lid for Copper Pot

by Libranflight 5 months ago

I have a tin-lined copper pot that I love, but no lid for it. I really want a lid that looks like a good mate for this pot, be it a regular cover or a lollipop lid. She has cast iron handles with...

New All-Clad Handles... About Time.

by DuffyH 5 years ago

Finally, there's a new and completely different handle on All-Clad. But there's a catch. It's a mixed group of Stainless, D5 and Copper Core bodies. The frypans are D5, the saucepans, saucier and s...