Santa Barbara

15 Destinations to Get Your Wine Fix on the Central Coast of California

It’s been nearly two decades since “Sideways” put the Central Coast wine scene on the map, but like a fine pinot noir, the area has only improved over the years. There are dozens of spots between chic...

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PCH 1 from SF to Santa Barbara Restaurant Recommendations help!

by ajetj4 3 years ago

My boyfriend and I are driving from SF to Santa Barbara and we are in need of some yummy restaurant recommendations. We are staying the night in Monterey and also in Santa Barbara. We are going a...

New McConnell's on State Street (Santa Barbara)

by manku 6 years ago

A few months ago, I wrote about my disappointing visit to McConnell's in SB... This weekend, I was up in SB again and a new, swanky McConnell's has opened up on State Street (across from Mall).....

Chowhound favorites in Santa Barbara?

by poot 3 years ago

I'll be in Santa Maria for the big wine tasting at Au Bon Climat and hope to have a good meal or two in Santa Barbara. What are the favorite spots of hounds? I am not looking for fancy, but a place...

Private chef in Ojai or Santa Barbara area

by waferthin 3 years ago

Hi - I'm looking for a private chef for a friends reunion/birthday weekend in Ojai in April. The meals don't have to be formal, in fact we're looking for something relatively simple and rustic. Ou...

Chowhounds from the east in Carpinteria

by curioussheridan 3 years ago

We are spending a week in Carpinteria in February, and looking for pleasant places with good flavorful food for both lunch and dinner in this friendly town. Fish is always good, ethnic Vietnamese,...

Large scale take out options for party

by WSfoodie 3 years ago

We are hosting a small party (15-20 people) for a family birthday. We were excited to order and serve Buena Onda's wonderful empanadas and salad to our guests. Unfortunately, we just learned they a...

Santa Barbara: Wildwood Kitchen

by glbtrtr 4 years ago

So much to like about this new restaurant Wildwood Kitchen on East Haley Street (Funk Zone) in Santa Barbara, from the Juliene folks who set the highest standard for creative casual cuisine in this...

Julienne's closing in SB

by macdog 3 years ago

Just got an email from the owner/chef saying that Julienne's will be essentially shutting down on Nov 12. He'll still do some special dinners in the space until the restaurant is sold. He says he w...

Anyone try Yoichis yet?

by WSfoodie 3 years ago

I am hearing good things about Yoichis (kaiseki japanese). Has anyone in the Chow community been? I am intrigued. I am hoping it lives up to the hype and can get enough action to stay in business.

Rori's Artisanal Creamery - Montecito & Santa Barbara

by Servorg 6 years ago

I did a search and didn't turn up any mention of Rori's Artisanal Creamery http://www.rorisartisanalcreamery.com/home/ in the database. Anyone have any experience with their ice cream? Supposedly...

Santa Barbara - Annual Greek Festival - late July/early August

by glbtrtr 4 years ago

43rd Annual Greek Festival has now come and gone, good as ever. All volunteer effort run by the members of the local Greek Orthodox Church with all the traditional Greek specialties that seem to g...

Thoughts on Santa Barbara choices

by Property manager 4 years ago

We will be visiting Santa Barbara in the next few weeks and have selected these choices. We like creative, good food, and nice atmosphere. Our selections: Trattoria Mollie The Stonehouse The...

Santa Barbara Anniversary Dinner - advice please!

by stephendLA 4 years ago

Hi All – first post here. I’m surprising my girlfriend with a trip to Santa Barbara this weekend for her birthday and our 2 year anniversary. I have reservations at both Bouchon and San Ysidro ...

Chowdown 1/14/16 La Simpatia--Guadalupe CA

toodie jane
by toodie jane 4 years ago

In northern Santa Barbara county, a few miles west of Santa Maria, the historic town of Guadalupe sits along Coast Route One. Vegetable farms surround the town and semi trucks haul the area's lush...

2 nights in Santa Barbara...

by tachbrook82 4 years ago

My husband and I doing a whistle stop tour from SF to LA via coast. Planning to do 2 nights SB 2 nights LA. If we only have a few days… where to eat? Thinking of staying at Canary in SB, Marmont...

LA SIMPATIA RETURNS! Historic Guadalupe restaurant nears its opening date

by OldJalamaMama 4 years ago

La Simpatia, Guadalupe's oldest downtown restaurant, is set to reopen after what feels like "eternity" to owner Rosa Quiroga. http://santamariatimes.com/news/local/historic-guadalupe-restaurant-...

Trip Report: Carmel to Santa Barbara (along hwy 1)

by taarfirion 4 years ago

Hi, Recently did a 6 day road trip down Central Coast, using many of your suggestions from Chowhound, so i thought I report back on my experiences. We started in SF bay area, first stop (food...

West LA & Santa Barbara

by waylman 5 years ago

Hi all - My wife and I are coming down to LA from Vancouver at the end of July. I'm looking for a couple of good dinner rec's in LA and Santa Barbara. We ate at Craft years ago and loved it. St...

Looking for Great food (and romantic) in Santa Barbara

by ktgweb 4 years ago

Looking for a restaurant for our 10th wedding anniversary in Santa Barbara. Great food is a must. Romantic atmosphere a plus. Restaurants we love in LA: Luques, Laurel Hardware, Osteria Mozza, J...

Quick Santa Barbara trip review

by pioneer 4 years ago

We came for four days; on the Urban Wine Trail we visited- Au Bon Climat, Kunin Winery, The Valley Project. We bought wine at Kunin and Au Bon Climat. The wine at Au bon Climat was so good that we ...