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85°C Stonestown | San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 days ago

The new 85°C Bakery Cafe in Stonestown is in soft opening now. How's it look? 85°C Stonestown 3251 20th Avenue, ...

Kusakabe or Akiko's Restaurant? (San Fran)

by LeoBella 2 months ago

Heading to SF with my 14 year old foodie son who loves sushi. Would you recommend Kusakabe or Akiko's? For Kusaka...


LeoBella commented 7 days ago

Kin Khao vs. Hawker Fare

by hon_artvandelay 14 days ago

I'll be in SF soon and am trying to decide between these two restaurants for dinner. They both look great but I will...


hon_artvandelay commented 7 days ago

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Scallion Pancakes in Chinatown

by TenderNob 8 days ago

Which bakeries in Chinatown make and stock good scallion pancakes? I used to buy from Good Mon Kok, but they haven't...

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El Cerrito: Taste of Ethiopia (veg/vegan)

by tre2012 8 days ago

Taste of Ethiopia 11740 San Pablo Ave., El Cerrito, CA (next door to Gangnam Tofu) (no active website) Review date...

Healdsburg Shed

by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

Healdsburg Shed, a modern grange, opened its doors last Tuesday. I did a quick walk through on Friday afternoon. Th...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 10 days ago

Chef Perry Hoffman Leaving Healdsburg Shed

by Melanie Wong 20 days ago

My heart sank when I read the news last week that Chef Perry Hoffman would be leaving the Healdsburg Shed at month's ...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 10 days ago

One of the best Chinese Restaurant in Fremont

by hymagenta 10 days ago

Grand opening! The Sweet and Sour Chicken, General Chicken and Walnut Shrimp are so tasty. I share a card for discoun...


hymagenta commented 10 days ago

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Chef Drew Deckman "Grilled & Chilled" @ Quattro in East Palo Alto

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 10 days ago

Friday night's kick-off to the Labor Day holiday weekend was a guest appearance by celebrity chef Drew Deckman bringi...

Lunch at China Live this Friday

by Multifoiled 15 days ago

A little background. My husband and I love dining out. I love to cook and know a lot about North American and Europea...


Multifoiled commented 11 days ago

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MMclay Ceramics Sale, SF, Sun 9/9

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 11 days ago

Ceramic tableware fall seconds and sample sale, Sunday 9/9, 11am to 6pm. MMclay Ceramics Airstream Lot Corner of ...

Special dinner in Healdsburg area?

by giantsfan1010 20 days ago

Hi Melanie, I'll be visiting Healdsburg with my wife for her 30th Bday in early November and was looking for a nice ...


giantsfan1010 commented 11 days ago

Does ANYONE remember Horky's Mexican? -- ISO THAT kind of cheese enchilada

by Jeni Bean 12 years ago

When I was a kid (and I do mean a kid) my folks used to take me to Horky's very, very often. Although my tastes have...


Godsbrat commented 11 days ago

Seeking Lovely Restaurant That's Good for Conversation

by jessinEC 13 days ago

Hi. My Dad is coming to Berkeley for his 80th birthday. We'll be a party of 9, including some kids, a vegetarian and ...


jessinEC commented 12 days ago

Bay Area visit August 2018

by jangita 27 days ago

We are here,in Oakland, for a week and it's been so hard to choose but here's what we've done so far: Dinner at A...


tre2012 commented 12 days ago

Need your comments on my choices for 10 days in Bay Area

by gdeguise 14 days ago

Hello! I will be traveling in Sf, Napa and st elena at the end of the month for 10 days. Need your input on my sélect...


JonDough commented 12 days ago

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Santa Rosa Sesquicentennial Celebration, Saturday 9/8, 3-10pm

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 12 days ago

"The City of Santa Rosa was incorporated in 1868, 150 years ago and now is our time to celebrate and reflect. Please ...