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Santa Maria: light/non-fancy dining?

by moto 12 years ago

Hello, thanks to the central coast treasure, T.Jane, we're going to the tamale place on our way out of town, but after a fair bit of looking, there doesn't seem to be many options for evening dini...

Santa Maria restaurants

by stebro 12 years ago

We're planning a family get together of nine people next month. We're looking for a nice place to have dinner in Santa Maria. A couple of the people are not too adventurous. A "California" resta...

Santa Maria Grocery Outlet bargains

toodie jane
by toodie jane 11 years ago

while browsing the store in the OHS center on Broadway, I found these bargains: Limited supply of Aidell's Mango and smoked chicken sausage/ roasted red pepper sausage $2.99 pkg. Hershey's an...

Breakfast (Mexican or otherwise) in Santa Maria?

Emily Hope
by Emily Hope 11 years ago

Hi, all, We're traveling from SF down to LA for a long weekend, and because of the weather we've decided to take 101 and split it up, staying in Santa Maria tonight and finishing the drive Frida...

Mexican in Santa Maria?

by gandro 12 years ago

I am passing through Santa Maria. Can anyone recommend some good mexican places in the area? Thanks

Santa Maria Tamales

by Phood 12 years ago

Last Friday around lunchtime I found myself headed north toward the 10th Street Vineyard Café in San Miguel. (http://www.tenthstreetvineyardcafe.com/ ) I was leaving Buellton and The Hitching Pos...

Jocko's in Santa Maria

by Clinton 12 years ago

On our way up passing Santa Barbara, there is a quite famous place known for it's oak grilled steaks and burgers called Jocko's. It's in Santa Maria located in a small town called Nipomo. Going nor...

King Falafel, Santa Maria

by Bostonbob3 13 years ago

Is this place still around? I fondly remember wolfing down the best tasting burgers there in-between two-a-day football practices (go Knights!). Funny thing is, the place was started by a doctor. M...

Santa Maria BBQ - need recommendation

by Lia Eng 17 years ago

Will be in the Santa Maria area next week and looking for a good restaurant for "Santa Maria BBQ". Been to Jocko's. Anyone have any other suggestions? Preferably not too pricy. Thanks!

Santa Maria- where to get tri-tip?

by ochound 12 years ago

we'll be driving through Santa Maria tomorrow- where can we stop for a tri-tip sandwich for lunch?

Pho in Santa Maria at Saeng's Kitchen

toodie jane
by toodie jane 12 years ago

Got some pho takeaway at Saeng's Kithcen in the Town Center West shopping center off S Broadway, near Mervyn's. Not a pho expert, but have had several delicious meals at Lucky Pho in Stockton. A...

Santa Maria Barbecue was not in Santa Maria..

by duke dee 17 years ago

it was in Guadalupe.A friday lunchtime ramble turned up no streetside BBQ until we reached the Santa Barbara cauliflower capital-Guadalupe. Maretta's Saloon had their mobile d grill set up on main ...

Wine Cottage Bistro in Old Orcutt (Santa Maria area)

by PolarBear 13 years ago

Looking at some central coast wine-dinner events ran across one held last Tues. at this place. A little Googling revealed it to be recently opened (website linked below). Wondering if any hounds ...

Anything new to check out Santa Maria - Beach Cities - SLO?

by RSMBob 13 years ago

Hi, Making our annual pilgrimage to Lopez Lake next week for 5 days and will spend a fair amount of time in the central coast towns. We plan on dinner at Jocko's, some Cinnamon ROlls from Old We...

Santa Maria BBQ: What time does it start? Is there one particular place along the stretch?

by Baby Ruth 13 years ago

Trying to get a jump on wine tasting. Thinking of picking up the food and taking it go. What time do they start? Is there one stand that's better than others along the street? Thanks!

First time in Santa Maria: I want barbecue!!! Where to go?

by Baby Ruth 13 years ago

I'm visiting SM for the first time in a couple weeks and have never tasted the legendary bbq. What's the best place to get initiated? Where do locals eat? I don't need anything fancy, just great Q....

Santa Maria BBQ Weekend Stands?

by ataway 13 years ago

If I did my search correctly, it looks like it has been almost two years since a major Santa Maria BBQ thread. I am heading to the Santa Maria region for the first time and I am looking for a lit...

Gold Coast Strawberry Stand SANTA MARIA changes look!

by toodie jane 13 years ago

Gold Coast Farms becomes "Gold Coast Marketplace and Costa De Oro Wine Tasting Bar." I live locally, and wanted to let people know from out of the area that times are a-changin' for Gold Coast Fa...

In SLO, Santa Maria, Arroyo Grande for two days--where to eat???

by spiralsasha 14 years ago

I'm taking a short weekend trip to visit a non-foodie friend in Central CA in two weeks--I've never been and he doesn't get out much, so we need lots of advice! Where are the 'only in San Luis Obi...

Meals in Santa Maria - I love Chowhound!

by judybird 14 years ago

We spent 4 days in Santa Maria last week attending a conference of Western Field Ornithologists (birdwatchers with degrees). I had checked with Chowhound before leaving, and when we arrived Wednesd...