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This Russian Honey Cake Is Layer Upon Layer of Pure Deliciousness

In honor of National Honey Bee Day on August 15, we've already taken a dive into the difference between regular, raw, and Manuka honey, and showcased some of the best honey recipes—but this Russian...

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42 Degrees

by srf1 20 years ago

We just ate there last night and the food is excellent. We started out with a blackboard (tapas) dish of the roasted marrow bones. We were expecting a couple of small bones and some crostini, but 7...

Watergate - New Place in Town (ie. you can get reservations)

by deidre 21 years ago

New place called Watergate in the Mission. Typical California Cuisine. Great wine list and lobster martini's!!! Try it before the rest find out!

Recommendations for dining alone

by Bob S. 20 years ago

I will be in San Francisco for a conference this weekend, staying at the Hyatt Rgency at Embarcadero Center. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good place to grab dinner - maybe a good place to e...

SJ-places by the arena

by tonya casmo 20 years ago

we're going to see jimmy buffett at san jose arena and were wondering what good places are in walking distance. we're staying at hotel de anza. it's st pat's day but that doesn't have to be our c...

Top 100 Restaurants

by Barry Kaufman 20 years ago

O.K. Michael Bauer's Top 100 Bay Area Restaurants came out last Sunday in the Chronicle Pink Section ---- you can also get the list from www.sfgate.com. Bay-area Chowhounds - what is this list all ...

Cosmopolitan Cafe

by daphne 20 years ago

Anybody been to Cosmopolitan Cafe in the city? If so, please tell! Thanks

Jerusalem artichokes?

by Pepe C. 20 years ago

Where, oh where, can I find Jerusalem artichokes? I've been hunting off and on for a while and have nearly given up hope of ever finding these delightful things. My friend had a poke around Whole F...

Help me Pick a Restaurant!

by Organ Meat 20 years ago

I'm flying to San Francisco from L.A. this coming weekend and need some opinions on a few restaurants I'm considering dining at my first night there. I've already got reservations at Gary Danko an...

vietnamese food

by turvy 20 years ago

PPQ #2 restaurant, on Clement St. near 25th av, has a nice special dinner of whole crab in a butter/garlic/spice mixture, with cio-gio (egg rolls )and garlic wheat noodles finishing with probably ...

Pepino's disappearance

by Chad Hall 20 years ago

Does anyone know whatever became of Pepino's Italian restaurant on Polk? It was near the corner of Polk and Bush. My wife and I loved going there when we came to town. I'm hoping that it has moved....

Best Canned Tomatoes?

by Kara 20 years ago

I always like to keep a couple cans of chopped, not stewed, tomatoes on hand. I used to like the Contadina Recipe-Ready w/ olive oil, but that line was discontinued a couple yrs ago (the pastes re...

Fate of Hamano Sushi?

by macky 20 years ago

These new sushi postings reminded me of something.... A couple of months back, I heard that my favorite sushi joint, Hamano Sushi on Castro in Noe Valley, was changing owners. Has anyone been the...

Need name of place Jim talked about on radio

by Bill Prescott 20 years ago

OK, sorry if it's here somewhere, but I spent quite awhile searching for it with no luck. Over the weekend, I heard about Chowhound in a radio interview, but I didn't catch much. The interviewee...

New Oakland Restaurant

by Barry Kaufman 20 years ago

Paul Carrara has opened Carrara's at 2735 Broadway (at 27th Street) in Oakland. Many of you may remember Paul's wonderful place in Emeryville. The new Carrara's is located in a Chrysler dealership...

Good food in SJ

by linda 20 years ago

I live in San Jose and am looking for some favorite Mom and Pop places you all enjoy that I can try and add to my foodie list. Anything goes! No chains please... I'm from around SJ West, so all are...


by Phoebe 20 years ago

Has anyone been to Glow (formerly Moonshine on Broadway) yet? I can't remember how bad the review in the Chron was, but I'm more interested in the atmosphere and the bar scene. Would it be a nice p...

Restaurant in San Jose

by kevin 20 years ago

Can anyone suggest an interesting restaurant in San Jose, circa Alameda/Blossom Hill. It's a center for large chain eateries, but I'd like something different. Thank you. Kevin

Portuguese-style rolls

by Melanie Wong 20 years ago

Friends Betsy and Peter got up very early in the morning to purchase Portuguese-style rolls and cheeses from La Salette in Sonoma and Portuguese Market in Petaluma for a morning wine tasting. We w...

Teatro Zinzanni

by Anne H. 20 years ago

Has anyone been? I was wondering if it is fun. The food is by Taste Catering. I can't find any reviews except from when it opened a year ago, but those are very positive. Noticed the price is n...

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