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A Sonoma County Wine Pro Picks Her 10 Favorite Bottles, Including a $15 Red You'll Sip All Fall

As president of Sonoma County Winegrowers, Karissa Kruse drinks a lot of wine. And while this may seem like a dream job, the task of picking her favorites can be quite daunting. “On most days and occasions...

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Fina Estampa on Van Ness

by Tida 19 years ago

Has anyone been to Fina Estampa on Van Ness? As part of an ethnic-food supper club, I have made plans to take 7 other people to Fina Estampa in the Mission, based solely on recommendations of chow...

Good & Cheap Food in SF?

by Grace Toy 19 years ago

Hi, I"ll be taking a trip to SF soon and I'm looking for some cheap but good food! :) I"ll spending a lot of my time in Chinatown and the Mission I think, but will be traveling around as well. Th...

Kitaro (spelling?)

by Mike Zurer 19 years ago

The sushi place on Geary near 25th or so... It has been mentioned here before, but I finally made it a week or so ago after "American Psycho" down the street at the Alexandria. It was great. My...

Anyone been to Enrico's?

by Noel 19 years ago

Is it a typical North Beach tourist trap, or is the food any good? I've not been able to get a straight answer. They seem to have a great atmosphere (that's from the outside looking in) and I will...

upcomimg trip

by will 19 years ago

Will be in town next week, need suggestion for pre theater meal sunday before beach blanket bingo. Also was told Dine is a new neat place to check out, any help appreciated where else to pig out.

Anna's Cookies in the Mission is back!

by Tida 19 years ago

I was scanning a foodpage for SF yesterday and saw a blurb that indicated a last minute buyer for Anna's Cookies had come forth. Ralph Donnelly, the current partner, will be overseeing the transit...

Looking for a great meal in wine country

by Bill Addison 19 years ago

Greetings all - Can anyone give me the current run-down on great places in wine country? I'll only be there for one full day, and I'm looking for the BEST for both lunch and dinner. I tried to ge...

san jose area

by tonya 19 years ago

we'll be going to costanoa in a few weeks and wanted suggestions for places to eat in san jose, mountain view santa clara, half moon bay etc we're going to make some stops on our way


by rhubarb 19 years ago

any comments?

Blue Point and bottarga

by Tida 19 years ago

Does anyone have any news on the closing of the seafood restaurant, Blue Point in the Outer Richmond? More importantly, does anyone have any news of where the chef may be going? On an ingredient...

NY foodie in San Francisco needs advice!

by Tida 20 years ago

I've just moved from Manhattan to San Francisco and would appreciate any advice, help, suggestions as to where to find a few things....In addition to being a chowhound, I also love to cook. Any ad...

NO MORE COOKIES!!! (Anna's, in the Mission)

by Jim Leff 19 years ago

Bob(TM), with eagle eye, spotted the following in a newspaper. Anna's is one of my favorite places in SF's Mission District (see my report on this, and a bunch of other SF chow, at [BROKEN LINK REM...

i want potato pancakes

by flipper 20 years ago

i guess i took potato pancakes for granted when i lived in manhattan, but now i don't know where to look to find some in the sf/silicon valley area. oh please, won't someone tell me where to get s...

ethereal pizza san francisco

by adamstoler 20 years ago

and unreal. in my wife's,and mine, humble opinion, the pizza at the nob hill cafe on taylor st, behind(north of)grace cathedral makes, well, divine pizza.we'd recommend getting there early, orderin...

Lobster au natural

by rachelhope 21 years ago

A very simple request -- an odd craving for me: plain lobster, steamed with a butter/garlic sauce to dip it in. Nothing fancy -- but is one place in the Bay Area better to go for this meal than...

Good Indian food in Berkeley

by Rachelhope 21 years ago

Well, someone warned me, moving out here, that I would find Asian food in Berkeley which I would think was exemplary but wouldn't really truly be up to snuff (at least not compared to the chow i...

dim sum in SF

by Kate 20 years ago

I'm going to be in San Francisco in July and I would love to have some excellent dim sum while I'm there. I've grown up eating NYC dim sum, and I would love an equal if not better experience.

Mouthwaterian Italian

by Sarah 19 years ago

I'll be visiting a friend in the Bay Area in a couple of months and we plan an eating spree. As a transplanted Southern Californian now living in New Orleans, one of the foods I'm craving is wonde...

Within walking distance from Yoshi's

by carla 19 years ago

Found a great place last week within walking distance from Yoshi's. Soizic Bistro on 3rd and Broadway. Wonderful Cal/French food - Started with a Smoked Trout and Endive Salad with Orange Vinaigr...

La Imperial in Hayward

by Keith R. 19 years ago

Say, does anyone know if La Imperial is still off "C" street, I think it was, in Hayward? This place served one of the meanest, biggest and most awesome burritos several years back. I haven't be...

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