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Find the best food in San Jose: Ask Chowhounds about everything from hidden banh mi spots to the ideal restaurant itinerary for a quick visit.

This Hidden San Jose Ice Cream Factory Is a Treat, Literally

For those who live in San Jose, you may have tasted the unassuming Treat ice cream without knowing much about its mission and origin. A scoop of the delicious indulgence is a no-frills dessert experience...

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Fresh Raw chicken wings

by Redstagredd 2 years ago

My husband wants to make homemade buffalo wings and we're looking for a good place to buy fresh raw wings in or around San Jose. Probably looking to buy a few dozen at a time. Suggestions?

Let’s go look at Whole Foods’ new discounts

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

" . . . The special Amazon discounts, which started across the chain for the first time today, were the ones marked with the little orange-colored stickers. And while these were outnumbered probabl...

Eating the Ban

by slyc 2 years ago

I've come across a couple lists of places to "eat the ban", i.e., restaurants serving cuisine from the seven Muslim ban countries. Examples: http://trumpisfascist.com/eattheban/ for NY and http://w...

Thien Huong Sandwiches & Bakery, San Jose

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 years ago

Recently I noticed the “grand opening” banner flying on the former location of L’Amour des Baguettes. This week I had a chance to return to check out the new occupant, Thien Huong Sandwiches & Bak...

Best scones in South Bay

by frostingfriends 2 years ago

I made homemade blackberry jam and I'm looking for the best scones between San Jose and Palo Alto. Any recommendations on great scones?

They say it's "Beef"?

by shejwang 2 years ago

I need some help here. A Szechuan restaurant here in San Jose has a dish with a delicious flavor called "Beef Stew". I don't know enough about meat cuts to know WHAT it is, but I've never had be...

Hing Lung in San Jose?

by Mul 2 years ago

Looks like from Yelp review, there has been a reincarnation of Hing Lung from SF in San Jose. One of the picture on Yelp shows the old Hing Lung sign in SF Chinatown placed on their window. Has...

san jose recommendations

by dacfood 5 years ago

Hi. I'll be in San Jose (Convention Center area). I'd appreciate any recommendations in that immediate area (within a mile or 2) or easy to get to off the rail (no car). I'm interested in great foo...

Jian Bing & Hebei Homestyle Cooking @ Jenny's Kitchen | San Jose

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Jenny's Kitchen is a small storefront selling Chinese take-out from a steam table, an array of flatbreads, frozen dumplings and more, such as the elusive jianbing The owner, Jenny, hails from Hebei...

Sargoni's Restaurant: Assyrian & Mediterranean in San Jose?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

Ran across a mention of this place on C'est Si Bon Bakery's FB page. Sargoni's describes itself as Assyrian and Mediterranean Cuisine on its website, but does not provide a menu. Who can tell us...

Takeout Burmese food (specifically tea salad) in San Jose?

by walkie74 2 years ago

Hey folks, I'm trying to find the above. I'm sure regular restaurants will allow to go orders,but if anyone knows of any food stalls, etc. that would be great. Any suggestions?

McDonald's test marketing snow crab sando

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

The Merc reviews the $8.99 snow crab sandwich that McD's is currently testing at four South Bay locations in San Jose and Santa Clara. If successful, it will be rolled out to the Greater Bay Area. ...

Banh Mi Thit Nuong at Thanh Huong Sandwich (Senter Road, San Jose)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 years ago

Thanh Huong Sandwich on Senter Road in San Jose has been recommended for its banh mi for ages on this board as a favorite of South Bay ‘hounds. I finally got around to trying it and there’s go...

Is there any Aburi Oshi sushi in SF Bay Area?

by MilkEater 2 years ago

I first sampled a variety of aburi oshi sushi (they are not nigiri but they aren't rolls either, call them bricks?) in Vancouver's Minami. Granted, it's not exactly traditional, but I loved it. Was...

Jewish Delicatessen San Jose Area

by Kay Frutchey 15 years ago

PLEASE help I need a good fix of pastrami, Ruebens, matzo ball soup, whitefish platters. Where is one within a 15 mile radius of San Jose, Ca?

Chef Z's | Chongqing & Kunming in West San Jose

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Chef Z's opened this spring, taking over the food court venue from Sichuan Chili (http://www.chowhound.com/post/sichuan-chili-chowdown-report-san-jose-1011497 ). The current owner-chef, who came ou...

Viet Restaurants Named After Their Specialty

by buhnard 2 years ago

Visiting from Chicago and was looking for a way to narrow down the Vietnamese places to visit in San Jose. Decided on the following: I'll only be visiting places with their specialty item in their ...

My Khe Quan Hue | Little Saigon - San Jose

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

After nearly ten years, I was back at My Khe Que in San Jose's Little Saigon for lunch this week. http://www.chowhound.com/post/khe-quan-hue-san-jose-637706?commentId=5353816 Banh It Ram, $3.9...

San Jose - L & F Fish Market – Amazing Salted Fish

by Krys 14 years ago

This little fish market usually has about a dozen of varieties of salted fish that they make themselves. From huge slabs of salted fish to tiny fish buried in diamond-like crystals of salt. On m...

Snow Ice at QQQ Tea in San Jose

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

While our lunch at Szechwan Chilli was not fiery enough to burn a hole in my tummy, something cold to follow up still sounded very appealing especially on this hot day. After some recon at cross-to...