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Peninsula Dining Trials

by Melanie Wong 19 years ago

In recent weeks I've had the chance to try a few SF Peninsula restaurants for the first time. Shiok! Singapore Kitchen, 1137 Chestnut St. in Menlo Park serves up Nonya cuisine on tables covered...


by tim 19 years ago

thinking of working at globe, never been (change of scenery from NY)...any musings?

Fresh Shitakes in Chinatown

by Melanie Wong 19 years ago

Since Thanksgiving I've noticed that several of the green grocers in SF Chinatown have been selling beautiful plump fresh shitake mushrooms for $1.50 to $2.00 per pound. These are the same as the ...

La Borinqueña Pork Tamales

by Melanie Wong 19 years ago

Our family has a tradition of tamales on Christmas Day. My sister sent some frozen ones home that she'd bought from La Borinqueña in downtown Oakland, along with a tub of the chili sauce. My ulti...

HELP!! LUNCH/Union Square area...?

by rei sporco 20 years ago

Help! I'm meeting out of town friends for lunch around Union Square later and have no clue where to go. Somewhere casual, and relaxed enough to bring a baby to--any ideas?

lunch with a 5 yr. old

by Ann 19 years ago

We'll be in S.F. for the Nutcracker. Any suggestions for lunch near Davies Hall? (The 5 yr. old has very sophisticated tastes) We took him to Zuni Cafe last weekend for pizza. He ended up eating m...

Any good chow in Mountain View?

by Quyen 19 years ago

I just moved from NY and living in Mountain View now. Any recommendations? I am the adventurous kind, and would eat any thing. : ) Thanks

Spectacular Restaurants in SF

by John Cooney 19 years ago

My wife and I are visiting your fair city in the middle of January. We will be in town for about four days. We are from New York City and would definitely be classified as "foodies". We haven't...

terrible experience at the "new" Bacar Restaurant in SF

by duke dee 19 years ago

We booked a christmas eve dinner for 2 a week in advance.They left us sitting in the bar "5 minutes more" turned into 50 and we left.One expects better treatment from a place serving $25 chicken en...

Sushi East Bay?

by michelle 19 years ago

I used to love sushi zone but now they have lost their main chef and I noticed a decided backslide in quality-Tataki tasted like bathroom cleaner smells. Just genereally not as good and seemed more...

New !? Restaurants - Any comments good or bad??:

by SFrye 19 years ago

Has anybody been to (or heard about) these restaurants?? Blue Plate Walzwerk or Caffe Proust TIA, SF

St. Orre's Inn, Gualala

by Cynthia 19 years ago

We had a fantastic experience at the St. Orre's Inn last weekend. The dining room has a lovely romantic feel, with only a handful of tables, large windows overlooking the Pacific, and a very high ...

Dining in the new International Terminal - Restaurant Qi

by Anne Emry 19 years ago

I was seeing a friend off last week, and we decided to voluntarily spend a couple of hours at the airport checking out the new terminal -- and eat lunch since we had heard there are now some real r...


by Meg 19 years ago

Does anyone know if you are allowed to substitute items on the tasing menu at Aqua? Also, is there a dress code? Thanks!

Melanie Wong and Stephen Kaye: Apologies for not reporting back

by Tida 19 years ago

Melanie and Stephen- I wanted to apologize for not reporting back on Mariposa and the Sonoma Valley wine tour. Though that weekend was greatly anticipated, our plans were derailed by an unlicens...

San Francisco Dungeness Crab Season Opens!

by Melanie Wong 19 years ago

The SF Dungeness Crab season opened yesterday, Nov. 15 and will go until the end of June 2001. The fleet was delayed a day with yesterday's storm, very few boats going out in rough weather. With ...

Thanks for the tip about Dragon River

by Anne Emry 19 years ago

Five of us wanted to go out to dinner in SF and we were casting about for ideas. My solution was to log on to a friend's computer and call up the Chowhound message board! We opted for Dragon Riv...

Oakland Chinatown

by Dan Skaggs 19 years ago

Any suggestions for great Chinese food in Oakland's Chinatown?

new Bacar restaurant? any info appreciated

by jason dorn 19 years ago

this wednesday 12/6, there were 4 pages in the SF Chronicle about this "definitive San Francisco restaurant." some friends of mine tried to go-called it a "chinese fire drill" has anybody been? wha...

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