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Birthday Bao?

by crocodileguy 4 years ago

Where's the best place to get a tower of birthday bao? Can be SGV, LA, OC...distance doesn't matter as much as getting good bao for my friend's birthday. Preferably not too sweet. Thank you so...

Shaanxi Gourmet

by Jerome 8 years ago

Finally went. Had the Liang Pi - cold noodles, majiang, sesame sauce. FANTASTIC. had the yangrou pao mou - the lamb meat with spaetzle made from unleavened loaves. Was told we could have torn a...

Where to find the best joong?

by cghsu 4 years ago

Was wondering if anyone could recommend where their favorite joong (glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf) is? I'm assuming somewhere in the SGV with a large Cantonese population. Originally fr...

New York Times Chinese Food Video

by Chandavkl 4 years ago

Nice that they acknowledge that Los Angeles has the best Chinese food in the U.S. But as Frank Shyong points out, how can you not throw in a mention of the San Gabriel Valley there? http://www....

New to Rosemead: Dalian Small Stone Restaurant

by JThur01 7 years ago

In the space at 7637 Garvey in Rosemead, formerly occupied by Taiwanese fusioneers BeBe, is Dalian Small Stone Restaurant. Yep, Dalian cuisine. I recall discussion of Tasty Noodle House in San Gabr...

The Posse Eats at Chuan's – Belated Report

Will Owen
by Will Owen 4 years ago

Our Eatin' Posse members have been hard to round up for the last year or so, mostly because of both work and scattered locations, but in the time leading up to July Fourth we found we'd all be gath...

LA Vacation in July - Critique my choices!

by VintageMolly 4 years ago

Hi Hounds, My husband and I will be visiting LA for a little over a week in July. Our trip is split between a few days at the beach in Santa Monica and a hotel more in the Hollywood/Downtown di...

1 day in SGV

by nonaggie 4 years ago

We will be in the LA area (coming from Boston) for one full day and are looking to have some memorable meals. We're staying in Pasadena so thought it would be a good opportunity to eat in the SGV. ...

Change of Ownership of Alhambra Tasty Garden?

by Chandavkl 4 years ago

Menu is the same and I recognized some of the servers. But I noticed today that my credit card slip read "Pot Pot Rice dba Tasty Garden". Coupled with prior rumors of an impending forced sale and...

SGV: More Changes in Rowland Heights, Hacienda Heights

by JThur01 4 years ago

The big shocker was seeing Guppy House gone. How on earth did that happen? In Mandarin Plaza, on the SW corner of Gale at Nogales, the former Coconut Bay has a notice in the window for Boiling Crab...

What's On The Menu At Hot Spot in Monterey Park? Well, I Don't Know

by Chandavkl 4 years ago

Driving up to the newly opened Hot Spot at 309 E. Garvey one sees enticing pictures of thinly sliced meats. Taken in conjunction with the name, one would conclude this is another of the ubiquitous...

Dim Sum on Weekdays

by edo 11 years ago

I actually getting monday off next week and I've been craving dim sum. Do most of the Dim Sum places in the SGV have dimsum on the weekdays? How late do they usually serve dim sum? I've been spec...

LA Weekly's 99 essential restaurants released today...what did they miss?

by BacoMan 6 years ago

I just glanced at it. I see Corazon y Miel is not on there, which is a travesty of food criticism. What else did they miss, or pointlessly add on? I suppose it's nice to see the SGV getting m...

Pa Pa Walk, Imperial City Closed

by Chandavkl 4 years ago

More turmoil in the center by the San Gabriel Hilton. Pa Pa Walk is not just temporarily closed but appears to be gone. The temporary closure explanation has been removed as have been the tables ...

Ha Tien Quan (SGV)

by chrishei 6 years ago

(copied over from my blog: http://oheithere.wordpress.com/2013/06/30/ha-tien-quan/) Despite domination of the San Gabriel Valley by the Chinese (at least from a culinary perspective), there is ...

Chili Pepper Sauce Withdrawals

by PeterC 15 years ago

Help! Everytime I encounter bland chinese food, I dream of chili pepper sauce. I've been looking for Yank Sing chili pepper sauce at several 99 supermarkets in L.A. County. I don't think they c...

Alhambra/San Gabriel/Monterey Park on a Sunday Night - Any Current Recs?

by J.L. 4 years ago

Hi gang, apologies for the seemingly pedestrian request, but I'm tired from a long day of work (read: too pooped for due diligence) and just need some quick recs for a few Chow-ish friends (who are...