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Eloisa in Santa Fe: Second Visit

by sandiasingh 3 years ago

Yesterday's second visit to Eloisa for lunch in Santa Fe was mind-blowing. Chef John Rivera Sedlar's lifetime of experience and fondness for strong flavors is evident from the first bite. We had a ...

Arroyo Vino chef

by newmarket2 4 years ago

This is one of our favorite restaurants in Santa Fe. Very molecular a la WD-40 with a head chef Mark Connell that I think worked at The French Laundry. Anyway, rumors heard last week that he left...

Holiday Wine Tasting at Arroyo Vino, Santa Fe

by ninrn 3 years ago

We went on a whim to the holiday wine tasting at Arroyo Vino. I hope some of you were able to go, too. It was such a fun, informative, and laid-back event. There were about 65 wines to taste--e...

Santa Fe - Sazon

by ethanbailey 3 years ago

Seven lunches. Seven dinners. Sazon and Radish and Rye were the big winners.

Mark Connell opening a restaurant at Hillside Market, Santa Fe!

by finlero 4 years ago

Given that I live near the Hillside Market and that Mark Connell is almost certainly my favorite chef in the state, I worry I'm about to become very fat and very poor. From the Beneficial Farms wee...

Arroyo Vino, Santa Fe: the best upscale restaurant in New Mexico

by finlero 4 years ago

Well color me surprised: Arroyo Vino isn’t good, it’s freakin’ phenomenal. Sorry in advance for the long write-up… The restaurant had been on my radar for a while just because the “small plates...

Eloisa noise levels

by newmarket2 3 years ago

We went to Eloisa in May after reading a sterling review. Most diner reviews complained about the noise level and the service. The food was very good. Very creative but not, given our personal t...

what's new in Northern NM/Santa Fe

by newyorkerindc 3 years ago

I have been going to New Mexico on a regular basis for about 10 years. I can't wait to return for the first time in 18 months over Labor Day weekend. I am wondering what might be new and/or improv...

Waiter at Geronimo Santa Fe

by bhoward 3 years ago

There is a waiter/bartender at Geronimo who has been there for many years. He is the best and I want to request him my next time there. I cannot recall his name. Any help appreciated.

Santa Fe Burger Update

by rcurtism 5 years ago

Tried two new places in the past week that I haven't seen discussed here. The first, Shake Foundation, has been doing a brisk business since it opened a few weeks ago near the intersection of Cerr...

Bang Bite Food Trailer in Santa Fe

by elizan 3 years ago

I wondered if Bang Bite is still open, since I just noticed their website is shut down. Have any of you in Santa Fe noticed? It sounds like a great spot for a quick lunch, and we were hoping t...

Radish & Rye - Santa Fe

by rcurtism 4 years ago

With the recent openings of Eloisa, Julia, and Radish & Rye, this seems like one of the more interesting moments in Santa Fe's moribund fine dining scene in the last few years. We made our first v...

Santa Fe Culinary Academy

by RobConnoley 3 years ago

I hosted a successful popup dinner at the school last night and was very impressed with the facility and students. They're about to open one of the student's concepts next week and surely worth a v...

Tecolote Has Re-Opened

by fyfas 4 years ago

Tecolote which was a longtime Santa Fe breakfast and lunch favorite has finally re-opened And, it was worth the wait. Menu looks to be the same as it was when it closed. They closed when the...

4 days in Santa Fe - Report on what I've eaten so far, plus advice sought!

Dave MP
by Dave MP 3 years ago

I arrived in New Mexico yesterday—we flew into Albuquerque. From there, we drove up to Bernalillo for dinner before continuing on to Santa Fe, where we'll be until Wednesday. I'll report here on...

Eloisa in Santa Fe

by sandiasingh 4 years ago

Had lunch yesterday at Eloisa, the new restaurant in Santa Fe owned by Chef John Rivera Sedlar, formerly a successful restauranteur in Los Angeles, but a native of Santa Fe. The restaurant is in t...

Shake Foundation Owner to Open Taco Foundation in former Bert's Burger Bowl Site in Santa Fe

by sandiasingh 4 years ago


Santa Fe dinner w 3 grown up sons

by bdcinsd 4 years ago

Need CHers help with dinner recs with wife and 3 stepsons. 2/3 adventurous. Youngest is starting to explore food. Grew up in SoCal so have had great Mexican. Will be pre opera, so want to make it a...