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All-Clad Saucepans and Sauciers/Sizes

by rp17 5 days ago

I am engaged and already have a full collection of the kitchenware you often find on wedding registries. However, I ...

mikie commented 4 days ago

Copper pots brands stamped or not? Thickness in first!

by TJFRANCE 11 months ago

I see that some people still raises the question of whether a tinned copper pot thickness of 3mm or more with a mark ...


THS commented 6 days ago

Any comments about Farberware pans?

by Fiona 6 years ago

My daughter is getting ready to register for wedding gifts .she is interested is keeping the cost of her selctions in...


MikeG commented 21 days ago

Copper pots how many people would like or have tried to tin themselves?

by TJFRANCE 1 month ago

Hello everyone, I would like to know who already had the idea of wanting to tin its copper pots itself? Who has alre...

TJFRANCE commented 1 month ago

Saucepan 12cm or 4.7 inches

by starzzz 1 month ago

Looking for suggestions for a small saucepan stainless steel no larger than 12cm or 4.7inches made in Europe or USA i...


alexrander commented 1 month ago


by onefineleo 10 years ago

I love mine......have loved them since 1973 when I got them as a gift. They have served me well for all of these man...


medlar commented 2 months ago

French Antique Copper Pans - Origin? Date? Quality?

by docimo 2 months ago

I'm trying to figure out the origin/manufacturer of these 7 nesting copper saucepans. They have no manufacturer marks...


docimo commented 2 months ago

Help! Commercial Calphalon Hard Anodized finish wearing off?

by chefaroo 9 years ago

I bought a set of hard anodized in 2000. Honestly, I rarely use them. The one pan that does see a lot if use is the 2...


gcvsa commented 2 months ago

Palm Restaurant Cookware

by Chemicalkinetics 7 years ago

I am sure many of you have these the Palm kitchen goods (from towels to pepper mills) at Home Goods. I don't see the...


Bizliz commented 2 months ago

When you thought you'd seen it all: Hestan Nanobond Cookware

by drrayeye 4 months ago

Hestan has just introduced a new line of cookware that apparently wants to challenge All Clad and Demeyere, not to me...

drrayeye commented 3 months ago

New All-Clad Handles... About Time.

by DuffyH 3 years ago

Finally, there's a new and completely different handle on All-Clad. But there's a catch. It's a mixed group of Stainl...

Angelus2013 commented 3 months ago

My quest for the perfect copper pan

by nowayout 4 years ago

I am relative newbie here, but a very longtime lurker. I SO appreciate all the education this cookware forum has aff...

kaleokahu commented 4 months ago

Kitchenaid 7-Ply Stainless - OEM Demeyere Atlantis - Feedback

by westes 5 months ago

It appears that Kitchenaid did a deal with Demeyere in 2013 and licensed a version of the Demeyere Atlantis product l...


DoubleA81 commented 4 months ago

How I Learned to use All Clad Handles

by drrayeye 4 months ago

The design of handles must balance a number of human concerns: One must be...

DuffyH commented 4 months ago

Good Choices for Small Sauciers 0.5 to 1.0 Quarts?

by westes 5 months ago

I want to get a small saucier to whip up sauces for meals. I noticed that the traditional All-Clad Tri-Ply stainless...


randallhank commented 5 months ago

New saucepans from Brooklyn Copper Cookware

by Toronto416 7 months ago

The big box arrived from Brooklyn Copper Cookware, and I just unpacked it to reveal the lovely newly released 1, 2, a...


wabi commented 5 months ago

Questions about Silga Teknika

by gooster 2 years ago

I've been reading the old threads with some mention of Silga Teknika, and I understand they are hard to find the US a...


randallhank commented 5 months ago

Cast iron Le Creuset Braiser 30cm/3.5 qt ideal for braising ?

by CHSeifert 6 months ago

My girlfriend would like the Le Creuset 30cm/3.5 qt braiser, because she was told it's great for risotto, braising la...


Chazzz commented 5 months ago

Help choosing non stick sauce pans...

by CMoya13 6 months ago

I'm looking to pick up a few new non stick pans that aren't too crazy expensive but I am willing to spend some money ...

Bertha79 commented 6 months ago

Demeyere Sauce Pan/Pasta Pot Boiling Test

by bradendrake 6 months ago

Which wins out in a boiling time contest, Atlantis or 5 Plus? The answer is in the photo if you want to skip my stor...


gooster commented 6 months ago