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Pinot, Ribs, and the Country’s Freshest Produce: Your Perfect Weekend in Sonoma County

“What grows together, goes together,” quotes Karissa Kruse, president of Sonoma County Winegrowers. The saying—widespread among the region's farmers—applies to the abundance of local produce that can...

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New Year's Day Brunch

by Jim Leff 19 years ago

I'll be playing a jazz gig in Marin County on New Year's Eve (as it happens, the bandleader is a great sax player who was--until recently--the west coast editor of Wine Spectator, so it's gonna be ...


by Rachel Hope 19 years ago

The other night we tried to visit Chez Panisse Cafe, thinking it operated on a first-come-first-serve basis -- but apparently they started taking reservations a year and a half ago, and entering th...

tomasso's north beach

by adamstoler 20 years ago

what's the deal here? it seems as if it's it's yuppie puppy heaven.. the main course was poor, it tasted like my jewish grandmother made it with ketchup....hats off to the salsds though..but salad...

French Laundry writeup (long!)

by Jesse Sheidlower 20 years ago

As promised, my writeup of the French Laundry. Someone else mentioned Masa's, where I had wanted to go but couldn't get in to, though I had really wanted to try FL anyway. First, the reservatio...

Good and Nice Late Night in SF

by Michael S 20 years ago

I am going to be in SF on a Thursday night and we don't land until 9. Any recommendations for a nice good any price place to eat at around 10:30 on a Thursday??

moving to Berkeley

by Rachelhope 21 years ago

I've been dreading this moment, but it's time to post the question: where are good eats in Berkeley/Oakland? You see, I'm leaving NYC -- my born and bred home -- for a PhD program (min. 6 years) ...

Cafe de la Paz, Berkeley

by george osner 20 years ago

We had a lovely lunch in Berkeley today at the Cafe de la Paz, on Shattuck a block or two south of Cedar. I was quite taken with the Cachapas de Jojoto con Chile, pancakes with kernels of fresh s...


by The Lead Dogs 20 years ago

Welcome to Chowhound Starship Mellencamp. Bob(TM) has added features that will make these boards much more convenient to use. We'll let most of them be pleasant surprises, but there are two thing...

san francisco's best offbeat

by keith koenigsberg 20 years ago

I'm going to SF for a wedding this weekend. I have dutifully used the chowhound search and read everything that came up for SF, but what I'm really looking for didn't come up. I've always had go...

Turnip Cakes in San Francisco

by Jim Leff 20 years ago

Suze was asking about where to find pan fried turnip cakes in SF (I had been lamenting that you can't find great ones in NYC; that it's more a SF thing) Suze, you're gonna hate this answer, b...


by Paul Desorcy 20 years ago

We will be visiting SF in early September. Is there any place to get Abalone? We had it several years ago on an earlier visit. How about a place to buy a good picnic lunch? We will be going ...

San Francisco

by Renee 20 years ago

We will be in San Francisco for 4 days and our location is the Fairmont Hotel for a Pediatric meeting. I would appreciate a list of the 4 best restaurants in San Francisco. We like French, Ita...

After Alice Waters in Berkeley

by herta 20 years ago

I want to know about new cool delicious not pretentious places to go in Berkeley/Bay area/oakland chinatown--lived here for a VERY long time,but am sure there are new places I don't know about....

I Left My Heart in Ton Kiang....

by Lisa Antinore 20 years ago

Two words for you all: Ton Kiang. Simple, Honest, Easy. 582 Geary Blvd., San Fran. Paul, my long-suffering-prefers-fat-free-but-indulges-to-please -me boyfriend wants to positively wring my n...

Finding a place for lunch in Alameda, CA

by george osner 20 years ago

Life takes us frequently to the west edge of Oakland, to Balloon Excelsior to get supplies or repairs for our hot air balloon. BE is on High Street, just across the bridge from Alameda. Since ...

Best of San Francisco

by nelle 20 years ago

I moved back to New York from San Francisco three years ago and the one thing I sorely miss are the excellent food resources. These are some of my faves. The best cup of coffee in San Franci...

Lunch at Rose Pistola in SF

by Jim Zurer 20 years ago

I made a quick trip to SF for the weekend and can report on a very satisfying lunch that my two sons and I had at Rose Pistola. We ate on the street after the sun made its appearance and we sha...

advice, please, on San Fran & nearby restaurants

by martin merowitz 20 years ago

Opinions on: ave 9, canasta, casa aguilar, chow, eliza, emerald garden, eos, khan toke, manora, massimo, meditereene, tien fu, oriental pearl, real food deli. ricochet, rose's cafe, socca, yaya?...

West Coast Drivin

by Sandy Paik 20 years ago

First -- I'm still in Palo Alto/Silicon Valley and am always keeping an eye out for good eats...so i'm always looking for suggestions! I'm also taking a drive to Vegas (through Bakersfield) an...

Where is Ken Frank?

by Sarah 20 years ago

Before my husband and I left LA last year for New Orleans we heard that Ken Frank had left Fenix and was planning to open a restaurant in the Napa Valley area. Does anyone know if he did that a...

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