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Here's your Santa Ana food scene update: Chowhounds chat about openings, closings, and the best places to hit while you're in town.

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Italian near Santa Ana

by zelucifer 6 years ago

Any suggestions for Italian cuisine (not pizzeria), bordering on fine dining? Trying to get one of my friends to expand his horizons beyond spaghetti and meatballs. I'd love a place to get a good f...

Pop's Cafe in Santa Ana ???

by kevin 6 years ago

Did someone happen to mention that Pop's is really really really great for chicken fried steak, or am I just dreaming ? Also, does Pann's happen to have and make a good one ? Also, I'm on a P...

Coffee house or deli - Santa Ana

by TLW2000 7 years ago

Need to find coffee house/restaurant for casual meeting near John Wayne Airport and the bike trail to review some files. Not familiar with the area, so not sure where exactly the bike trail is. A...

Hot Pickled Onions at Baja Fish Santa Ana [Recipe Request moved to Home Cooking]

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 7 years ago

If you know how these onions are pickled, please let Kraut know here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/861842#7505225

Pop's Cafe in Santa Ana

by kevin 7 years ago

I think someone mentioned that this supposedly classic breakfast joint, that looks like it hasn't changed a bit from the Norman Rockwell era, has some great breakfast, correct ? It may have been...

$14 burger at the Playground in Santa Ana

by kevin 7 years ago

I went there once and had a couple of dishes and wasn't impressed at all, it sure felt like they were going after the dishes or style of dishes served at animal or maybe son of a gun, but watered d...

Goods Eats in Santa Ana?

by kevin 7 years ago

Where's good on the scene? To make it easier, I already got some Mexican joints, Memphis in the artist's district, and Gypsy Den on lock down. But where is good? Is Ruth's Place any good? S...

Sit Down Mexican in Santa Ana, or other Orange County cities?

by Calvinist 8 years ago

We'll be staying in Irvine for a week visiting family, the beach and Disneyland. When we lived there 20 years ago we used to eat at a couple of Mexican places in Santa Ana, La Perla and La Costa (L...

Eats near Santiago Park area of Santa Ana

by georgempavlov 8 years ago

Hey Gang, We just bought a new house and will be moving very soon to the Santiago Park area of Santa Ana--this community, for those of you who may not be familiar with it, is directly east of Fl...

Chapter One:, Santa Ana gastropub

by josephnl 8 years ago

Just heard about this new gastropub in Santa Ana's Artist's Village. Has anyone been? How was it?

Fresh Churros in Costa Mesa/Santa Ana

by cdmedici 8 years ago

We are having a Mexican themed party this Friday and want to serve fresh churros. Does anyone know were there available in Costa Mesa ideally. I am willing to head down to Santa Ana if need be.

Tacos al pastor in Santa Ana

by adamclyde 9 years ago

I've been loving the proximity to very good mexican in Santa Ana since moving back. One thing i haven't seemed to find yet, though, is really good tacos al pastor in Santa Ana proper. I've tried a ...

Lunch in Tustin/Santa Ana

by ocshooter 9 years ago

Headed out to lunch with my boss tomorrow for my review. He gave me free reign on where we go - to an extent. Marche Moderne is too far, too expensive, and too long, and Black Sheep Bistro would ...

Costa Mesa-NB-Santa Ana -- "Pack to travel"

by Joey 14 years ago

Here's an offbeat question.... on an upcoming Sunday at about 1 PM, I will fly from John Wayne Airport to my current home on the East Coast on two meal-less flights, with a very quick connection ...

Shabu Shabu Bar - Santa Ana - A Review With VIDEO

by elmomonster 9 years ago

To see the VIDEO, click: http://elmomonster.blogspot.com/2010/06/shabu-shabu-bar-santa-ana.html If you have already made up your mind about shabu shabu, i.e. you don't buy into it because of one...

Tamales between HB and Santa Ana?

by adamclyde 9 years ago

In town for a few weeks again and, as always, I'm enjoying schlepping around and finding early-morning tamales around the Huntington Beach-Santa Ana area. I realized I first made a query on thi...

Siam Taste of Asia - Santa Ana - Review With Photos

by elmomonster 9 years ago

PHOTOS: http://elmomonster.blogspot.com/2010/02/siam-taste-of-asia-santa-ana.html If every tofu tasted like those from Siam Taste of Asia, we'd see an immediate surge in soy bean futures. Don't ...