This Salem Hot Spot Requires a Password and Only Serves One Menu Item Each Week

The first thing that comes to mind with Salem may be witches, but the city has so much more to offer. Over the last few years, the mysterious town has quickly become a food mecca, but nothing has compared...

Continental or Italian

by Hmunster2 4 years ago

Hello, looking for someplace for a small family reunion. It can be continental or Italian or steak house (avoid chains). Here are my issues. 1 person coming from Woburn, living in Melrose and thus ...

Food delivery in/near Salem

by fargleberg 5 years ago

Some friends and I want to send meals/gift cards to a friend in Salem who is having a hard time, so I wanted to see if anyone had recommendations. I see that Foodler and Stubhub have restaurants li...

Review: Olde Main Street Pub, Salem MA

by jochaima 6 years ago

Olde Main Street Pub 121 Essex st Salem MA Food-lovers: do not let the informality of the setting fool you. There is a skilled and talented kitchen at work here. Excellent food, and a fine al...

Caramel French Patisserie - Salem MA review

by jochaima 5 years ago

Superb! It opened in 2015, and today was the first time we went there. They offer macarons, and croissants,too, but we were there for the patisserie. In the end, we had 3 different types of th...

Turners Seafood Salem MA

by ceceboston 5 years ago

May have been a bad night, but this was below any seafood restaurant I have been in. The menu listed Gloucester sole. The fish was not fresh and was overcooked. It was served with congealed, r...

Inexpensive pubs (With decent beer)

by Mikeb723 5 years ago

Looking for suggestions about good bars in Salem MA. Since happy hours are illegal, I am looking for info on, fun, friendly, reasonable priced places.

Lunch options in Salem

by goody1720 5 years ago

Is there anything new in Salem as far as a Saturday lunch would go? We're heading up there this weekend to take my mother out to lunch. The only place I can think of is Finz, but that restaurant sc...

Holiday Ham suggestions?

by nrthshr 6 years ago

I just can't take another Honey Baked Ham! I would rather go to McDonalds. This year, I would like to up the game and get something better locally or mail order. (I'm on the North Shore ne...

Are there real restaurants and not just chains in the Peabody, Salem Danvers area?

by ceceboston 6 years ago

Moved to the area recently and can't find any creative, chef-owned good restaurants. this is a world filled with family-friendly chains, fried fish and veal parm. Need some recommendations for a...

Pubs in Salem

by Mikeb723 6 years ago

Thinking of moving to Salem, MA I am currently living on south shore. I am looking for suggestions of bars/pubs to check out. I plan on making multiple day trips to Salem before pulling the trigger...

Bistro 118 Salem

by phatchris 6 years ago

Bistro 118 is now open in Salem in the old Taste of Asia space. Nice airy space, tableclothes, decent cocktail, beer, wine list. Sharing concept menu with small bites and large plates. We shared a ...

New England Road Trip

by Flatowleach 6 years ago

My Friend and I will be taking a New England road trip in late September/early October. We will be staying in Salem MA, Fall River MA, Newport RI, Mystic CT and Boston MA. We will have a car for ...

I lied, more questions.

by vegan73 6 years ago

I just saw that great thread about a one day road trip in a convertible and it got me thinking about our day trip to Salem, Lexington and Concord. We're also going to Plymouth. I saw someone mentio...

The Clam Box, Woodman's or Farnham's - which one to choose?

by Diane in Bexley 11 years ago

We are planning to combine a visit to one of the North Shore famed clam shacks with an afternoon visit to Salem, MA. Our goal is to have seafood for lunch as we are from the Midwest and we hope to ...

Scratch Kitchen, Salem: Kooky Food Experience !

by opinionatedchef 6 years ago

We wanted to take a picnic lunch to Marblehead last week and my brain finally remembered Scratch Kitchen , which has had a number of positive CH posts over the last few years. As their name conveys...

Restaurants in Salem Ma

by mrmurphy13 11 years ago

I used to go to Salem almost every weekend, but haven't been in 5 years or so. Anything new? Is the Lyceum still good?

Black Lobster, Salem

by shaebones 6 years ago

First time there, Sunday afternoon. Sceptical when we entered the empty dining room. Folks outside on the deck though. Service not great but when I bit into my fried clams it brought me back to th...

Moving to Andover / Salem area, need guidance from locals please!

by elsanor 6 years ago

Hello from DFW! My husband has accepted a job in Andover and we will be moving there in May/June. I've been up there a few times now to check out the area and it looks beautiful, but I have to ad...

Paczki, Zeppeles & Bismarks Oh My! Coffee Time Bake Shop in Salem...Go now!

by chompie 6 years ago

Always loved the bismarks and éclairs at Coffee Time and just finally went to try the Paczci and not thinking they could have anything better, just discovered the Zeppeles which are amazing! They ...

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