San Fernando Valley

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Where is real veal osso buco in the S.F. Valley / Santa Clarita Areas?

by z1laura 4 months ago

I am wanted to make an osso buco recipe from Simply Ming and I bought all of the ingredients although I can’t seem to...

Shanghai Rice Cakes

by dgunning 4 months ago

Hi all -- Looking for Shanghai stir fried rice cake in or around the Sherman Oaks area... Any Suggestions


beeceeinla commented 4 months ago

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Top chow in Burbank?

by lsirlin 6 months ago

My husband and I have a social obligation at a comedy club near Magnolia and the 5 fwy at 8pm tonight. We hoped to fi...

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Duck buns (Cantonese) in the SF Valley?

by BigBrother 12 months ago

Anyone know the best place (or just a really good one :)) to get these in the SFV? I asked a few years ago about g...

Good places for an informal wedding rehearsal dinner near Studio City

by gwyner 1 year ago

Looking for a place that: - Has a private room that can seat ~20-25 people - Serves alcohol or allows BYOB - Isn't...


BrianShaw commented 1 year ago

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SFV Recs for group of teens

by labs 1 year ago

Looking for a casual, fun, interesting (just anything unique/different) place in the valley for a group of fifteen te...

Good Korean BBQ in the Valley (Studio City to Woodland Hills)

by ExtraCheesePlease 1 year ago

Are there any decent to good Korean BBQ in the Valley? Not looking for Chosun or Park quality but not looking to get...

Hypnotic23 commented 1 year ago

Quinoa flakes

by ASA51 2 years ago

Does anyone know where to find quinoa flakes at a San Fernando Valley store?

nannygoat commented 2 years ago

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ISO SFV Grain and Egg-Free Breakfasts

by Dogbite Williams 2 years ago

My standard weekend breakfast is the wonderful homemade herbed pork sausages and breakfast potatoes at the Sweet Butt...

Yelp on restaurants

by hula 2 years ago

It is very strange, any time I have a concern on health/cleaniness of a restaurant it gets deleted on yelp? I had a ...


MikeG commented 2 years ago

Recs in the San Fernando valley

by carln 2 years ago

Just moved to Encino and don't know any places to eat in the valley. Looking for anything from hole-in-the-walls to f...

carln commented 2 years ago

Korean BBQ in the San Fernando Valley?

by MilesF 2 years ago

My birthday is this weekend and I'd like to go out for Korean BBQ with my parents and grandparents. My grandparent...


Mento commented 2 years ago

Best Tacos in the SFV

by carln 2 years ago

I'm looking for some great taco stands/trucks/restaurants in the San Fernando Valley. I'm new to the valley and have...

gr8pimpin commented 2 years ago

birthday celebration place

by CathieC 2 years ago

I am looking for a place to have great appetizers and drinks with my friends, preferably in the San Fernando Valley. ...


CathieC commented 2 years ago

Best Fishmarkets in SFV

by carln 2 years ago

Hi guys, I just moved to Encino and am looking for good fishmarkets in the area. Is there anything akin to a Santa M...

boogiebaby commented 2 years ago

San Fernando Valley or Los Angeles Dongbei restaurant?

by CatHairCondiment 3 years ago

Looking for NE Chinese food in the San Fernando valley, or Los Angeles, even South Bay. NOT able to travel to San Gab...

barryc commented 2 years ago

where can I find betel leaves

by sasidhar79 2 years ago

Hi , I live in San Fernando Valley in LA County , I would like to know where I can find betel leaves ? thank y...

sasidhar79 commented 2 years ago

Go's Mart Sushi, Canoga Park - a little long

by kevin 11 years ago

I'd tried Go's Mart a couple years back, but this was my second and recent visit. I got on the freeway and trudged o...


pixellle commented 2 years ago

Old School Italian in the Valley

by flowergirl 2 years ago

Looking for a red sauce Italian in the San Fernando Valley - old fashioned New York style but very good. Ideas?


MarkC commented 2 years ago