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Anyone remember "pierre" Wah Yen in San Mateo? Know where they went?

by married4gd 4 years ago

It's been 20 years and I still crave their pressed duck, cashew chicken and chow mein as well as many other dishes. D...


jrwooglin commented 15 days ago

Moving to San Mateo - any recs on restos & markets?

by yehfromthebay 7 years ago

I'm moving to San Mateo from SF in a month and would love recommendations for restaurants & markets in San Mateo. We...


frellis commented 1 month ago

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Organic Citrus Grown by Ken's Top Notch Produce | Marina & San Mateo

by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

Only two food farmers at the Sunday farmers market in Marina this morning vending in the rain and wind. I'm glad I sh...

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Velo City Pizza in San Mateo

by Melanie Wong 10 months ago

According to a friend, Velo City Pizza in San Mateo had its grand opening today. It opened softly about a week ago. A...

Good Informal Seafood Restaurant in the Peninsula?

by VanessaItalyinSF 11 months ago

I LOVE Fish. in Sausalito, and was wondering where I can find seafood of similar quality here in the Peninsula... do ...

Melanie Wong commented 11 months ago

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Usagi Yoshoku-ya in San Mateo

by Melanie Wong 11 months ago

Last week another chowhound and I met for a quick dinner at Usagi, a yoshoku-style restaurant in San Mateo. A first t...

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Tacos al Vapor Nueva Italia | San Mateo

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Last week I escaped the back up on northbound 101 by exiting in San Mateo. I thought I'd grab a bite to eat in the do...

Great Superbowl Catering on Peninsula?

by cmtuegel 1 year ago

Will make a couple things for game day, but looking for some great spots to pick up some awesome grub. I'm in San Mat...


ML8000 commented 1 year ago

Upscale Japanese Sushi - Kappa? Kusakabe? Wakuriya?

by abypmua90 1 year ago

This will be my first time going to San Francisco and I don't know when the next time I will be back. Therefore, I am...


SeaEagle commented 1 year ago

Check Please Bay Area: Kingston II Cuisine (Oakland); 31st Union (San Mateo); The Campton Place (SF)

by hhc 1 year ago

I'd like to hear from the hounds any recent reviews of these places I saw on Check Please BA: Kingston II Cuisine (O...

barleywino commented 1 year ago

Sushi Yoshizumi in San Mateo

by expo 2 years ago

any one try this new place in San Mateo? http://sushiyoshizumi.com/ looks like the chef was formerly executive ...


marilees commented 1 year ago

Chowdown: Mao Family Cooking, San Mateo

by Peter Yee 7 years ago

A group of seven hounds were lucky enough to enjoy a chowdown organized by the gracious Victoria Liang at The Noodle ...

hyperbowler commented 1 year ago

BonChon Chicken, San Mateo

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Chowhound foodnut8 posted a video review of the new BonChon Chicken in San Mateo. Other opinions of the food? B...

bbulkow commented 1 year ago

Where to Find Fresh Rice Noodles in the Peninsula

by bluetomatoes 1 year ago

I've seen a couple of threads that mention places in SF to buy fresh rice noodles, but can't seem to find any for the...


goodeatsgal commented 1 year ago

Baltica (San Mateo)

by hyperbowler 2 years ago

In what must be a first for the Bay Area, Baltica offers a full Russian/Eastern European menu alongside a Filipino me...

Cynsa commented 1 year ago

Has anyone ever been to The Gourmet Corner in San Mateo?

by Enric 7 years ago

I get their e mails all the time, is it worth making the trip to San Mateo from walnut Creek? ----- The Gourmet Corn...

...tm... commented 1 year ago

Kitchentown (San Mateo)

by hyperbowler 2 years ago

The former Anna's Danish butter factory has an adjoining bakery and cafe open from Tuesdays-Sundays from 9am-4pm. The...

intomeat commented 1 year ago

Fresh Ramen Noodles?

by yehfromthebay 1 year ago

Does anyone know where I can buy fresh ramen, preferably near San Mateo (but I'm also willing to travel elsewhere)? ...


Prabhakar Ragde commented 1 year ago

100% sweet cafe & Yunnan mixian (San Mateo)

by hyperbowler 1 year ago

Hong Kong chain 100% Sweet Cafe, which also has a place on Clement in SF now has a Yunnan mixian noodle menu. The man...

soupçon commented 1 year ago