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Chinese Friends Restaurant in SGV?

by bonkersw 4 years ago

I am looking a SIMLIAR restaurant to "Chinese Friends Restaurant" (the one on Broadway, in LA Chinatown) to be located in SGV. I know I can go the Chengdu route, but I am looking for a place that h...

Chinese restaurant SGV recommendations (predominantly HK/Cantonese/Taiwanese)

by night07 4 years ago

Hey CHers, I'll be visiting LA from SF for about 3 nights with my parents and I'm hoping to find some some tasty HK/Cantonese restaurant suggestions for their needs. We will be around the SGV a...

Chinese Birthday Celebration - Need A Good Traditional Restaurant in SGV

by rinkatink888 4 years ago

I have been tasked to coordinate my dad's upcoming 90th birthday dinner banquet which is tentatively set for the first Saturday of August of this year. There may be around 200 guests and the menu...

With Pa Pa Walk closed, where do you get your shaved snow now?

by JThur01 4 years ago

Salju Dessert? Blockheads? Any others? I couldn't help but notice seemingly every place in Hilton Plaza has signs that they now have shaved snow, apparently trying to capture the market of their fo...

Rowland Heights Roundup

by coconutz 4 years ago

I've eaten at a few places new for me in the last couple of weeks: Newport Seafood - on Colima near Fullerton Rd. We loved this. It is a nice restaurant looks-wise and we had great service. We ...

Ba-Tampte Pickles in the San Gabriel Valley?

by foodiejb 6 years ago

Anyone know where I can find Ba-Tampte brand half sour or kosher dill pickles in the San Gabriel Valley? Thanks.

SGV Chinese takeout - no dumplings, buns, noodles, meat pies

by ristretto 4 years ago

Seems like these get all the attention these days, but I'm looking for biandang,便當 - pork chop over rice, 3-item combos and the like. Been to Kang Kang food court but wasn't impressed. Looking f...

SGV: Chong King replaces Arcadia branch of Lu's Garden.

by JThur01 5 years ago

Chong King has replaced the Lu's Garden in Arcadia. Report that it's the same owners that ran the Chung King on Garfield. Can anyone follow up on this?

Omar's Xinjiang in San Gabriel, Has It Shuttered?

by TripleAxel 4 years ago

My friend went there today to find them closed. Yelp reviews has someone posting as far back as 25 days ago that the place is closed during normal business hours with the curtains closed. Does an...

Pho and Crawfish at Next Generation in Monterey Park

by Chandavkl 4 years ago

These days it's anything goes with pairings of cuisine so why not Pho and crawfish, though not in the same dish. There are only six pho selections on the menu are four of them are variations of fi...

Favorite Cold Noodles in SGV?

by JThur01 5 years ago

Since it's Summer and it's hot, what's everyone's favorite places for cold noodles in the SGV? All types of Chinese cold noodles: sesame noodles, spicy, naengmyeon. I'm looking for different versi...

Newport Seafood--A trip worth making

by Haeldaur 4 years ago

For years, Newport Seafood has been on my "must try" list. But I've never gone because the combination of the drive out and fear of the wait kept me away. But I finally made it out to West Tunas ...

J Z Restaurant Replaces Golden Spoon in Rowland Heights--Where Will I Get My Cats Ears Now?

by Chandavkl 4 years ago

J Z Restaurant which occupied the spot behind Popeye's on Valley and San Gabriel Blvd. for over a decade before making way last year for Boston Lobster, seems to have re-emerged in Rowland Heights ...

Shen Yang in San Gabriel

by raytamsgv 6 years ago

I finally managed to convince a few people to go with me. The decor was plain--nothing spectacular. Parking was a mess because many people were shopping at the Hong Kong Supermarket next door. ...

Happy New Year! Happy Harbor opens in Alhambra

by Chandavkl 9 years ago

First sighting for the new year (though it opened last year) is a significant one. Happy Harbor has opened up a West San Gabriel Valley branch in the Almansor Square shopping center. However, thi...

Watermelon Bread, does any SGV Taiwanese bakery have it?

by JThur01 4 years ago

This is getting written up everywhere. Normally, I'd already know by now, but my schedule has been so crazy, I haven't had the time to explore and walk my beat: https://www.yahoo.com/makers/brea...

A humble primer on Mei Long Village

by ipsedixit 12 years ago

Because JeetJet asked ... But before I begin, let me preface this by saying that MLV is not-the-end-all-be-all of Shanghai restaurants. It's fine for what it is, but don't go there expecting an o...