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This Russian Honey Cake Is Layer Upon Layer of Pure Deliciousness

In honor of National Honey Bee Day on August 15, we've already taken a dive into the difference between regular, raw, and Manuka honey, and showcased some of the best honey recipes—but this Russian...

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2/28 8pm Get-together @ Singapore Malaysian

by Deb H. 20 years ago

Made the call to go to Singapore Malaysian (836 Clement); for date I'm thinking Wednesday, 2/28 (need to do a weekday to include Melanie, Tuesdays they're closed & aren't good for Kara Elise, Thurs...

La Vie good for a first timer?

by Jennifer 20 years ago

Never had Vietnamese food, and was wondering if La Vie in the Richmond is a good place to start. Any suggested meals? Thanks.

Destino - great place

by Limster 20 years ago

I had dinner at Destino about 2 weeks ago and really enjoyed it. Our waiter was friendly, attitude-free and enthusiatic about the food. The food was very good for its price. (Came to about $30 ...

Getting a tasting menu in a restaurant that doesn't have one

by Limster 20 years ago

A friend was leaving town, and we were going to have dinner. On a whim, instead of going for the tasting menu at any of the "high-end" places like Gary Danko or Masa's or Elizabeth Daniel, I decid...

Union Square/SF dining recs wanted

by Michael Johnston 20 years ago

I know that I am opening Pandora's Box here as there is such a mass of good spots to eat. My wife and I will be in SF next week, and will be staying at Union Square. We are looking for places to ea...

Eddy's Place, Oakland???

by Melanie Wong 20 years ago

Anyone been to Eddy's Place in Oakland? Noticed it while headed down Wood St. to the West Oakland post office about 5 blocks away. It was already closed on Saturday night but looked very interest...

Jamaican food in the East Bay?

by Paul Smith 20 years ago

Hi there, I live in Oakland, and was wondering if anybody has a favorite Jamaican spot? thanks much Paul

Pinocchio - Carpaccio lovers

by Anne H. 20 years ago

I ate at Pinocchio last weekend and have to recommend the outstanding carpaccio to those who love this dish. They made the right way. Most places freeze the meat and use a meat slicer to make pap...

How does Bacar make Bauer's "100" ? Pedigree?

by Brandon Nelson 20 years ago

Hounds, I found the inclusion of Bacar on the Chron's top 100 list odd. I know what a great big project it has been. I know about the anticipation. I know about the delays. How on earth can y...

Help! Need caterer for Bar Mitzvah!

by Jennifer 20 years ago

Need caterer for East Bay outdoor summer Bar Mitzvah luncheon. Do NOT want to do the typical stand in long line for someone in a paper chef hat to carve a slice off a hunk of really awful roast be...

Elizabeth Daniel

by jerry 20 years ago

How good is this place? Comparable to French Laundry? Chex Panisse? Gary Danko?

Dim Sum not Yank Sing

by Connie 20 years ago

Where can I find good Dim Sum near Embarcadero reasonable but not as expensive as Yank Sing. I've experienced Dim Sum at Yank Sing and the bill for two was unbelievable.

My Dining Weekend in SF

by Organ Meat 20 years ago

Well, I arrived back in L.A. last night, after spending a wonderful weekend in San Francisco. Without a doubt, I can now state that San Francisco possesses far superior fine dining restaurants tha...

Restaurant recommendations in Santa Clara and environs

by Sally Goldberg 20 years ago

I'm off to a conference in Santa Clara this weekend - will be there for three dinners and am looking for some recommendations for interesting dining..

good Russian restaurant?

by svoi 20 years ago

I know there are a few in the bay area, but what do you guys think of their quality? I primarily want the food, atmosphere doesn't matter, i can do a small deli or Metropolitan on Sat. night ;) ...

Best food/ambience in SF for weekend visitors?

by www.CiaoNewYork.com 20 years ago

My wife and I will be there for one weekend (two dinners, three lunches). Confidential to paesani: Preferisciamo i cibi di nostro bel paese. grazie Johnny

Embarcadero One

by Joyce 20 years ago

Where can I have lunch at? I'm at Embarcadero one today.

We have 2 nights in Sonoma area

by Shari 20 years ago

We'll be in Healdsburg for a couple nights and want to eat two fantastic dinners. Any suggestions? Or should we wander over to Napa valley for dinner? (Note: We've been to Terra and loved it. Frenc...

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