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First time in Santa Maria: I want barbecue!!! Where to go?

by Baby Ruth 15 years ago

I'm visiting SM for the first time in a couple weeks and have never tasted the legendary bbq. What's the best place to get initiated? Where do locals eat? I don't need anything fancy, just great Q....

Santa Maria BBQ Weekend Stands?

by ataway 15 years ago

If I did my search correctly, it looks like it has been almost two years since a major Santa Maria BBQ thread. I am heading to the Santa Maria region for the first time and I am looking for a lit...

Gold Coast Strawberry Stand SANTA MARIA changes look!

by toodie jane 15 years ago

Gold Coast Farms becomes "Gold Coast Marketplace and Costa De Oro Wine Tasting Bar." I live locally, and wanted to let people know from out of the area that times are a-changin' for Gold Coast Fa...

In SLO, Santa Maria, Arroyo Grande for two days--where to eat???

by spiralsasha 16 years ago

I'm taking a short weekend trip to visit a non-foodie friend in Central CA in two weeks--I've never been and he doesn't get out much, so we need lots of advice! Where are the 'only in San Luis Obi...

Meals in Santa Maria - I love Chowhound!

by judybird 16 years ago

We spent 4 days in Santa Maria last week attending a conference of Western Field Ornithologists (birdwatchers with degrees). I had checked with Chowhound before leaving, and when we arrived Wednesd...

Dinner in Santa Maria - Chef Rick's?

by judybird 16 years ago

We're going to be in Santa Maria for 4 nights next week. Definitely heading for the Far Western for one dinner, and that's enough red meat for a week, so please don't suggest Jocko's or the Hitchin...

Good eats in San Luis Obispo? 5 Cities? Santa Maria?

by Diane 17 years ago

We will be spending about a month in Arroyo Grande, brand new food territory for us. Can anyone help us make the most of it? Thanks!

EatMJ: Journalists' Guide To Santa Maria Chow

by Chino Wayne 16 years ago

What ever the verdict may be on the trial, at least one good thing has come out of it. We can thank those ever resourceful journalists covering the trial for compiling a guide to chow in the area....

Santa Maria Breakfast/lunch spot

by Finn 17 years ago

any rec's for a breakfast/lunch spot near Santa Maria courthouse?

Santa Maria: Recommendations?

by tokyoastrogirl 17 years ago

Hi, Going wine tasting and staying at the Old Santa Maria Inn this weekend. Any recs for a nice dinner? It's my husband's birthday and I'd like somewhere with some ambience but not ridiculously...

Santa Maria BBQ...during the week?

by Rose Maybud 17 years ago

It seems lots of folks set up shop in the parking lots on the weekends, but if I'm visiting Santa Maria on a Tue-Thurs, will I be able to sample the local BBQ? Thanks!

Cheap places in Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, and more??

by Stoney 17 years ago

I'm going on a little business trip and will be eating a lunch probably in Solvang/Santa Ynez/Los Olivos area and a dinner in Santa Barbara. The second day I'll be eating breakfast in SB, lunch...

ROAD TRIP REPORT (Long!) Santa Paula, Santa Maria, Pismo Beach, Cambria, Bakersfield, Three Rivers

by Mr. Taster 17 years ago

Hello all, and many thanks for all the Hounds who offered advice on my Memorial Day Road Rrip posting just a few threads below. Also, thanks to all whose suggestions I culled through the Chowhound...

Santa Maria Italian?

by MQue 17 years ago

Greetings, Central Coast Hounds. I'm seeking help for a friend who is heading up to Santa Maria Thursday and wants to know where where she can get a decent bowl of pasta there. Warning, she's a veg...

Breakfast on 101 between Oakland and Santa Maria

by DaphneSpeltFarina 18 years ago

There are indeed other posts re: food on the 101 (or lack thereof), but I am only able to find one post --from 2001 -- about a place to eat breakfast. I'm looking for an old-fashioned, diner-style...

Cheap Food in Santa Maria for Sunday

by DForm 18 years ago

I'll be in Santa Maria working on Sunday. I need a good cheap place for lunch, bbq if possible. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks D

Santa Maria to SLO - BBQ/Tri-Tip recommendations

by RSMBob 18 years ago

Hi all, We are making our annual pilgrimage to Lopez Lake near Arroyo Grande for 5 days next week. In addition to hitting THurs night in SLO, I am looking for some great BBQ - ribs and tri-tip in p...

Chef Rick's - Dinner - Santa Maria (Orcutt) - Long

by Wendy-san 19 years ago

We stayed this past weekend in Nipomo (ten minutes from Pismo Beach) and I'd read on this board that there wasn't much in the way of food in Pismo. So we made a reservation at Chef Rick's in Orcutt...

Chef Rick's Lunch-Santa Maria (Orcutt)

by C. herrera 19 years ago

Just wanted to write a small review of my lunch at Chef'd Ricks in Santa Maria. Cited on this board as one of the best eating spots between SB and SF,it is a superb place to eat. Lunch is walk in, ...

Santa Ynez/Santa Maria Wine Picnics

by kathleen 20 years ago

Does anyone know of particularly good sources for picnic lunches in Santa Barbara County wine area? We will have three days there and know which wineries have nice picnic areas, but are unsure whe...

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