Native American Restaurants - Pacific Northwest/Oregon

by GailT 10 months ago

Looking for Native American Restaurant recommendations in the Pacific Northwest in general and if possible within Ore...


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Salem: Mexican Groceries and Markets

by Jeff 13 years ago

Wherever can I find them? I know there must be something better than Winco's one devoted aisle. I'm after a big selec...


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Asian Food in Salem, OR

by jpc8015 3 years ago

Salem doesn't seem to have any shortage of Asian restaurants...but are any of them truly great? I've been to Love Lov...


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Best Burrito in Salem

by jpc8015 4 years ago

I am on a quest to find the best burrito in Salem. Right now my favorites are La Fondita and El Ranchero Market. Othe...

Best Mexican Food in Salem (2012 Update)

by Amecameca 5 years ago

It's been two years since I posted about "Best Mexican Food in Salem." A lot has changed. I think three of the places...


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Best Mexican Food In Salem

by Amecameca 8 years ago

In the 2000 Census, Salem was about 15% hispanic. I expect that in the 2010 Census that percentage will be 20% or hig...


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Mexican food meca in Woodburn, OR (I-5 near Salem)

by netphemera 12 years ago

On our way back From Silver Falls SP we passed through a number of picturesque towns but it wasn't until we hit Woodb...


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Dinner in Salem

by jpc8015 5 years ago

I have one night in Salem and would like to take my wife out for a nice dinner. I have done a bit of research and hav...


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game meat in portland or salem?

by Dustin_E 4 years ago

anyone have suggestions on where to potentially buy some? i'm visiting family this long weekend and would like to ...


zenon5 commented 4 years ago

One night in Salem. . .

by zin1953 5 years ago

I find myself on my own in Salem for one night in April, staying at The Grand Hotel (shades of Jean Renoir!). Shou...


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Best Lunch Bargains in Salem Oregon under $5!

by areyougoingtoeatthat 5 years ago

Not haute cuisine, but if your budget's squeezed or if you're just a parsimonious skin-flint, such as I, you may find...

Question for everyone... [Salem, OR]

by ClintD 6 years ago

Growing up back in Southern Illinois, every time the family got together for picnics, birthdays, etc there was always...


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Best Italian Restaurants in Salem Oregon

by areyougoingtoeatthat 5 years ago

There are three standout Italian eateries in, or near, the Cherry City. My favorite is DaVinci. It's intimate, war...

Need help finding place for dinner between Beaverton and Salem!

by MomChefKathleen 6 years ago

Thank you for any suggestions! I will be traveling to the Portland area in a couple of weeks and plan to meet friend...


jpc8015 commented 6 years ago

A Great Little Japanese Joint in Salem (Really!)

by Amecameca 6 years ago

This place may have the best Japanese food between Portland and San Francisco. It's a little joint, more like a bar, ...


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by wwahl 6 years ago

We are headed for a river trip on the Rogue River and provision at the Salem Costco. We will probably stay in Salem. ...


ClintD commented 6 years ago

Bakery [Salem, OR]

by wwahl 6 years ago

We will be down in Salem tomorrow provisioning for a river trip. You folks gave great ideas for a dinner spot. Can yo...


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Tortas Ahogadas in Salem

by Amecameca 6 years ago

A specialty of Guadalajara is a sandwich called torta ahogada or "drowned sandwich." If you go to YouTube you will fi...


tsquare commented 6 years ago

Salem Authentico Tacos Report

by Amecameca 7 years ago

OK, I'll say it. I think the best, most authentic, Mexican food in Oregon is in Salem. And there's lots of it. My ...


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