Salt & Pepper Mills

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Help finding Salt Serving Dish from The French Laundry

by jessicaclaranoelle 5 years ago

My boyfriend and I ate at the French Laundry about three weeks ago and he absolutely fell in love with the six section dish they used for serving salt. I've looked in all the usual places (Sur ...

Is kampot white pepper one of the best white peppers? I love kampot black pepper!

by josemartinlopez 4 months ago

Is kampot white pepper one of the best white peppers? I love kampot black pepper, and just went through a large bag. I was thinking of buying more black, white and red kampot pepper and just kee...

Perfex manufacturer details?

by bloodboy 6 months ago

Does anyone know the exact website or contact information for the company that makes Perfex mills? I searched google.fr in French and I'm not getting any leads.

Refilling a disposable pepper or salt mill

by Lgalen 14 years ago

I'd like to try to get the top off of my empty Trader Joe's salt mill. My McCormick pepper mill is also nearly empty. I'd like to try to reuse them with whole spices such as cardamom, cumin, etc....

Cole & Mason Salt and Pepper Mills

by VFish 10 months ago

Hello, I got the Black Friday deal at Bed Bath and Beyond for the Cole and Mason Derwent Salt and Pepper Mill gift box. It was cheaper than buying one pepper mill, and you never know if I'll get o...

Any hope for parts for Frugal/Atlas pepper grinder?

by ted 11 years ago

My 15 year old Frugal Gourmet pepper grinder fell out of the cabinet the other night. The handle, which folds in half at a middle pivot point, broke. Does anyone know of a source for parts for one...

Peugeot pepper mill

by Nyleve 13 years ago

I have an old Peugeot pepper mill that has lost its oomph. No longer grinds very well. I know these things are supposed to be guaranteed for life - so how do I go about getting it fixed/replaced/wh...

Pepper Mill vs Salt Mill- What's the Difference?

by hobbess 7 years ago

I saw a Cole & Mason Derwent Salt Mill on sale, but I mainly use kosher salt so I don't really need a salt mill. But, I could always upgrade to a better pepper mill. Are a salt mill and pepper m...

Filling the grinder?

by Kaymoz 2 years ago

Looking for some red pepper recommendations! Santa brought me a nifty grinder in RED, one of the ratchet-mill type from Kuhn Rikon. We've had a black one for a while, filled with black pepper...

Peugeot Pepper Mill question

by vvv03 13 years ago

My peugeot pepper mill hasn't been working well for a while and I finally looked at the bottom and it looks like it is rusted out. Is this normal? I use it regularly, keep it on the counter near th...

Best pepper grinder?

by MargotB 15 years ago

Looking for recommendations for good but inexpensive pepper grinder (under $20?) -- mine just gave up the ghost.

Cole and mason pepper mill repair

by lkkmmm 4 years ago

does anyone know where I might bring my old Robert Welch cast iron pepper mill in for a tune up in the San Francisco/bay area? thanks.

How do you clean a tall wooden pepper mill?

by iyc_nyc 10 years ago

Hi all, how does one clean a large (12-20 tall") traditional wooden pepper mill - when first purchased (to get rid of dust and other things that might be hiding in there), and periodically? The ...

salt grinders: essential or pretentious?

by thinks too much 14 years ago

I understand the value of freshly ground pepper, nutmeg, or any spice where the essential oils dissipate over time. But what is the purpose of grinding salt? It's a mineral that should not change...

Can you grind dried herbs with kosher salt in a salt mill?

by danablake 4 years ago

I'd like to make some seasoned kosher salts (like salt with dried rosemary, for example) and wondered whether I could just mix kosher salt plus the herb and then put it in a salt mill/grinder. W...

Ducros- 5 pepper grinder

by BJE 13 years ago

We recently returned from a holiday to Spain and Portugal. I brought back self contained 5 peppercorn grinders. I am not sure how else to decribe this great product. It is made by a French company...

Perfex Pepper Mill Problem

by Emerson13 12 years ago

I bought my wife a set of Perfex Mills for Christmas based on different reviews I saw on the net. The problem is despite my attempts to adjust the nut on the bottom, the mill does not grind. If I...

Pepper Mill Recommendation Please

by MixyG 15 years ago

I've had it with my pepper mill and would like suggestions on a replacement (all sorts of price ranges, as long as warranted, are welcome). What I want is one that doesn't take forever to grind a ...

Best salt grinder?

by roux42 7 years ago

Please recommend a good salt grinder that will last. Mine seem to last about 2 years and then they get corroded and 'gunked' up. I have learned to keep it refrigerated during humid months and that ...

Penzey's New Peppermill

by dhandley 12 years ago

Has anyone bought one of the new peppermill's from Penzeys? I have a Magnum peppermill that I love; however, the grinding mechanism quit working properly because I was using the larger Extra Bold ...