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The Regional Convenience Stores (Besides Wawa) We Wish Were Everywhere

Whether it’s a 7-Eleven, a Wawa, or a local gas station mini-mart, there’s a nostalgic joy that accompanies popping into a convenient store at any time for a cup of coffee, newspaper, or to satisfy...

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Dim Sum

by phyllis camesano 19 years ago

Does anyone know a restaurant or company that ships/overnights Dim Sum?

Seafood Market in San Francisco?

by genji 19 years ago

Can anyone direct me to a good seafood market in the city? I'm originally from Seattle, and I was spoiled by a market there called Mutual Fish & Co. This market had everything ... and much of the...

best hash (lamb, beef, corned beef, etc.) I ever had

by Walt collins 19 years ago

25 years ago the cafe de Nord on Market st. served the best breakfast hash I ever had. any ideas on where the best breakfast/ hash is to be found in the city?


by Bob Elliott 19 years ago

A bay area native who had soup dumplings in NY at Joe's Shanghai. Where can I find them-there must be someplace in all of San Fransisco to find them. Called the Fountain Court-which is a Shanghai R...

s.f honeymoon need help

by stephen kaye 19 years ago

howdy, I've got close friends on a honeymoon, a 1 nite layover in s.f. where should they go for the best food/hippest place, they only have 1 nite in s.f. money no object., they are very experie...

nappa/blue violet mansion???

by stephen kaye 19 years ago

anyone ever stay there?? eat there?? any opinions?? thx in adv. ciao

where to eat around the orpheum theatre

by karenkos 19 years ago

I'm looking for someplace to eat around the orpheum theatre. open to any type of cuisine, but keep in mind that i will be dining with two 14 year olds. thanks

gary danko/s.f

by stephen kaye 19 years ago

seems like a fine dining place. but how's the vibe in the room, quiet, serene, reserved, or hip, cool, groovey?? thx much

Zagat's for SF

by Susan Marme 19 years ago

Picked the SF Zagat's up in prep for the big trip and was not impressed - very few listings, what I perceive to be a largely anti- Chinese food bias, and fairly dopey quotes in the "cleanest place ...

surprisingly good value urban chic

by Judy Leibovitch 19 years ago

A friend described The Universal Cafe as being as "good as Delfina's at half the price". Although JB and I haven't eaten at Delfina'a, yet, we decided we couldn't ignore such an intriguing lead. ...

Rum Cake

by Celeste Monnette 19 years ago

Does anyone have a suggestion as to where I could find a great, moist rum cake in the San Francisco Bay Area (preferably the East Bay, but I'll travel). My mother has requested one for her 58 birt...

Blowout dinner suggestion?

by Mike Zurer 19 years ago

I have been rewarded for my faithful service to Coactive Networks with a relatively substantial dinner bonus. I have $600 to spend in one swoop. I am thinking of taking my parents and girlfriend ...

Cantonese ---- Provincial?

by Melanie Wong 19 years ago

"Yes, I've noticed this with several of my Cantonese chowhound friends! They're very cosmopolitan, interested in all manner of chow diversity, but the thought of eating Taiwanese, Sichuan, or Shan...

Good Creole?

by T.A. 19 years ago

Any suggestions for a good Creole restaurant, preferably in the East Bay? Thanks. -T.A.

Cliff House

by Judith Hancock 19 years ago

Can you give me any feedback about this restaurant? Good or bad experiences dining there? Thanks.

Fina Estampa and the story of doubt (longish)

by Rachel Hope 19 years ago

I went to Fina Estampa last night, on the board's recommendation, and found the food only middling -- nothing that would compell me to return. Thus I suffered the sad doubt, so eloquently expresse...

Santa Fe style restaurant in Fan Francisco

by Linda Smith 19 years ago

Last sommer we went to Santa Fe, N.M. and I fell in love with Southwestern food. Is there a Restaurant in the San Francisco bay Aerea were one can taste those scumtios morsels? Thanks for your sug...

sf original joe's in the tenderloin

by adamstoler 19 years ago

yes...believe it or not...the food here is quite tasty, with possibly the best burger in the bay area and certainly among the tops i've had on this country...grilled....steak is not bad, but the it...

Cheese Meeting (Sonoma)

by Jim Leff 19 years ago

There'll be a meeting of the American Cheese Society, August 10-13 in Sonoma County, representing this country's artisanal cheese makers. More info at link below this message. FWIW, you can sign...

Wine Conference in San Jose

by Jim Leff 19 years ago

Our own Melanie Wong is moderating several sessions The Society of Wine Educators conference! It'll be from July 31 to August 5 in San Jose, CA. Info and on-line registration at www.wine.gurus.c...

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