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Chat with Chowhounds about all things salt, from the coolest brands and varieties to how much you should use when cooking.

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Does anyone add salt to home-canned jam?

by oldfangled 6 years ago

Hello, Chows. I'm currently working on my first batch (ever) of jam (it's nectarines, sugar and citric acid) and so f...


Chrissydecky commented 11 days ago

Salt in pizza dough

by Bazel 7 years ago

If a recipe calls for 1/2 tsp of salt and you are using Kosher Salt - should you double the amount? My dough tasted...


tennisbgc commented 3 months ago

Is it possible to make beef jerky without salt?

by travlnmike 10 years ago

just purchased a ronco 3 shelf dehydrator (cant resist kitchen gadgets) Always wanted to make my own beef jerky but i...


medlar commented 3 months ago

Hamburger Patties

by susanrdrgz 6 months ago

Season before grilling, or during? My son says that salt dries out (draws water out of) meat if you season ahead of t...


susanrdrgz commented 3 months ago

Pickling salt - necessary?

by snackysmore 10 years ago

I have made pickles before using pickling salt but this time I am not really in the vicinity of any places that sell ...


Eldon Kreider commented 3 months ago

Pepper Mill vs Salt Mill- What's the Difference?

by hobbess 5 years ago

I saw a Cole & Mason Derwent Salt Mill on sale, but I mainly use kosher salt so I don't really need a salt mill. But,...


taffy03 commented 3 months ago

Morton's vs. Diamond Crystal Kosher salt?

by kemi5 8 years ago

IYO which do you prefer and why? I've used both but never had them simultaneously to do a side-by-side comparison. I ...


ChefJTS commented 4 months ago

Salt in baking....what's the point?

by Richie 13 years ago

How many of you use salt in baking cakes,cookies,etc? The last thing I want to taste in a chocolate chip cookie is sa...


Krysti commented 6 months ago

Low sodium - do you get used to it?

by friedricefun 9 months ago

I'm home on break from college for the next few weeks and my mom, who's recently had some health problems, has been c...


dtm323 commented 6 months ago

Where to buy pretzel salt?

by NonnieMuss 5 years ago

I've been on this quest for over a year now - I'm looking for the round, puffy salt balls that come on a soft pretzel...


oldsalty26 commented 7 months ago

Am I the only one worried about the safety of sea salt?

by foodworthy 7 years ago

Below are some facts I found through the Smithsonian on the health of oceans after news of Fukushima radiation leaks ...


MikeG commented 7 months ago

Where to find Gourmet Salts?

by ldubosky 8 months ago

First post here! My sister is starting a gourmet salt collection, and I’m soon traveling to London— so I was wonder...


ferret commented 7 months ago

How long does salt cod last after soaking?

by Caviar 15 years ago

I've rinsed and soaked some salt cod that I was going to cook last weekend (not this past weekend, the weekend before...


Yank65 commented 8 months ago

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Diamond crystal kosher salt

by jepek 8 months ago

Does anyone know where to find Diamond Crystal kosher salt in the Champaign-Urbana area?

All-Clad is the Pitts!

by palladin10075 9 months ago

I been a chef in New York City since 1988. Although I never had the pleasure of trying All-Clad anything, almost 30 ...


ElsieB commented 8 months ago

is salt really heated to 1200 degrees F?

by Bottomless_Pit 3 years ago

I'm trying to eat healthy so I can do more physical work. Anyways, can anyone confirm or deny this, is table salt rea...


sunshine842 commented 9 months ago

Brining an already salt injected frozen turkey?

by beckster914 9 years ago

I was planning on using Alton Brown's turkey recipe this year which includes brining and then roasting. I moved my tu...


DanaHume commented 10 months ago

Cook's Country's salt pork-larded turkey - have you tried it?

by greygarious 8 years ago I just caught a repeat of this episode. CI is genera...


Missy56too commented 10 months ago

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