Salt Lake City


Long ago restaurant in Salt Lake City area???

by cuteday 1 year ago

Maybe 30 years ago, (90's?) we were traveling through Utah...Not sure if it was SLC or Ogden area, but there was an old-west type themed restaurant. (Was it called Lill's? I hesitate in even say...

Salt Lake City: My food favorites (by C. Thi Nguyen)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

Some of you may remember Thi from his years on the Los Angeles board and his writings in the LA Times. He's in Utah now and finally shared some of his favorites in SLC. " . . . Salt Lake is kind...

Utah Trip Report

by turbowine 4 years ago

Part 1 of our Great America Eclipse Trip. There are three more parts, covering Wyoming, Nevada and Los Angeles. Click on my user name and you can find all my trip reports. As I also use Trip Advi...

Salt Lake City Recommendations

by docgradusadparnassum 5 years ago

I'm going to be in a resort on the outskirts of Salt Lake City--Park City. My besties are renewing their vow after 20 years. I'll probably have a car and be able to do some Salt Lake City visitin...

Forage is a gem

by wolive 6 years ago

We stopped in Salt Lake City last week just to eat at Forage. We were not disappointed. The restaurant serves a prix fix menu that changes each day, for $89/person. We had 14 delicious, innovative ...

Best bagels in Salt Lake City?

by Howard_2 4 years ago

Who do you think makes the best bagels in SLC?

Macedonian Feta in SLC?

by chaco24 5 years ago

Hi All, I just moved here from Vancouver and am searching for a good Greek or Middle Eastern grocery store that would sell Macedonian feta (I've also seen it described as French Feta?). It's softe...

Best Chili Con Carne in SLC

by ParryMoppins 5 years ago

I've got a hankering for some great chili con carne, but don't have the time or funds to make a whole batch to my liking. Does anyone know of a place with a great bowl of chili in the SLC area?

4 days/3 nights in SLC next weekend

by lindabethn 6 years ago

Hi, I'm from Los Angeles, heading to Salt Lake City for the first time next weekend. I'll be there Thursday through Sunday. I will be spending my time in downtown/Temple Square, University area, g...

Ethnic markets

by MIss G 6 years ago

After relocating from San Francisco to Salt Lake City, I miss a great ethnic market. I would advice on a good Latino, Asian and European market. Problem is that I live in Holladay and I don't have ...

Excellent Bagels/Bialys, Salt Lake City

by Howard_2 6 years ago

I just found a new store in Salt Lake City that has excellent bagels and bialys. The Bagel Project, 779 S 500 E, 801.906.0698 , www.bagelproject.com, has bagels that are identical to NY bagels, i...

Lunch options - SLC near 200 E 100 S

by renshiwo 6 years ago

I am helping to set up a training for about 20 people in February. Looking for lunch recommendations within walking distance of 200 E 100 S (pretty near the eastern side of Temple Square). Looking ...

Vegetarian/Vegan in SLC?

by guttube 6 years ago

Hello there SLC hounds. I'm visiting your city for two days and need to find a vegetarian restaurant for my DC who usually can find something suitable at most restaurants. Unfortunately, the except...

Red Iguana.......Again!

by swannee 6 years ago

As a travelling New Yorker, I ate twice at Red Iguana for the umpteenth year in a row last week. I was struck and amazed that in spite of the huge crowds, many of whom order entirely irrelevant di...

Salt Lake City Whole Foods or similar

by walkoffdinner 6 years ago

We are flying into Salt Lake City airport then embarking on a 5-state road trip. Our first several days will be in Jackson Lake, MT. We would like to make our first stop in Salt Lake City at a Whol...

Quick visit to Salt Lake City - Report

Dave MP
by Dave MP 6 years ago

Two weeks ago, I spent the weekend in Salt Lake City (I live in the SF Bay Area). I was there for a wedding, but had time to do some exploring as well. Here are some interesting things that I ate: ...

SF Hound coming in October. Current recs? [Salt Lake City]

by BigWoodenSpoon 6 years ago

Hello Hounds, The folks in Boston totally made my trip, so I'm hoping y'all can do the same. The thread for current favorites seemed to be a few years old. Staying at the Hilton with a friend...

Latest Salt Lake City Recommendations

by Auriana 7 years ago

Looking for recent recommendations for the best SLC restaurants and bars. Any cuisine, any $$, any ambiance. Just looking for the best finds!

Boba (bubble) Milk Tea in Salt Lake City

by clearlypixelated 9 years ago

Does anyone know of any decent boba (bubble) milk tea places that are open in the Salt Lake City area? I'd even be willing to drive down to Utah County area if it was known to have good milk tea. A...