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Why You Should Be Using Bug Salt With Your Mezcal

It may seem that kosher salt or sugar are the best types of rims for the beloved margarita, but they're not the most authentic. In Mexico, sippers use bug salt to liven up their libations, especially...

Salt ratios

by ksmetamaid 2 months ago

I understand some people like/need more or less salt, but I get frustrated with recipes that only say salt "to taste." Does anyone know of basic ratios of salt when cooking for the average palette...

What's your Salt Fetish?

by garfish 11 years ago

I have two that come to mind off hand: 1. I love to sip Worcestershire sauce. My mom really worried about that. 2. Every now and then I get a craving for a very salty glass of tomato juice.

FINALLY... a real, honest-to-Hashem method for making real lower east side SALT FERMENTED KOSHER DILL PICKLES, as directed by Moe, a 90+ year old former pickle master

Mr Taster
by Mr Taster 8 years ago

Last month a friend and I attended what turned out to be a spectacular free presentation on the history of the traditional kosher dill pickle, as they were made and sold out of barrels in the Jewis...

JonVince recommendation

by mordylishus 3 months ago

JonVince has "Himalayan" salt at $4.99 a lb. The rule is taste everything for freshness before you buy from bulk at JonVince, but there is no concern about freshness here! I've seen it cheaper as a...

Where is Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt?

by bsugarcream 3 months ago

This is one of my favorite salts for cooking and baking. Suddenly I cant find it at Kroger, Publix or Walmart. I finally found it on Amazon. Anybody have a clue why it's not in grocery stores?

Salt in baking....what's the point?

by Richie 14 years ago

How many of you use salt in baking cakes,cookies,etc? The last thing I want to taste in a chocolate chip cookie is salt.......yuk!!! I can taste the salt immediately when I take my first bite! Doe...

Help finding Salt Serving Dish from The French Laundry

by jessicaclaranoelle 4 years ago

My boyfriend and I ate at the French Laundry about three weeks ago and he absolutely fell in love with the six section dish they used for serving salt. I've looked in all the usual places (Sur ...

Questions re Great Lakes Salmon vs Salt Water

by DockPotato 11 years ago

I don't think I've ever experienced truly wild Pacific Salmon, okay, maybe dining out, but never on our counter. Coho, Chinook and Kokanee (Pink) Salmon are readily available on the Lakes, and they...

Rock Salt for Making Ice Cream

by ninrn 5 years ago

Do you use the same rock salt for an ice cream maker as the kind that is used for de-icing roads? The label warns about impurities and says it's not for consumption. I guess it doesn't get into t...

Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt, where to find it?

by Medamida 12 months ago

I found out this week that the company is no longer selling their retail size canister and are discontinuing their food grade retail presence. The customer rep I talked to said to check food distri...

Who pre-salts prime rib?

by steakrules85 8 years ago

Making my prime rib for Christmas and was curious what the opinion is on pre-salting prime rib vs. applying the salt right before you place in the oven. Some say that applying salt too early (overn...

Champagne with salt???

by josephnl 4 years ago

We are vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and had dinner at a spectacular, elegant, and expensive restaurant last evening...El Farallon. They have a wonderful champagne bar where they offer a wi...

When do you add salt to your home cooked beans?

by SPencer 16 years ago

When do you add salt to your home cooked beans? I've read that it's best to wait till they are done so that moisture uptake won't be inhibited. Any thoughts? SPencer

making truffle salt?

by pamplemousse 11 years ago

A couple of years ago, I bought a trio of truffle products (honey, carpaccio, and salt) from Far West Fungi on a trip to SF. I hoarded these delicacies away because they always seemed too precious ...

Kosher Salt

by work2eat 1 year ago

Mortons or Diamond Crystal? Which do you prefer and why?

Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt

by Hungry4Good 4 years ago

Does anyone know where to find this preferred Kosher salt in the N.O. area? Thanks!

Is garlic salt iodized?

by Reston 6 years ago

My internet search did not give me an answer, and I don't feel like calling McCormick. Anybody know if it's iodized?

How to properly salt cucumbers before making cucumber salad?

by sweet100s 5 years ago

What is your approach to salting cucumbers before making a cucumber salad? How much salt, for how much cucumber, for how long? I was surprised recently when I turned a huge 18" cucumber in...

Too Much Salt... ?

by Augie6 2 years ago

So, I've came a LONG way since by first days here at Chowhound.... However, I am having a slight issue.. All of a sudden, My dishes are coming out too salty.. Like OMG, what happened salty.. Ho...

Does anyone add salt to home-canned jam?

by oldfangled 7 years ago

Hello, Chows. I'm currently working on my first batch (ever) of jam (it's nectarines, sugar and citric acid) and so far it tastes, primarily, very sweet. Does anyone add salt to their jams/preserve...