Santa Clarita


Dinner Recommendations for Burbank area

by sportcat 6 years ago

Hi Chowhounds, I'll be in Santa Clarita for two nights the second weekend in June. I'm travelling with a group of four colleagues to a conference and have at least one pescatarian in the group; ...

Where is real veal osso buco in the S.F. Valley / Santa Clarita Areas?

by z1laura 4 years ago

I am wanted to make an osso buco recipe from Simply Ming and I bought all of the ingredients although I can’t seem to find osso buco. (under $35.00 a pound online that is!) Does anyone know where t...

Looking for a seafood market in Santa Clarita/Valencia.

by sugarcanejane 15 years ago

Hi everyone, I recently relocated to the SCV and I would like to find a seafood market. I miss Fish King in Glendale. TIA for any suggestions!!!

Non-chain restaurants in Santa Clarita

by BunnieBear 12 years ago

I have a friend who lives in Santa Clarita who feels that the choices are limited to only chains. I want to wow him with amazing finds from the folks here on the Chowhound boards, as I've been tel...

Valencia/Santa Clarita Thai

by rudeboy 7 years ago

Not really sure the difference or boundary between Valencia and Santa Clarita, so I used both. I love Thai Food, and had a great meal at Mom can Cook. I've been spoiled with great Thai food, so ...

Specific Type of Tuna salad sandwich in the SFV or Santa Clarita Valley?

LA Buckeye Fan
by LA Buckeye Fan 8 years ago

I did a search and couldn't find any restuarants that serves what I need. I like a lot of types of tuna salad, but not sweet. The places I've tried recently have all had a sweet pickle relish, or...

Celebratory dinner in the Santa Clarita or San Fernando Valleys

by alwayshungrygal 9 years ago

Hi hounds. I'll be visiting my son early in December and have a really good reason (work related) to celebrate. So, I want to take him out to a really nice dinner while I'm there. He lives in Va...

Inexpensive AYCE Sushi between Glendale/Burbank and Santa Clarita?

by tinnywatty 9 years ago

We're hoping to find a reasonably priced all you can eat sushi buffet place (less than 20/person, if that exists) for a weekday dinner. We're in the Glendale/Burbank area and our friends are in Sa...

Mother's Day Brunch in the Santa Clarita Valley

by alwayshungrygal 9 years ago

I know, I know, a terrible day to eat out but I'll be spending the weekend with my son and it is actually the first time in quite a few years that I'll actually see him on M day. So, I'd like to h...

Manoushee - Santa Clarita = Excellent

by LisaN 11 years ago

This place is near Costco in Canyon country and has fantastic pastries and lunch items such as cheese or spinach turnovers, chicken wrap, schwarma wrap, lamajoin, and a variety of delightful middl...

Good eats in Santa Clarita......anybody?

by ivfnursedeb 10 years ago

So far I like Margarita's Mexican restaurant.....family owned and some tasty menu items. Can anyone recommend some of their favorites in the area? ----- Margarita's Mexican Restaurant 15055 Vista ...

Castaic, Newhall, Valencia, Santa Clarita

by PolarBear 10 years ago

Looking for a place next Tuesday evening to get off the 5 and have some good chow before continuing on down to Irvine. The most recent posts I've found mention Las Delicias have good al pastor a...

Produce in Santa Clarita Valley/Valencia

by alwayshungrygal 10 years ago

Greetings from the (foggy) Bay Area. I'll be visiting my son from time to time, who lives in Valencia. I want to cook in his apt and need to source fresh produce. I'd love to find a Saturday far...

Great Pizza in Santa Clarita - Nick & Joe's

by LisaN 11 years ago

I just realized I've never written about this place! It has the best pizza in Santa Clarita! Sauce and dough made from scratch make a tasty combination to satisfy your pizza craving. I've been...


by sel 11 years ago

Some of the folks at my gym like this place and I'm wondering if anyone on this board has been yet? ----- The Kona Crisp 24341 Magic Mountain Pkwy, Santa Clarita, CA 91355

new college student in Santa Clarita???

by Jennyspaghetti 11 years ago

Just moved here from Arizona, and was wondering if there are any great places up in Santa Clarita!? I have a car, so I can also go into hollywood and the surrounding area, but I'm looking for somet...

Good World Cup viewing restaurants in Santa Clarita

by Aprilcita 11 years ago

Help! Desperately searching for good lunch spots with bar to watch World Cup games in Santa Clarita Valley. A beer is a must and good food is a DEFINITE!

Super Bowl Viewing Spots - Newhall/Santa Clarita?

by WildSwede 12 years ago

My mom's cousin is here from Norway and it is the first time he will be here for Super Bowl and he is very excited. My mom has a small 13-inch TV and I was thinking we should go somewhere else to ...

Grill Kabob - a Good find in Santa Clarita

by LisaN 15 years ago

I've been to Grill Kabob 3 or 4 times now, and each time the food has been excellent. They have Kabobs and salads. They have beef and chicken kabobs. Haven't tried the beef yet, but the chi...