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Birria, Spaghetti Tacos, and Other Mexican Dishes You Should Try

Sharing a border with Tijuana, San Diego has always been abundant with Mexican food. You’re hankering for a taco, a burrito, or a serving of exceptionally fresh guac? You’d be hard-pressed not to find...

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Baos in SD

by Rufus 16 years ago

We'll be headed out to San Diego in a short while and are curious as to whether there are any recommendations for a location that has good quality baos (good dim sum spots would be a welcome additi...

Chuao chocolates - Encinitas

by Dumpling 16 years ago

I read about this place in the paper a while ago, and then stumbled upon it earlier this week. Some Venezuelan guy (Chuao)who gave up his career to make chocolates. I thought they were worth the ...

SD Chowhounds: Chinese New Year, where?

by buddha 17 years ago

I talked it over with my sister and we want to have a Chinese New Year celebration and am thinking of even having it in Alhambra, San Gabriel, Monterrey Park, heck even San Diego. Give me some su...

Recommendations for Encinitas and environs

by canuck 17 years ago

Will be in Encinitas early in the New Year. We are interested in GOOD food: ethnic or local; breakfast, lunch or supper, and within a short drive of Encinitas. We are new comers to the area so w...

San Diego: Mariposa Ice Cream

by TheftCulture 17 years ago

After two dreary days, Sunday's pleasant weather inspired me to get a double scoop of banana walnut from Dick and Anna at Mariposa Ice Cream on Adams Avenue. Besides the fine ice cream, the pl...

San Diego for One

by AlanV 17 years ago

Im working on-site in San Diego for a couple of weeks, and was wondering where are good places for a party of one. Im staying in La Jolla, and working close to Rancho Bernardo, but am willing to dr...

La Mesa, El Cajon, Rancho San Diego

by Nate 17 years ago

I recently moved to La Mesa, and I'm very close to the towns mentioned on the subject line. I'm looking for recommendations to anything good. I thought I saw a Tacos el Gordo on 2nd. There's a T...

Has anyone tried Hunan in Rancho Bernardo (SD)

by KirkK 17 years ago

I've had someone mention this restaurant to me last week. Supposedly "real" Hunan & Szechuan and run by former Management of Spicy City. I'm wondering if anyone has had a chance to try, and what th...

North San Diego spot that's wine group (byob) friendly???

by john gonzales 17 years ago

Looking for a spot to have a group dinner with a hoard of online wine afficianados. Looking in North County. Able to handle a group (20?) and corkage friendly, as well more than a bottle per pers...


by Paul C. 17 years ago

I know that Chowhound is supposed to be about food "finds." But a great restaurant--in both food and ambience--in an architecturally dull hotel in Carmel Valley (of all places)? Say it ain't so. ...

Best German?

by David Naimark 18 years ago

Looking for some fine German food--esp authentic potato salad and saurkraut. Tip Tops Meats isn't bad but doesn't really compare to what I remember from a trip to Berlin 15 years ago. Thanks.

San Diego Gaslamp District Dining

by Mariella 18 years ago

I'm going to be in San Diego for one night only and am staying at the Hilton in the Gaslamp district. Don't know much about the area (or the hotel!), and am looking for dining suggestions. Would pr...

Mister Sushi in Encinitas

by Steph P 18 years ago

Much better than Todai's. I know that isn't saying much since the bar is set so low, however, this is a pretty good deal if you'd like to try a variety of good quality sushi for a flat rate of $2...

San Diego: Dog-friendly, casual outdoor restaurants?

by Mike 18 years ago

Our dog needs a vacation, so we're thinking of taking her with us to San Diego. Does anyone know of any casual outdoor restaurants that would allow a dog to hang out with us while we eat? We don'...

san diego: chow, drink, and excursions

by andy huse 19 years ago

Taking a 7-10 day vacation to visit buddy in San Diego. He's very central in the city. i have scoured all the other posts about the area and copied down the info, but i was hoping for a l...

Any good Asian Food in South San Diego ?

by Robert M 18 years ago

I have just moved to Eastlake in the Chula Vista area. I am trying to find good Chinese, Japanese, and Thai restaurants in the South Bay area. Also,are there any places in South Bay that serve Dim ...

La Jolla -- Lima Bar and Grill

by Larry Spector 18 years ago

There was a delightful place on La Jolla Blvd by the name of the "Lima Bar and Grill" --- it had wonderful Peruvian food and music and dancing and it was alive. It was there last year but on my ret...

RUBIO'S - going downhill?

by Elise 19 years ago

I've seen a lot of older posts recommending Rubio's fish tacos to out-of-towners visiting San Diego. Has anyone else noticed that Rubio's food has gone downhill? The last few times I went to Rubi...


by David M. Concannon 19 years ago

Hi, I'm new to the area and virtually every restaurant seems to be of the chain variety. I plan to explore restaurants all over, but am hoping to find nice spots close to home, too. Especially ...

tamales in San Diego

by Margaret 19 years ago

I used to go to the farmer's market in Hillcrest every Sunday, and I often bought homemade tamales from a couple who sold six or eight vegetarian varieties, as well as several sauces. I now live i...

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