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San Diego trip during winter break - local favorites/must visits

by villainx 6 days ago

Partner post for other San Diego during the winter break post. What are popular local dishes and local restaurants? ...


Khotso98 commented 1 day ago

San Diego trip during winter break - vegetarian

by villainx 6 days ago

We will be in San Diego during the winter break. What are some great vegetarian AND/OR vegetarian friendly places in...


villainx commented 5 days ago

Soup in San Diego

by nessy 7 days ago

Looking for a restaurant where I can pick up soup on occasion for a friend who is recuperating from illness. Not Soup...


nessy commented 5 days ago

San Diego restaurants are bad

by mangiatore 11 years ago

Hi everyone, Simple question: can anyone who has spent a significant amount of time in culinary epicentres such as...

DiningDiva commented 10 days ago

What should I order at San Diego restaurants?

by DoctorChow 2 years ago

Here's a place where we can share our favorite things at restaurants throughout the San Diego area. My first reply...

ad7yn commented 14 days ago

Fresh Steamer Clams

by rinkatink888 25 days ago

Can anyone recommend a fish market in San Diego where I can purchase fresh steamer clams? I tried other resources on...

DoctorChow commented 24 days ago

Thanksgiving in SD

by cstr 2 months ago

Looking for a 'respectable' place for a Thanksgiving earlyish dinner. What's going down in the area for good traditi...

DoctorChow commented 1 month ago

Restaurant in Mission Hills, SD

by lizberg310 2 months ago

HI - looking for a yummy but casual restaurant on Sunday night for 6 people, including 2 kids. Brooklyn Girl? Patio ...

DiningDiva commented 1 month ago

I'm Craving 2017

by cstr 7 months ago

I was craving some Kimchi, I know not too normal, but hey I just wanted that flavor profile. I went quite beyond t...


cstr commented 1 month ago

Bit of Sweden Smorgasbord in S.D?

by ChefRoux 8 years ago

All through the 70' s , I thoroughly enjoyed dining at the Bit of Sweden smorgasbord in Long Beach. The owners left ...


tdplb commented 2 months ago


by Beach Chick 7 years ago

Damn, I miss Piret's... It had a myriad of cheeses, bread and great food...the glass counter filled with great salad...

DoctorChow commented 2 months ago

Anniversary dinner SD

by keena 2 months ago

Big anniversary coming up. Two of my favorites for special nights are George's and Juniper and Ivy. I've never trie...

DiningDiva commented 2 months ago

Store with large selection of bottled water?

by maestra 2 months ago

Can anyone recommend a store that has a large variety of personal-sized waters? I'm not actually looking for water or...


maestra commented 2 months ago

San Diego: Impress my local colleagues with a bar/restaurant find?

by scrozier 3 months ago

I'm headed to San Diego tomorrow to visit a small company that does some work for my company. I don't know San Diego ...

DiningDiva commented 2 months ago

San Diego Sushi Bar with wild caught fish

by chezron 2 months ago

Went to our usual sushi bar last night and was disturbed to find that almost ALL of the fish was farm-raised. I will ...

chezron commented 2 months ago

Where to Buy Bushel Oysters San Diego?

by merebear 3 months ago

We're looking forward to grilled oysters for a family celebration, and are new to San Diego. Where's the best place ...


merebear commented 3 months ago

Frittata Pan

by mkd3702 3 months ago

My trusty 9" egg pan has finally had to be retired and I don't see that the brand is still available (Macy's house br...


CaliforniaJoseph commented 3 months ago

Lunch and breakfast in Old Town

by Reuel 3 months ago

Just got in last night and had an overpriced dinner at El Agave. Looking for breakfast and lunch options now. Simple ...


ricepad commented 3 months ago