San Bernardino

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Fat Angel Farm | Mentone - San Bernardino County

by Melanie Wong 7 months ago

A couple months ago I had a chance to visit Fat Angel Farm in San Bernardino County on my way out of Palm Springs. It...

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san bernardino

Was there ever a White Castle in San Bernardino?

by aurora50 7 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm watching a Food Channel show on burgers, and they're showing White Castle. I told my sister that I ...


aurora50 commented 7 years ago

Where to find hatch chilies in San Bernardino CA

by vienna1275 8 years ago

I wonder if there is a location in the San Bernardino or Riverside area that sell your wonderful hatch chilies. I ca...


DWB commented 8 years ago

Seeking dinner in San Bernardino

by CynD 8 years ago

Need some help finding a reasonably priced, reasonably good, place for dinner for a group of maybe 20 in the San Bern...


schrutefarms commented 8 years ago

Good Chowspot on drive back from San Bernardino (to westside)?

by mdpilam 8 years ago

I'm going backpacking this weekend with some friends in the San Gorgonio Wilderness, and was wondering if anyone knew...

A5 KOBE commented 8 years ago

San Bernardino

by rob133 9 years ago

Okay So I have only spent a short amount of time searching so far, but the lack of results has me worried and aski...

rob133 commented 8 years ago

San Bernardino - dinner recommendations? 3 nights

by rln 9 years ago

hello, SF chowhound here. I will be in San Bernardino this coming week and am looking for dinner suggestions for 3...


rln commented 9 years ago

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rosa marias (san bernardino, highland,redlands, fontana)

by mrwilmoth 10 years ago

anyone who loves chile relleno burritos, has has to check out rosa marias. they have the best one in the inland empir...

San Bernardino

by Bob Foster 12 years ago

It's been over 4 years since the last in depth discussion about chowhound worthy places in San Bernardino. I have to...


RBCal commented 10 years ago

San Bernardino Recommendations?

by KMJ 10 years ago

When I have business lunches in San Bernardino, I have usually taken our party to Jean’s in Colton or Greensleeve’s i...


RBCal commented 10 years ago

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All-you-can-eat Sushi in San Bernardino

by chubbuni13 10 years ago

I read Inland Empire's "Best of 2007" restaurant poll and found Miyagi Sushi in it. Being an avid sushi lover, I gav...

Good Lunch Places in Downtown San Bernardino?

by aurora50 10 years ago

Hi Guys, My sister has just obtained a new job in beautiful Downtown San Bernardino (at about 5th and Sierra Way), a...


chubbuni13 commented 10 years ago

GOOD Chinese Bakery close to San Bernardino?

by serenaviolet 10 years ago

I need a birthday cake by 7/14 and don't want to drive too far to get it. Can anyone recommend a good one "near" to S...

Chandavkl commented 10 years ago

chow worthy places in San Bernardino

by pamd 10 years ago

Family will be staying in San Bernardino & looking for a place worthy of a birthday dinner. Any recs?

septocaine_queen commented 10 years ago

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Teenage boys in San Bernardino

by boyumz 10 years ago

I am part of a group of parents taking some teenage boys to a paintball tournament in San Bernardino in April. Anybod...

Mexican near San Bernardino / Ontario

by cf 12 years ago

I'm looking for a nice Mexican restaurant near San Bernardino. Anywhere in between Ontario airport to San Bernardino ...


RBCal commented 11 years ago

I-10 to San Bernardino- Lunch Rec's

by Seattle George 11 years ago

Friends, I have been touted here to tasty Bahn Mi in Rosemead, Ice Cream in Upland, and terrific noodles in Temple Ci...


chica commented 11 years ago

Any word on Castaways in San Bernardino?

by FoodObsessive 11 years ago

This place has a beautiful hilltop location and looks like a classic - is it any good?


gunners commented 11 years ago

Lunch in San Bernardino

by Bob Brooks 12 years ago

Looking for anything interesting there or between there and on the way back to Los Angeles. I certainly know about Mo...


JB commented 12 years ago