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ISO help!! Independence/Dallas/Salem/Monmouth

by loreeLB 8 years ago

Going up this way in July and looking for somewhere to have Friday night dinner. Don't want to travel further than say 25 miles? Having dinner the following night in Lake Oswego. I know there are a...

Any Place Decent to Eat in Salem?

by cody321 8 years ago

Looking for someplace decent/unusual to eat in Salem. Any suggestions?

La Capitale-Outstanding in Salem

by Layne Murphy 9 years ago

La Capitale was a wonderful surprise in Salem. Fantastic service and terrific local beer on tap. We started with roasted chickpeas and almonds, simple and fantastic with beer. I ordered a delici...

Looking for someplace for Father's Day Brunch in Salem - moved from Metro Portland board

by boyzoma 9 years ago

Not sure if I should post here, but I am looking for a place in Salem to take my father for Father's Day Brunch. Since I'm not that familiar with restaurants in Salem, I was hoping I could get som...

"Looking for someplace for Father's Day Brunch in Salem" - [this topic was moved to Pacific Northwest]

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 9 years ago

Please post any suggestions you might have here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/709725?tag=main_body;topic-709725 Thanks very much!

Quality local eats in Oregon north of Salem?

by singer86 10 years ago

Slowly making our way winetasting from Salem to Portland. Have a couple of nice places lined up in Portland, will be spending 1 night in between. Is there anything out here? Dayton? Carlton? New...

Scared about Salem

by meathad 11 years ago

We are relocating from metro Boston to Salem and I am wondering about basic foodie questions. Is there really no Wholefoods or Trader Joes? Is there a cheese shop or a food coop? I read the 2008...

Buying Beer in Salem

by jpc8015 10 years ago

I am looking for a great beer retailer in the Salem/Keizer/Molalla/Silverton/Mt. Angel area. I am specifically looking for a good variety of Belgian and American small batch brews. Anybody know of ...

Tomatoes in Salem, OR

by jpc8015 10 years ago

Who knows what varieties of tomatoes will do best around Salem, OR? I want to try growing the tiny little carrant tomatoes but I am not sure if that variety does well in the area.

Papa di vino, Salem, OR

by tracylee 11 years ago

This is a great new wine bar in South Salem, with a medium selection compared to the other two wine bars I know of in town. I've stopped in twice to pick up a couple of bottles and chatted a bit wi...

Just Dis-placed From Portland to Salem....

by caseypons 11 years ago

What is up with this town and the food ?!?!? Olive Garden being the Best Restaurant for Three Years running....does anyone have any recommends besides the Ram and Bentley's at the Phoenix Inn down...

Sunday Brunch in Salem

by jpc8015 11 years ago

I am looking for a place to take my wife for a great Sunday brunch in Salem, OR. We will be staying at the Phoenix Grand Hotel the night before so if there is something near there it would be great.

Salem Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (coffee, too)

by TokyoLane 12 years ago

We're going to a concert in Salem in January. Where are great places for all three meals? Anything organic in Salem? We'd also like to get a great latte. Any info is helpful! Thanks...

'Northwestern Food' in Salem

by ksukowat 12 years ago

I have been living in Salem for about a year now and have a friend coming to visit from the Midwest this week. He wants to go out to dinner-- 20 bucks or less a plate and he wants to eat "Northwes...

Lunch near I-5 around Salem?

by asimen 12 years ago

Hi all, Next Monday, we'll be driving from the Eugene/Springfield area north to Portland Airport, and expect to be around Salem around lunch time. What's good that's not too far off the I-5? P...

Salem breakfast off I-5?

by Steve K 12 years ago

Making a quick trip to Wilsonville from Central Oregon, and searching hasn't found me a good place for breakfast off I-5 as we pass through Salem. Suggestions? TIA.

Salem, OR Recommendations and Reviews?

by tubagurl 12 years ago

I've lived in Salem since November, and am still looking for great food around here. I've been exploring quite a bit, here are some of the places I've tried: Thai Beer: decent, can be hit or mis...

Thai Orchid, Salem Oregon

by irishkevbo 12 years ago

I just had the best Thai food at Thai Orchid in Salem Oregon! Usually I am in Portland and I have pretty good Thai at Thaiphoon, but this blows doors down on most Thai I have had and I live in Sout...

Salem (help!)

by randix 13 years ago

Ok, I know this is asking a lot, and I promise I will search the archives although my expectations are low, but can you guys help me out and let me know any "decent" food choices in Salem that aren...

Recommendations for Salem, OR

by John Fugel 12 years ago

Heading to Salem in July to visit family and looking for some restaurant suggestions in the area. Sushi, dim sum/Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, seafood are favorites. Has anyone eaten in Salem lately?