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FYI: ranch 99 now in alhambra - soft opened this week

by barryc 4 years ago

replacing the ralphs on main in the same mall as the arby's east of garfield. a few special items on sale (like strawberries at $.79/lb & pork belly at $2.19/lb & what looked like sashimi grade sal...

ISO best Kung Pao Chicken in SGV 2015

by brubrubites 4 years ago

I used to go to Duck House Monterey Park for my Kung Pao fix but ever since their chef left in the end of 2014 it's never been the same. Anyone knows where the chef went? (Yes, he deserves a follow...

Vegetarian Chinese in the Western SGV - Some Questions

by ElsieDee 5 years ago

Our default has been Vege Paradise, and we love it (whether dining in or doing take out). Had an interesting meal at Bean Sprouts a month or two ago - loved some of the items, others not-so-much (i...

The Times They Are A Changin' in the West San Gabriel Valley--New Bay Seafood Replaced By Happy Table

by Chandavkl 4 years ago

For over 30 years, the site at 203 W.Valley Blvd. in Alhambra has been associated with Cantonese food, and in particular Hong Kong style seafood. Originally home to Jumbo Seafood, and later NYC Ju...

SGV: Hilton Plaza changes, Chongqing, Hwa Ro gone...

by JThur01 4 years ago

Hwa Ro Korean BBQ & Tofu is gone, to be replaced by Chengdu LaoZao Hotpot. Chongqing, according to TonyC one of the OGs of the Sichuan scene in the SGV, looks closed as well. While their signage is...

SGV Changes: Taipei Village replaced by Anu Delicious Food

by JThur01 6 years ago

Lots o' changes & upcoming openings, at least based on my patrol, some of which aren't hot pot or boba places. Taipei Village, the Liang's under another name on Las Tunas in Arcadia is no more, ...

Best Banh Cuon?

by Pei 13 years ago

I'm looking for bahn cuon (banh?), a Vietnamese dish that is a little more exotic than the usual pho, sandwiches, and rice plates. It's a thin transluscent rice flower cake filled with pork, mu...

Party of 10 around sgv

by cartbaby 4 years ago

I've been tasked to find a place after graduation for a large party on a Friday night. The location can be anywhere from ELAC to the west sgv like Monterey Park, Pasadena or Arcadia. It would...

SGV chinese food walk - thoughts?

by narcissisticnonsense 6 years ago

A group of friends and I are going out to SGV this weekend aiming to try as many Chinese restaurants as possible, a couple dishes at a time. (And work on our self-restraint and eating stamina.) ...

Beijing-style dumplings in SGV - Luscious Dumplings, Dumplings 10053, or?

by bulavinaka 11 years ago

What eatery in SGV has their game on right now for Beijing/Mandarin dumplings? Is it the usual suspects, or should we be trying some other place?

SGV: MaMa's Kitchen returns...

by JThur01 5 years ago

Long-time dumpling, noodle, wonton & snack house, MaMa's Kitchen, recently closed in the Alhambra plaza that's home to 101 Noodle House and the bowling alley. Cruising around yesterday, I spotted t...

Where to get A5 wagyu?

by ilykejordans 5 years ago

Anyone know any meat shops or specialty food shops, where I could get A5 wagyu. I am located in the Walnut/Diamond Bar (I am also always around SGV) area so within that radius would be nice, but I ...

Best Vietnamese or Teochew in WSGV

by jessijessi 5 years ago

Looking for recommendations for Vietnamese or Diujiu/chaozhou/teochew in the west San Gabriel valley area. Since it's for my future mother-in-law am looking for delicious and preferably reservation...

Vietnamese food in Little Saigon vs. SGV

by feed_the_pig 5 years ago

After eating at several restaurants in the Little Saigon area, I have to say the SGV Vietnamese food scene (Rosemead, El Monte, San Gabriel) really sucks. The Vietnamese food in the 626 seems t...

SGV: Duke Bakery update (?)

by JThur01 5 years ago

Emphasis on the ? Went by both Duke Bakeries today. The RH location in Diamond Plaza has the shelves and racks visible, while the Arcadia location still has the papered windows. Taped to windows a...

Szechuan Impression, A Photo Story

by TheOffalo 5 years ago

[From http://theoffalo.com/2015/04/szechuan-impression/.] Sichuan cuisine has been on a hot streak (pun intended) in the San Gabriel Valley in the past few years. Chengdu Taste in Alhambra is ...

The SGV sucks

by ipsedixit 5 years ago

Whole place is becoming one big cesspool of boba shops and hot pot joints (of one style or another, mostly one). Sorry, but I'm just having a moment. YMMV.

Spicy in the North SGV, Tomorrow

by jesstifer 5 years ago

I have a New Yorker in town who doesn't know Korean food and "hates Chinese food," but is really only familiar with old school Cantonese. She loves spicy Thai and Indian, though, and I think some S...

Favorite Asian-Style pastries in/around SGV?

by ipsedixit 5 years ago

I personally am a sucker for the following: - Fish roe baguette @ Jia Pon - White chocolate bun @ I Fu Tang - Red bean and chestnut bun @ Eat Cake Cafe - Kimchi bread @ Bread Farm Y...

JThur01 On Wuhan Style Food in the SGV

by Chandavkl 5 years ago

Shrimp donuts anyone? http://www.laweekly.com/squidink/2014/12/10/welcome-to-wuhan-style-chinese-food-heres-where-to-get-it-in-la

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