San Fernando Valley


Yam or Casava Flour

by rowjo 2 years ago

Where can I purchase Yam or Cassava flour in Los Angeles? I’m making some Bolivian Cheese Appetizers and need this ingredient. I’m in San Fernando Valley... so the closer to the valley the better. ...

Where to meet in the SFV

by judybird 2 years ago

Friends live in West Hills, we're in Pasadena, looking for a place to meet for dinner somewhere in between. Type of food doesn't matter, casual is fine, but we'd like a place that's quiet enough fo...

Casual Dog-Friendly Restaurant in Studio City

by anitapita 2 years ago

I'm meeting a friend in Studio City who needs to bring her large, well behaved dog, but I'm unfamiliar with the area and would like a place with outdoor seating for her dog, as well as a place that...

Help find small batch Armenian string cheese, SFV or SGV, Ca.

by msmarm 3 years ago

Having checked with a half-dozen small local cheesemongers carrying artisanal cheeses, no one can suggest how to find an independent cheesemaker or small local concern making or selling Armenian st...

50th Birthday party venue

by ddsfoodie 3 years ago

Dear Chowhound, Im looking for a private party venue for 100-125 people where I can have a dj, appetizers, and open bar in the San Fernando Valley or downtown, LA or No Ho area. Anyone have any rec...

Where is real veal osso buco in the S.F. Valley / Santa Clarita Areas?

by z1laura 4 years ago

I am wanted to make an osso buco recipe from Simply Ming and I bought all of the ingredients although I can’t seem to find osso buco. (under $35.00 a pound online that is!) Does anyone know where t...

Shanghai Rice Cakes

by dgunning 4 years ago

Hi all -- Looking for Shanghai stir fried rice cake in or around the Sherman Oaks area... Any Suggestions

Top chow in Burbank?

by lsirlin 4 years ago

My husband and I have a social obligation at a comedy club near Magnolia and the 5 fwy at 8pm tonight. We hoped to find an early meal nearby but so far... nothing. Is Burbank truly a culinary waste...

Duck buns (Cantonese) in the SF Valley?

by BigBrother 4 years ago

Anyone know the best place (or just a really good one :)) to get these in the SFV? I asked a few years ago about getting the buns in LA in general (and then Cantonese in general in the SFV) but ...

Good places for an informal wedding rehearsal dinner near Studio City

by gwyner 5 years ago

Looking for a place that: - Has a private room that can seat ~20-25 people - Serves alcohol or allows BYOB - Isn't crazy expensive - Has good food and ideally is near-ish to Studio City/Sherma...

SFV Recs for group of teens

by labs 5 years ago

Looking for a casual, fun, interesting (just anything unique/different) place in the valley for a group of fifteen teenagers (aged 18). Most of the teens are adventurous eaters, but I don't want a...

Good Korean BBQ in the Valley (Studio City to Woodland Hills)

by ExtraCheesePlease 5 years ago

Are there any decent to good Korean BBQ in the Valley? Not looking for Chosun or Park quality but not looking to get ill either?

Quinoa flakes

by ASA51 6 years ago

Does anyone know where to find quinoa flakes at a San Fernando Valley store?

ISO SFV Grain and Egg-Free Breakfasts

by Dogbite Williams 6 years ago

My standard weekend breakfast is the wonderful homemade herbed pork sausages and breakfast potatoes at the Sweet Butter Cafe in Sherman Oaks but I would appreciate a commendable alternative. Tha...

Yelp on restaurants

by hula 6 years ago

It is very strange, any time I have a concern on health/cleaniness of a restaurant it gets deleted on yelp? I had a concern of a cafe in studio city by traders joes and it was posted and then dele...

Recs in the San Fernando valley

by carln 6 years ago

Just moved to Encino and don't know any places to eat in the valley. Looking for anything from hole-in-the-walls to fancy restaurants. I literally only care about the quality of the food. Any reco...

Korean BBQ in the San Fernando Valley?

by MilesF 6 years ago

My birthday is this weekend and I'd like to go out for Korean BBQ with my parents and grandparents. My grandparents live in the SF Valley and they no longer drive well enough to make it to Korea...

Best Tacos in the SFV

by carln 6 years ago

I'm looking for some great taco stands/trucks/restaurants in the San Fernando Valley. I'm new to the valley and have been wanting to explore the local taco scene. I recently tried Taco El Venado o...

birthday celebration place

by CathieC 6 years ago

I am looking for a place to have great appetizers and drinks with my friends, preferably in the San Fernando Valley. ANy suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!