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A Sonoma County Wine Pro Picks Her 10 Favorite Bottles, Including a $15 Red You'll Sip All Fall

As president of Sonoma County Winegrowers, Karissa Kruse drinks a lot of wine. And while this may seem like a dream job, the task of picking her favorites can be quite daunting. “On most days and occasions...

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s.f entertaining

by stephen kaye 19 years ago

howdy, got friends from italy visiting s.f very shortly I want to give them the names of the best places to eat, along with some hip and cool thrown in with the good eats. I'm going to recommend to...

What a folly

by Beatrice Dante 19 years ago

About once a year, I visit San Francisco to do research. I've been won over by the talents of Bay Area chefs. That is until La Follie. After reading glowing reviews (from friends and critics), I wa...

Dinner is taken care of - what about breakfast?

by Weesie 19 years ago

First, my husband and I are visitng SF in September, and we are thrilled to visit our favorite city again! We have dinner reservations at: Gary Danko Asia SF Greens Farallon Boulevard The Ganges ...

praise for Pancho Villa

by B Kaplan 19 years ago

I'm pretty new to the bay area (lived in NYC and Connecticut for past 4 years) but have to recommend Pancho Villa in San Mateo. I've been trying lots of burrito places since I moved out, and, w...

Hunan Home, City View, Brandy Ho's

by Heidi 19 years ago

Okay, these were all just highly recommended to me via a friend's daughter and son-in-law who have lived in S.F. for years. Please feel free to add any comentary if you've been to: Hunan Home on ...

Berkeley Danish (pastry, that is)

by Caitlin 19 years ago

Recent discussions of the Rockridge area reminded me to recommend what is the best Dansih pastry I've had...anywhere, which is at Nabalom on Russel just east of College Ave. (one block north of Ash...

sf with kids???

by Maura 19 years ago

Coming to SF in October with 2 kids, ages 5 and 12...any suggestions for restaurants that will make the whole family happy??? Thanks :)

Azie vs. Jardiniere

by Helen Kent 19 years ago

I have a friend visiting from New York and was wondering if anyone would recommend either Azie or Jardiniere over the other?

Hashes in the east bay

by michelle 19 years ago

Does anyone know the restaurant, in Oakland (I think), that has like 15 types of hash for breakfast?

Che: another restaurant bites the dust...

by Tida 19 years ago

Though I don't usually like to frequent restaurants with "nuevo" cuisines or "pan-name-your-culture" themes, I wanted to post about Che. Che closed its doors on Saturday night after being open one...

Rockridge Cornucopia

by Barry Kaufman 19 years ago

COLLEGE AVENUE COFFEE CULTURE In Warren Beatty’s epic film Reds, John Reed visits anarchist Emma Goldman in prison. Reed and Goldman argue the finer points of the Bolshevik revolution and Lenin’s ...

concord calif questions pls

by stephen kaye 19 years ago

how long a drive is it from s.f to concord?? are there any interesting places to stop, along the way?? any good eats in concord?? thx in adv/ciao

Berkeley Bowl House Wines

by judy leibovitch 19 years ago

Melanie (or whoever else might know), what's the word on the Berkeley Bowl house label wines? Thx, judy

Korean in Berkeley/Oakland?

by M.L. 19 years ago

Hi, I'm new to chowhound, so excuse me if this question has been covered. I searched through old posts, but did not see recommendations for korean in oakland/berkeley besides Koryo on Telegraph--ho...

Recent visit to SF - lots of dining out!

by Virginia 19 years ago

My husband and I recently enjoyed another visit to the lovely city of SF, and we spent a good amount of time enjoying some of the city's most notable restaurants. Here is a summary of the good, bad...

Moon Cakes at Eastern Bakery-SF Chinatown

by Melanie Wong 19 years ago

Reading Maria’s post in General Topics about moon cakes prompted me to seek out these once-a-year treats this week for the first time in a long time. The Autumn Festival is Sept. 9, and then the m...

Bali Cafe on Geary (at 3rd Ave)

by Limster 19 years ago

Has anyone been to this Indonesian place? I tried their $9.95 dinner special and thought that it was not a bad deal - choice of 3 small entrees out of about 12 and a soup or gado gado (get the lat...

Turkish restaurants?

by Deb 19 years ago

Does anyone know of any *Turkish* restaurants in the area? A Turkish-American friend has been looking and unable to find anything. Cheers, Deb

Santa Cruz-area restaurants for a big group?

by Jefferson Scher 19 years ago

We are doing an offsite in Aptos, and are looking for a place that could seat 40 for dinner. Something nice and reasonably informal where we could have a little wine and a little fun. Any suggest...

1997 British Food Festival

by Alexandra Eisler 19 years ago

Hi Melanie, The festival you asked about was Britain Meets the Bay and it involved quite a few local companies. This was before my time here (British Consulate General) but I belive a wide cariet...

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