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Royal Frank San Rafael

by Sixy beast 16 years ago

Thanks to a discovery by "Mad Russian" back in November, myself and Fred have enjoyed a few very cheap lunches at Royal Frank. I took some pics on my last visit, read the same report via the link a...

Tomoe - Japanese in San Rafael

by trellos 16 years ago

Somebody below mentioned Tomoe in San Rafael for their Ramen. I have to second this. In an area full of crappy Japanese places that drown salad in mayo, have full menus of sushi without a single ra...

Rice Table, San Rafael

by Fine 16 years ago

Has anyone been here in recent times? I imagine it's been 30 years since I last was.

Seafood and Pasta Kitchen - Anderson Drive - San Rafael - Marin

by Sixy Beast 16 years ago

{Find a link to the same article, illustrated with photographs, at the bottom of the page) 783 Anderson Drive, San Rafael, Marin, CA Fans of the now defunct Pronto Pasta hidden on an ugly littl...

Pronto Pasta reopened today as "Seafood and Pasta Kitchen", San Rafael

by Sixy Beast 16 years ago

Quick note: At last, the new owner had reopened Larger menu, but still incorporating some of Franco's dishes. More appetizers, especially seafood, several salad choices New! - side dishes Many more...

The Royal Frankfurter in San Rafael (entirely too short)

by Mad Russian 16 years ago

It must be a unique pleasure of living in the Bay Area to stumble into some idiosyncratic little place with an inadvertent cultural-mélange menu unlike any other. One such must be Royal Frankfurter...

Las Camelias in San Rafael (long)

by Mad Russian 16 years ago

I am back after a lengthy absence, all thanks to the impression that this little delight of a restaurant made on me. Here I was, thinking that nothing of real interest is left unsampled in the Bay ...

Breakfast in San Rafael

by Sharuf 16 years ago

Per a breakfast recommendation below, I stopped by Theresa and Johnny's on Fourth St, a few doors W. of Lincoln. I had their daily special of pancakes with raspberries and chocolate. The pancakes...

lunch in San Rafael

by oaxaca90049 16 years ago

We are looking for an informal but great place to have lunch in or near San Rafael. We'll be driving from the airport in Oakland.

Pronto Pasta, San Rafael, Marin, CA

by Sixy Beast 16 years ago

783 Anderson Drive, San Rafael, Marin, CA Pronto Pasta News: The word now is that Pronto Pasta will not close as initially reported (by me, on this board). Additional information since given to m...

Pronto Pasta, San Rafael

by Sixy Beast 16 years ago

783 Anderson Drive I have just heard from colleagues that the charming Italian owners of Pronto Pasta are closing up in about a month and a half and leaving the country. This restaurant is in a...

Bombay Garden in San Rafael Lunch Buffet

by Sharuf 16 years ago

Heard good reports about this place, so I made a reconnaisance run. It's a regular storefront space with a long rectangular room - not the most inspiring architecture. They did a nice classy job...

Bombay Garden San Rafael

by gumbolox 16 years ago

Late on Saturday, just as they were closing(9:30), my wife and I made our first visit to the new Bombay Garden in San Rafael. We had not been to their other locations, but had heard good things ab...

Downtown San Rafael Recs?

by hamachihil 16 years ago

We're moving from this 'burb back to good ol' SF in 10 days time. We'll be eating probably our last meal out tonight, any thoughts about a moderately priced restaurant that doesn't feel like you'r...

Pakistani/Afghani food in the San Rafael area?

by mpong 16 years ago

Can anyone recommend a place for authentic Pakistani/Afghani food in the San Rafael area? Thanks!

San Rafael’s New York by the Bay Deli?

by Melanie Wong 16 years ago

This small deli next to the discount gas place has been around for a handful of years. I’d noticed it when getting cash at Citibank across the street. Recently I stopped in for an egg cream. The...

Lee's In San Rafael

by Andrew Langer 16 years ago

Thank you to those who recommended Lee's House of Chinese (that's the name, right?) in San Rafael. On the last night of my Bay Area stay, my folks were in the mood for some chinese food, and rath...

Vietnamese in San Rafael

by Annepr 16 years ago

Has anyone tried Paradise Vietnamese Restaurant on 4th St. in San Rafael? I've passed it many times, but haven't gone in. I go up to the Vietnamese place in Petaluma (forget the name)as often as I ...

Good Ethnic in San Rafael and Nearby

by Smitty from Oregon 16 years ago

I am coming down to have myself shot up with radiation at Stanford and this Board has proven wonderful for gleaning stellar eating suggestions in the South Bay and environs. But it looks like I h...

Ramen @ Tomoe Japanese Restaurant, San Rafael

by Melanie Wong 16 years ago

Intrigued by “fredinski’s” recommendation for the salty Tokyo-style ramen at Tomoe, last week I called the restaurant at dinner hour as I was passing through to see if they might have an order of t...

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