San Sebastian


Please help with 4 day San Sebastian - Bordeaux food trip

by arturchik 11 days ago

Please help with recommendations in both Spanish and French Basque country. I am not looking for 2-3 star restaurants, but rather more "casual" yet memorable restaurants. We are going to be trave...

Here is my restaurant list for a trip to San Sebastian: Comments?

PH Rodgers
by PH Rodgers 10 months ago

My wife and I plan to return to San Sebastian in late November. We will have five days. Here is my current thinking about where we should reserve for our major meals (typically lunch); Day One...

Bordeaux, San Sebastian, and surroundings trip report

by damiano 21 days ago

I just returned from a visit to Bordeaux (France), the area around Libourne, San Sebastian (Spain) and its surrounding villages. Restaurant recommendations came from Chowhound, google, tripadvisor ...

I've done my research and now need help on first time trip to Spain, March 2019, Barcelona, San Sebastian/Bilbao, and Madrid o

by johnmart11 7 months ago

We are planning the trip for the middle two weeks in March. We are pretty adventurous in our culinary adventures. I do not drink alcohol but that is our only restriction. I am looking to have a sp...

Tapas / Pintxos for Dinner in Barcelona & San Sebastian

by nlight 5 months ago

My wife and 1 year old and I are going to Barcelona and San Sebastián this coming October. We love eating tapas for dinner and going to markets for delicious and casual lunches. So here’s our ask. ...

San Sebastian area for a rustic and simple wedding dinner

by larsmars 4 months ago

My fiance and I have decided to have a wedding party (instead of a big wedding) with our best friends in the San Sebastian area. The Basque country is fantastic, a large part of the group surfs, an...

San Sebastián and Bilbao trip report (Aug, Oct 2018)

by synecdochehk 8 months ago

Hi all, first time poster here, yet I have drawn many restaurant ideas from lurking in this forum in the past, and would love to start contributing some. Given my limited exposure to food, I would ...

Thinking about a Feb. 2019 trip to Spain

by smiles33 1 year ago

We are a family of 4 (including 9 and 12 year old daughters) that loves to eat and plans our vacations around what we eat. We've never been to Spain and are trying to figure out an itinerary for th...

Bilbao / San Sebastian: best restaurants apart from the "usual suspects"?

by kai.m 5 years ago

Hi, we plan a trip to the Bilbao/San Sebastian region and want to visit some great restaurants. We read alot about places like Arzak, Akellare, Mugaritz, Azurmendi, Extebarri etc - but in the cate...

A few days in Bilbao & San Sebastian

by turbowine 1 year ago

Had the chance to hop the water from London to Bilbao for a few days recently. Arrived on a Monday morning. Unfortunately, a lot of fining dining is closed on Monday, but we discovered Eneko Bilbao...

40th birthday in San Sebastian - where to eat?

by Jason_King 1 year ago

It's my first time in San Sebastian and I'm going to be celebrating my 40th birthday there. I'd like to visit somewhere special. I do have a fancy for the whimsical and fanciful, care about nice an...

Food from Toulouse to San Sebastian

by RickBehl 1 year ago

Hi fellow foodies, just wanted to get some advice about a trip my family will be embarking on in about 6 weeks. We will be flying into Toulouse and out of Biarritz 6 days later. Our current plan is...

Need one more dinner in San Sebastian

by LABeam 2 years ago

Going to be in San Sebastian for a few days. Day #1 - Casa Urola Day #2 - Pintxos "crawl" Day #3 - Akelarre Day #4 - need a plan Appreciate all suggestions! Looking for something that is ...

Quick Spanish Trip Report

by turbowine 2 years ago

Seems like these discussion forums are dying lately. I'll do my best to help keep them limping along.... Trip report from Spain in May. Not a lot of time here, just passing through between Portu...

Trip Report: San Sebastian and Surrounding Areas

by JohnTalbotWannabe 3 years ago

We recently spent time in some of the basque region of Spain, and to a lesser extent, France. Thank you to the many of you whose posts on this forum helped us immensely. Our food-related notes fo...

Picky, Unadventurous Eater in San Sebastian

by glsebs 8 years ago

We will be in San Sebastian three nights in June. My husband will eat anything, but I am very unadventurous. I looked at the menus of the restaurants we were recommended such as Bodegon Alejandro...

Last minute Barcelona and San Sebastian trip - I'm hungry!

by orenshapiro 2 years ago

Hello - My wife and I just booked a last-minute trip to Barcelona and San Sebastian. 5 nights in Barca starting the 27th of May, and then 4 nights in SS starting June 1st. While we are li...

Sideria Near San Sebastian

by LarzKe 2 years ago

Hi, I am looking for a Sideria near San Sebastian that can be reached by public transit or taxi. We are hoping to have lunch one day this August. I know it is not truly cider season but was hopi...

Casual/traditional San Sebastian restaurants

by TrulyMiss 2 years ago

I'm looking for recommendations for more relaxed, good restaurants in San Sebastian. By way of example, our favourite last time was Bodegon Alejandro - great food and interesting but not weird for ...

San Sebastián Redux

PH Rodgers
by PH Rodgers 2 years ago

We are in the middle of a visit to San Sebastián, having just worked our way through two of four planned major meals, arranged with the help of the extraordinary concierge staff at the Hotel Maria ...