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Natural Casing Hot Dogs

by winniewomn 4 days ago

Where can you find natural casing hot dogs in San Diego? I miss the snap when you bite into a hot dog.

DoctorChow commented 4 hours ago

1st time to San Diego need at least 5 recommendations

by RIfoodie29 5 days ago

Hello San Diego Chowhound folk, I am heading to California for the 1st time ever and more specifically San Diego. ...


cstr commented 4 days ago

Had a great meal at Solare

by Fake Name 6 years ago

We'd been before with a large group, and it was just OK. But we and MrTen went this evening and I must say we had an...

DiningDiva commented 5 days ago

Suggestions for Anniversary Dinner in San Diego?

by jimmyz80 9 days ago

First time posting here on the site, so I hope I'm doing this correctly. :P My wife and I will be in San Diego for...


ayshiamo commented 8 days ago

Who's familiar with 'old' San Diego restaurants?

by Beach Chick 6 years ago

Howdy! SF post got me thinking about old restaurants in SD and wondering which ones are still around? Albie's Beef ...


PhD_Guy commented 10 days ago

Help with restaurants in San Diego

by charlie_neri 2 months ago

Hello! I'm looking for recommendations of AMAZING restaurants (I'm in charge for dinner for 2 nights) in the San D...


charlie_neri commented 10 days ago

Best Mussels in San Diego

by Deanna456 8 years ago

A couple of my friends and I are on a mission to find the best steamed mussels in San Diego. I've gone to a number o...

phee commented 11 days ago

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Looking for Recipe of Orange Colored Salsa in Tako Factory La Mesa, CA

by ad7yn 12 days ago

Hi guys, please help me recreate the orange salsa of Tako Factory located in El Cajon Blvd (La Mesa, CA 91942)

Looking for Dark Rye Bread

by alcoholic29 17 days ago

Any ideas where I can get a loaf of dark rye bread? I checked the online menus of Bread & Cie and Con Pane and neithe...

DiningDiva commented 13 days ago

Coming Back For a Visit

by Spinal Tap 2 months ago

I just read another member post something similar so I thought I'd do the same seeing how that member and I have diff...

DoctorChow commented 15 days ago

Where can I find some Chile de Arbol hot sauce in San Diego?

by bugmenot 8 years ago

This has really become a mission for me. I've been looking everywhere for some bottled chile de arbol hot sauce but I...


DanDV commented 17 days ago

Recommendations for NY CH-er visiting Del Mar / San Diego

by saregama 1 month ago

Visiting friends who live in Del Mar for a week in the fall. Request recommmendations for lunch / dinner places in...


eatemup commented 30 days ago

Group Dinner-Juniper and Ivy, Herb and Wood or?

by albed 1 month ago

All, I'm organizing a dinner for 10-12 people in my company after a meeting in San Diego. I would like to stay in...

chris2269 commented 1 month ago


by ronojo 1 month ago

We are looking for a restaurant to take 10 people for dinner. The problem is 1 is vegetarian, 1 is gluten free and ...


cstr commented 1 month ago

Sushi Ota omakase?

by keena 6 years ago

how was it? What did it run? Suggestions? (kaito is not an option, this is an invitation from a friend) ----- Sush...


magardiner commented 1 month ago

Maine Lobster Rolls in San Diego?

by EastCoastTransplant 14 years ago

Hi Everyone, During this time of loss and fear surrounding the fires, it seems strange to be inquiring about lobste...


LWedel commented 1 month ago

San Diego Restaurant Openings 2017

by DiningDiva 8 months ago

It seems a little pointless to keep using the 2015 thread to comment about new restos opening. So here's a bright, s...

DoctorChow commented 2 months ago

Giant Slab O'Chocolate?

by Neurofabulous 2 months ago

I'm looking for a 10 lb. square/rectangle/slab of either dark or milk chocolate. They used to come with a little chi...


acgold7 commented 2 months ago

Las Cuatro Milpas hot sauce?

by pRon 2 years ago

Does anybody have a link or recipe for the type of hot sauce they serve at this fine establishment? BTW: I have d...


RB Hound commented 2 months ago