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Good pastrami in the SGV?

by SoCal Foodie 9 years ago

My favorite pastrami from a fast food joint is Top's in Pasadena on Colorado Bl. Their pastrami is quite delicious an...


fatmaninalittlecoat commented 1 month ago

Romanesco Broccoli?

by mewlee 2 months ago

Where can I find the vegetable? I'd love to buy it locally if possible. I am located in Temple City.


judybird commented 2 months ago

Chinese banquet dinner

by carln 5 months ago

Looking to put together a Chinese banquet dinner for about 12 people. I have looked into NBC, Elite and Lunasia. Do y...


crewza commented 4 months ago

Chengdu Taste for Beginners

by djquinnc 2 years ago

A small group of us are planning to dine at Chengdu Taste next Saturday, probably late afternoon/early evening. 1....


christy319 commented 7 months ago

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ISO: HK Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle

by brubrubites 9 months ago

Where can I find the closest thing to Chef Chan Hon Meng's soya chicken noodle in LA/SGV area? http://www.huffingt...

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Mango A Go Go

by yoyo 10 months ago

I found the best Mango. It is crunchy, fragrant and sweet. My husband thinks it taste like a fresh version of the dri...

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Chinese Friends Restaurant in SGV?

by bonkersw 1 year ago

I am looking a SIMLIAR restaurant to "Chinese Friends Restaurant" (the one on Broadway, in LA Chinatown) to be locate...

Chinese restaurant SGV recommendations (predominantly HK/Cantonese/Taiwanese)

by night07 1 year ago

Hey CHers, I'll be visiting LA from SF for about 3 nights with my parents and I'm hoping to find some some tasty ...


night07 commented 1 year ago

Chinese Birthday Celebration - Need A Good Traditional Restaurant in SGV

by rinkatink888 1 year ago

I have been tasked to coordinate my dad's upcoming 90th birthday dinner banquet which is tentatively set for the firs...


mermy523 commented 1 year ago

With Pa Pa Walk closed, where do you get your shaved snow now?

by JThur01 1 year ago

Salju Dessert? Blockheads? Any others? I couldn't help but notice seemingly every place in Hilton Plaza has signs tha...


ave8th commented 1 year ago

Rowland Heights Roundup

by coconutz 1 year ago

I've eaten at a few places new for me in the last couple of weeks: Newport Seafood - on Colima near Fullerton Rd. ...


coconutz commented 1 year ago

Ba-Tampte Pickles in the San Gabriel Valley?

by foodiejb 3 years ago

Anyone know where I can find Ba-Tampte brand half sour or kosher dill pickles in the San Gabriel Valley? Thanks.


foodiejb commented 1 year ago

SGV Chinese takeout - no dumplings, buns, noodles, meat pies

by ristretto 1 year ago

Seems like these get all the attention these days, but I'm looking for biandang,便當 - pork chop over rice, 3-item comb...

Mr. Roboto commented 1 year ago

SGV: Chong King replaces Arcadia branch of Lu's Garden.

by JThur01 2 years ago

Chong King has replaced the Lu's Garden in Arcadia. Report that it's the same owners that ran the Chung King on Garfi...


jesstifer commented 1 year ago

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Omar's Xinjiang in San Gabriel, Has It Shuttered?

by TripleAxel 1 year ago

My friend went there today to find them closed. Yelp reviews has someone posting as far back as 25 days ago that the...

Pho and Crawfish at Next Generation in Monterey Park

by Chandavkl 1 year ago

These days it's anything goes with pairings of cuisine so why not Pho and crawfish, though not in the same dish. The...


JThur01 commented 1 year ago

Favorite Cold Noodles in SGV?

by JThur01 3 years ago

Since it's Summer and it's hot, what's everyone's favorite places for cold noodles in the SGV? All types of Chinese c...

barryc commented 1 year ago

Newport Seafood--A trip worth making

by Haeldaur 1 year ago

For years, Newport Seafood has been on my "must try" list. But I've never gone because the combination of the drive ...

TripleAxel commented 1 year ago