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Here's your Santa Ana food scene update: Chowhounds chat about openings, closings, and the best places to hit while you're in town.
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4th Street Market | Santa Ana - Orange County

by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

My visit to 4th Street Market earlier this month was much too brief. I did manage to check out Electric City Butcher ...

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Alta Baja | 4th Street Market - Santa Ana

by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

My final stop at the Fourth Street Market was at Alta Baja, a combination cafe, grocery store and michelada bar. I ru...

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Falasophy | 4th Street Market - Santa Ana

by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

Earlier this month I had a chance to grab a bite at Falasophy's brick-and-mortar counter at the 4th Street Market in ...

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Electric City Butcher | 4th Street Market - Alta Baja - Santa Ana

by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

In search of grassfed beef soup bones, a friend pointed me to Electric City Butcher in Santa Ana, said to be Orange C...

Taco Tuesday in the Irvine/Tustin/Costa Mesa/Santa Ana area?

by elmomonster 11 years ago

Any Taco Tuesdays worth trying in the Irvine/Tustin/Costa Mesa/Santa Ana area? I've had Arribas (both at the Unive...


bodybygravy commented 1 year ago

First time LA/Anaheim/Santa Ana , need some recs please!

by rayzer 2 years ago

Hello fellow Chowhounders, It's been like over 25 years since I last been to LA so I'm sure alot has changed. Will...


rayzer commented 2 years ago

Rabbit in OC markets?

by OCEllen 2 years ago

Where can one frequently find whole cut up rabbit in Santa Ana, Tustin, Orange stores?

OCEllen commented 2 years ago

Vietnamese food in Little Saigon vs. SGV

by feed_the_pig 2 years ago

After eating at several restaurants in the Little Saigon area, I have to say the SGV Vietnamese food scene (Rosemead,...

barryc commented 2 years ago

Khao Soi at Noodle Tramp (Santa Ana)

by feed_the_pig 3 years ago

Has anyone had the khao soi at Noodle Tramp in Santa Ana? Any thoughts about it? Noodle Tramp is a food stall insi...


js76wisco commented 3 years ago

Mil Jugos (Santa Ana)

by ipsedixit 3 years ago

Do you like cachapas? I do. And now I know where to get my fix. Tried the jamon and the carne machada (aka r...

groover808 commented 3 years ago

Best lunch in Costa Mesa/Irvine/Santa Ana for under $10

by js76wisco 4 years ago

Pie Not + Sidecar Donuts - I dont have many comparisons to pie not but the crusts are buttery and flakey. The fill...


bringiton commented 3 years ago

Fantastic Chorizo: Ochoa's Chorizo in Anaheim & Santa Ana

by adamclyde 4 years ago

Stumbled on this place while driving around Anaheim today. I did a quick search and didn't see any mentions here yet,...

adamclyde commented 3 years ago

Solo Dining Late Night @ The Playground (Santa Ana)

by chrishei 4 years ago

First of all, is this a good idea? Purely tentative at the moment - I'm driving back to LA from SD on Friday night (p...


chrishei commented 4 years ago

Santa Ana TONIGHT! Help!

by whiner 4 years ago

Hello. I need a good, casual place in or near Santa Ana for dinner tonight. Fresh fish options a strong strong positi...

JAB commented 4 years ago

Santa Ana need rec

by SIMIHOUND 4 years ago

Meeting someone in Santa Ana for early dinner on Sunday. He is staying at the Holiday Inn @2726 Grand. I have no clue...


kevin commented 4 years ago

Santa Ana - Lunch Options (near Discovery Science Center)

by Obessed 4 years ago

Any recommendations for lunch near the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana? Walking distance preferred. And it need...


Obessed commented 4 years ago

Italian near Santa Ana

by zelucifer 5 years ago

Any suggestions for Italian cuisine (not pizzeria), bordering on fine dining? Trying to get one of my friends to expa...

Dirtywextraolives commented 5 years ago

Pop's Cafe in Santa Ana ???

by kevin 5 years ago

Did someone happen to mention that Pop's is really really really great for chicken fried steak, or am I just dreaming...


Norm Man commented 5 years ago