Best Chinese buffet in Sarasota?

by KyMikey 2 years ago

Are there any decent Chinese buffets in Sarasota? Or conversely, any ones that I should avoid and why? Thanx for prompt response.

80th Bday Venue Needed - Sarasota

by stevenrj 3 years ago

Hi...looking for unique venue for 80th bday for father in law. Approx. 20-25 people. Nothing stuffy. Full bar would be ideal, with relatively affordable menu for a sibling split! Never done thi...

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Sarasota: Best Seafood - Shrimp and Fish

by princess00 10 years ago

Okay, Chowhounds! Who has the best seafood in the Sarasota area? Particularly locally sourced fresh fish and/or shrimp from the gulf fish?

Lido Key Restaurants

by chipup 4 years ago

I'm spending a few days at Lido Beach and looking for recommendations for dinner nearby. The less driving the better. Thanks

Siesta Key/Sarasota

by DolceFarNiente 5 years ago

We are spending President weekend in Sarasota and have made a reservation at Ophelia's on the Bay for Sunday night but need a recommendation for Saturday night. Don't have a specific cuisine in mi...

South African/ British style meat Pies in Sarasota

by ezpiez 11 years ago

We have a new Pie Shop in Sarasota specialising in meat pies in a "puff" pastry pocket. A great easy and quick meal on the go, or order frozen pies to bake at home. We have a wonderful range of ...

Sarasota--Authentic Chinese and bahn mi

by Panski 6 years ago

Husband and I are spending a week in Sarasota in February. Seems like there are some Vietnamese restaurants in the area. Any good bahn mi? Also authentic Chinese food. How is Yummy House. We a...

Eggstrordinary Sunday breakfast take out for the family.

by cereme 6 years ago

I bought breakfast to go Sunday morning, omelets and quiche meals for the family from Eggs-trodinary at Cattleridge. Order was correct and even though had to re-heat at home everyone was happy with...

Longboat Key / Sarasota

by djustus 6 years ago

I'm heading from NYC to Longboat Key / Sarasota in a week. We'll be there for two weeks of rest and relaxation. I see similar threads on the same topic but they're all years old. I'd appreciate res...

Sarasota/Venice Florida Restaurants

by Grantalan 6 years ago

Hey! I need some help finding the best places to eat in the Venice Beach and Sarasota area. Heading down in November to visit my wife's grandparents. I'm looking for solid, locally owned places...

Sarasota - Good Cuban Sandwich?

by meatn3 6 years ago

I'll be in town briefly (30 hours or so) and would love to get my Cuban craving satisfied. Prefer Tampa style but with just one day...The Cuban at the Columbian is ok but I'd prefer going elsewhere...

Dining near Westcoast Black Theatre, Sarasota

by wheaton24 7 years ago

Any ideas for a good, casual meal before the show? 6 people will be going.

Trip report: Valentine's day weekend in St. Pete / Sarasota

by sweet100s 7 years ago

Thanks everyone for your help and advice I had an excellent long Valentines Day weekend in St. Pete / Sarasota. Weather wise it was a gorgeous sunny weekend, and gloriously cool - no overbea...

Dinner given these 4 considerations after the Sarasota Art Festival next Saturday (also Valentines evening...)?

by sweet100s 7 years ago

Looking for a delicious dinner after the Sarasota Art Festival on main street next weekend. I do realize this night coincides with Valentines day evening, historically one of the worst times to t...

Feedback please Lucky Pelican, Sarasota

by kennycandy 7 years ago

Would like feedback regarding Lucky Pelican , 6239. Lake Osprey Dr, Sarasota- Thanks!

Sarasota: Peruvian Chicken?

by Indy 67 7 years ago

Confusing experience yesterday. I needed to bring a whole rotisserie chicken over to a friend's house and I immediately thought of the Peruvian chicken take out/eat in places that are all over the ...

Sarasota to Ft Meyers

by Taylordayne 7 years ago

First. Trip to the Gulf Coast, very excited, always depend on Chowhound to help me with restaurant choices. We live on the coast of NC, and love fresh seafood, great steaks, good breakfast. We are ...

Between Sarasota and Tampa?

by Scribbler 7 years ago

Meeting an old friend for lunch - she's in Tampa, I'm in Sarasota. Would like to meet in between, to have more time to talk and less driving for each. Any ideas? Doesn't have to be fancy, just plea...

Herald-Tribune Review of Cafe L'Europe -- Sarasota

by Longboat 10 years ago

Local restaurant reviewers usually over-exaggerate the qualities of area restaurants . Not in the case of this lukewarm review of Café L’Europe, where the Herald-Tribune critic is basically saying ...