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This Hidden San Jose Ice Cream Factory Is a Treat, Literally

For those who live in San Jose, you may have tasted the unassuming Treat ice cream without knowing much about its mission and origin. A scoop of the delicious indulgence is a no-frills dessert experience...

Shalala Deli in Fugetsu Market - San Jose

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

Shalala Deli opened yesterday as a grab-and-go prepared food counter in Fugetsu Market in San Jose in the shopping center with Mitsuwa. Initial menu includes Onigiri, Fried Chicken, Tempura, small ...

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Cha Siu @ Huong Lan #1, San Jose

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 12 years ago

Until recently, my experience with Huong Lan Sandwich has been limited to the Newark location from my days of working in Fremont. Now I've stopped at Huong Lan's original branch on Tully Road near...

Tuna Poke @ Santo Market Island Deli | San Jose Japantown

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

Taking note of the poke shops cropping up, looks like Hawaiian-inspired seafood poke is the up and coming trend. This week I ignored the newcomers and went old school visiting Santo Market (since 1...

Where do you buy bulls penis and testicles? (Serious)

by beeflover1 7 months ago

Where is your go-to butcher / supermarket for weird foods and animal offals? I'm looking for bulls penis and testicles or any particular animal (Lamb, Goat, Pig/Pork, Chicken). I'm from the Bay are...

Where to buy beef hearts in Silicon Valley area?

by beeflover1 7 months ago

Where could I buy beef hearts, one that are cut open, inspected and cleaned by the butcher? I've looked at a few asian supermarkets and couldn't find any. Although, I did come across this odd looki...

Danbi Korean | San Jose

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 9 months ago

In September the furiously bubbling seafood soondubu jjigae at Danbi Korean Restaurant was just the right preflight lunch ticket before my bro dropped me off at SJC. A first time for both of us, he...

Powers Gourmet To Go in San Jose/Saratoga? 1980s-1990s

by lindseyebeth 3 years ago

Extremely long time lurker, first time poster here looking for some help! There was once a small deli/catering establishment called Powers Gourmet To Go on Prospect and Lawrence Expressway in Westg...

Bakers Against Racism - Silicon Valley, June 15-20

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 10 months ago

More than 2,500 bakers across the country and internationally have registered for the Bakers Against Racism bake sale to be held June 15 to 20. https://www.today.com/food/pastry-chefs-create-gian...

Where to buy Fresh/frozen grass/organic fed liver?

by beeflover1 11 months ago

Where can I buy Fresh or frozen grass fed calf/beef liver on the silicon Valley area?

Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker Join Forces on Bill to Ban Most Factory Farming by 2040

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 11 months ago

" . . . The Farm System Reform Act would prohibit new large factory farms from going into business and force others to cease expansions before halting operations entirely within two decades. Warren...

Sad news: Lou's Living Donut Museum (San Jose) to close

by Carb Lover 15 years ago

On the front page of the Mercury News this morning (see link). Lou's has been in business since 1955 and is closing at the end of this month due to family illness. A loyal customer may continue to ...

Weee! for online ordering & delivery of Asian groceries?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 12 months ago

Has anyone tried Weee! for Asian grocery delivery? Headquartered in Fremont, it shows the SF Bay Area, Sacramento, Seattle and now in Los Angeles as its service areas. https://www.facebook.c...

CSAs serving Santa Clara County that are accepting sign-ups

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 12 months ago

The Santa Clara County Food System Alliance put together this list of Community Supported Agriculture programs that serve Santa Clara County/Silicon Valley. I don't have any personal experience wit...

Good Eats Grocery Services (South Bay, coming soon to East Bay & Peninsula)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 12 months ago

So this one's a cold call, I can't find much of anything about this new company other than its own webpage and FB page. Still, the range of fresh and packaged Asian food stuffs, customer service in...

Mount Hamilton Grand View Restaurant produce boxes & meal kit delivery, San Jose

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 12 months ago

Mount Hamilton Grand View Restaurant is offering fresh vegetable and herb boxes from its own garden. The vegetable boxes, as well as butcher boxes for grilling, pasta meal kits or just the Grand Vi...

Butcher/Meat Market in San Jose CA/Western US Mail order?

by was_bk 1 year ago

I'd like to send a gift of "quality" steaks to a friend in San Jose, CA. By "quality", I mean the flavor exceeds or at least matches the price point. Taste is paramount, grade, grass-fed, corn...

They say it's "Beef"?

by shejwang 4 years ago

I need some help here. A Szechuan restaurant here in San Jose has a dish with a delicious flavor called "Beef Stew". I don't know enough about meat cuts to know WHAT it is, but I've never had be...